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  1. Firing Pin
  2. Barrel
  3. Rear Sight
  4. Cylinder Stop
  5. Hammer
  6. Extractor Rod
  7. Top Strap
  8. Frame
  9. cylinder
  10. Hand
  11. Trigger
  12. Grip
  13. Crane
  14. Backstrap
  15. Center Pin
  16. Extractor
  17. Front Sight
  18. Cylinder Release Latch
  19. Hammer Spur
  20. Trigger Guard
  1. a when the trigger is pulled, this part falls forward to
    activate the primer
  2. b activates the revolver's operation in both single and double action
  3. c part of the hammer or frame that protrudes through the frame and strikes the primer
    (internal part)
  4. d disengages the cylinder from the
  5. e portion of the grip that is placed in the palm of the shooting hand
  6. f attaches the cylinder to the frame so the cylinder can swing in and out of the frame opening; Colt uses the term crane; Smith & Wesson uses the term YOKE (internal part)
  7. g located on the rear of the frame; it can be adjustable or fixed
  8. h houses the extractor rod and contains the chambers that hold the cartridges
  9. i part of the frame that houses the rear sight, positioned over cylinder
  10. j on a Smith & Wesson revolver, it is the spring-loaded part that holds the cylinder closed
  11. k locks the cylinder
  12. l part of a revolver that turns the cylinder as the gun is cocked, thus aligning a cartridge with
    the hammer or firing pin (internal part)
  13. m part of the hammer used for cocking the weapon to single-action mode
  14. n internal structure that holds the parts of the revolver
    and provides a way of gripping the firearm
  15. o located on the end of the barrel near the muzzle; it
    is designed for theswift location of thetarget and for bringing the
    firearm into alignment for accuracy
  16. p made of wood, plastic, or rubber; designed to allow the
    shooter to grip the firearm easily for contro
  17. q part of the frame that protects the trigger
  18. r when depressed, it causes the extractor to push
    the cartridge from the cylinder
  19. s star-shaped device attached to the extractor rod that
    fits inside the cylinder that the rounds rest on (internal part)
  20. t provides a path for the fired bullet