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  1. Magazine Floor Plate
  2. Thumb Rest
  3. Trigger Safety
  4. Grip Panel
  5. Muzzle Barrel
  6. Front Strap
  7. Slide Lock
  8. Slide
  9. Back Strap
  10. Accessory Rail
  11. Slide Cover Plate
  12. Slide Stop Lever
  13. Magazine Catch
  14. Recoil Guide
  15. Front Sight
  16. Recoil Spring
  17. Trigger Guard
  18. Trigger
  19. Rear Sight
  20. Receiver
  1. a made of polymer designed to allow the shooter to easily grip and control the weapon
  2. b allows access of the firing pin assembly
  3. c place for the thumb to rest while gripping the pistol
  4. d holds the internal parts, as well as the slide assembly, and
    provides a way to grip the pistol
  5. e portion of the grip that allows the fingers of the shooting hand
    to rest
  6. f part of the frame that protects the trigger
  7. g houses the firing pin, safety, drop safety, sights, and
  8. h provides space for lighting and sighting devices
  9. i located on the slide's front; used to bring the firearm into alignment
    for accuracy
  10. j base of the magazine
  11. k located on the rear of the slide that aligns with the
    front sight to bring the firearm into alignment for accuracy
  12. l device that locks the slide in the open position
  13. m allows the trigger to move when pressed
  14. n releases the magazine from the frame (magazine well)
  15. o pushes the slide forward
  16. p portion of the grip that is placed in the palm of the shooting hand
  17. q activates the pistol's operation
  18. r provides a path for the fired bullet and is chambered to hold the cartridge
  19. s device that allows quick and simple field stripping of
    the pistol
  20. t directs the recoil spring