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  1. Trespassing involves being somewhere that you do not own and without the permission of the owner; burglary is the same, except
  2. Fraud is __________ by deception
  3. Burglars may use several methods of entry, such as
  4. At the scene of a burglary incident, be careful not to minimize the impact this crime may have on the victim by
  5. The owner, lessee, or authorized person __________ to provide verbal authority to enter or remain in a structure or conveyance.
  6. Dealing in stolen property, also known as _______________, is a second-degree felony in Florida.
  7. When the provisions of theft (theft of services) are followed,
  8. Many embezzlers intend only to
  9. Schedule __________ is a substance, compound, or mixture that has a high potential for abuse and has no currently accepted medical use.
  10. __________ possession means two or more suspects may jointly possess an article, exercising control over it. In that case, each of those suspects is in possession of the article.
  11. Document that the suspect entered a structure or conveyance owned by or in the possession of the complainant to establish probable cause for
  12. Organized crime promotes public corruption, street crime, and ___________ and can have a significantly negative impact on the economy.
  13. Criminal mischief is a __________ if the value of property damaged totals $1,000 or more.
  14. Officers should place forged documents in envelopes or clear plastic bags and ________ or photocopy all documents as soon as possible.
  15. Criminal mischief is a __________ if the property damage is greater than $200 but less than $1,000.
  16. To establish probable cause for possession of __________ tools, document the suspect intended to commit a burglary or trespass and had in his or her possession a tool, machine, or implement that he or she intended to use or allowed someone to use in the commission of burglary or trespass. The suspect did some obvious act toward the commission of burglary or trespass.
  17. If an officer believes a crime was committed on an archaeological site, he or she should
  18. Upon arrival at the scene of a burglary incident, obtain a general statement from the victim and immediately _________ by conducting a walk-through with the victim.
  19. The mission of the Drug __________ Administration in the U.S. Department of Justice is to enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States.
  20. The primary victim and complainant for most bankcard offenses is the _________.
  21. When establishing probable cause for __________, document that the suspect knowingly and unlawfully obtained or used, or endeavored to obtain or use the property of the victim, doing it intentionally to temporarily or permanently deprive the victim of his or her right to the property or any benefit from it. The suspect takes the property of the victim for his or her own use or the use of any person not entitled to it.
  22. __________ is a willful, malicious crime where the offender injures or damages property belonging to another.
  23. Mere proximity to a controlled substance __________ sufficient to establish possession over the substance when it is not in a place over which the suspect has control.
  24. If a suspect has exclusive possession of a controlled substance, infer or assume
  25. A person can be guilty of trespassing on property other than a dwelling, structure, or conveyance if he or she
  26. Burglaries are classified according to the type of location entered, such as a dwelling, structure, or __________.
  27. __________ in a dwelling, structure, or conveyance occurs when the suspect, without authorization, willfully enters or remain in any dwelling, structure, or conveyance.
  28. To establish probable cause for the sale, purchase, manufacture, or possession of a controlled substance __________ intent, document the suspect sold, purchased, manufactured, delivered, or possessed the controlled substance __________ intent to sell, purchase, manufacture, or deliver a controlled substance. The substance was a controlled substance, and the suspect had knowledge of the presence of the substance.
  29. Florida Statutes enhance the penalties for burglary if the offender causes damage to the dwelling or structure, or to the property within the structure in excess of __________.
  30. ____________ theft is taking something valued at less than $300 and is a misdemeanor.
  31. If you suspect that an incident involves a stolen vehicle,
  32. To establish probable cause for __________, document the suspect injured or damaged real or personal property that belonged to the complainant and the suspect willfully and maliciously caused the injury or damage.
  33. Schedule __________ is the classification for a substance, compound, or mixture that has a low potential for abuse and has a currently accepted medical use, though abuse may lead to physical or psychological dependence.
  34. __________ means empowerment, permission, or competence to act.
  35. Vehicles that have broken side and vent windows, a poorly attached license plate, or missing, scratched, or punched door locks are indicators that a vehicle may be ________.
  36. It is __________ to enter or remain in a structure or conveyance of another if, under all the circumstances, a reasonable person would believe that he or she had the permission of the owner or occupant.
  37. The _____________ burglar is opportunistic, capitalizing on easy targets.
  38. __________ possession means the controlled substance is in a place over which the suspect has control, or in which the suspect has concealed it.
  39. Local gang activity, organized crime, terrorist activity, and hate crimes are often enacted using ___________ to commit crimes.
  40. Upon receiving stolen property, process the property by doing what?
  41. __________ uses fake websites that mirror legitimate business sites in order to obtain personal and financial information from unwitting victims. Suspects use this information to steal the identities, bank accounts, or credit availability from the victims.
  42. __________ theft can involve theft of any commercially farmed animal or fish, 2,000 or more individual pieces of citrus fruit, items taken from a designated construction site identified by the posting of a sign, and anhydrous ammonia, used in methamphetamine production.
  43. Select ALL of the TRUE statements that apply to lost property reports.
  44. There are two types of theft victims: ____________ and __________.
  45. Section 267.13(1)(a)-(c), F.S., addresses the protection of __________ under state law.
  46. The most common types of forgery law enforcement officers encounter are forgery of the signature or endorsement on a check, use of a fictitious name, forgery by alteration, and check__________.
  47. Failure to leave or remaining on the premises after receiving a warning from or in the presence of law enforcement is __________.
  48. At the scene of a burglary incident, determine the entry and ____________ points the burglar used and note any disturbed areas and possible evidence for processing.
  49. A person who wrongfully takes money or other property entrusted to him or her for safekeeping and uses it for his or her own personal gain is guilty of ________________, a form of theft.
  50. _____________ theft involves taking possession of or carrying away merchandise, money, or negotiable instruments; or altering or removing a label or price tag; transferring merchandise from one container to another of lower price or removal of a shopping cart with intent to deprive the merchant of possession, use, benefit, or full retail value.
  51. __________ means the actual, constructive, or attempted transfer from one person to another of a controlled substance, whether or not there is an agency relationship.
  52. During a traffic stop, if you encounter a driver who acts jumpy or paranoid, it may be because he or she _____________.
  53. Any person who willfully and maliciously damages any place of worship or religious article is guilty of a third-degree felony if the damage is over __________.
  54. Interruption or impairment of a business operation or public communication, transportation, water, gas or power supply, or other public service that costs $1,000 or more in labor and supplies to restore, is a
  55. Launching a projectile (such as a firearm, bow, or crossbow) across someone else's land with the intent of taking or killing an animal is
  56. __________ investigations involve a lot of undercover work and develop information through intelligence, ranging from information gathering, both strategic and tactical, to informants and surveillance.
  57. Penalties are __________ severe for burglary of a dwelling than for a structure or conveyance.
  58. Florida Statutes enhance the penalties for burglary if
  59. Burglary is one of the most frequent crimes
  60. To establish probable cause for dealing in stolen property, document the suspect
  61. Some techniques burglars may use for entry include
  62. A forged check is one that is signed by a(n) __________.
  63. __________ means to transfer or deliver something to another person in exchange for money or something of value or a promise of money or something of value.
  64. Showing false identification in connection with leasing property or failing to return leased property within __________ hours without a reasonable explanation, may mean the suspect stole the property.
  65. __________ involves being somewhere that you do not own and without the permission of the owner, but with the intent to commit another crime.
  66. According to s. 831.01 and s. 831.02, F.S., there are two aspects of forgery: forgery and __________.
  67. Select ALL of the TRUE statements that apply to processing found property.
  68. If a suspect does not have exclusive possession of a controlled substance, you __________ infer and/or assume the suspect had knowledge of its presence.
  69. Theft of property, funds, or assets may be reclassified to a higher degree if the victim was a person ______ years of age or older.
  70. It is a(n) __________ to dig into an archaeological site to retrieve an object.
  71. ___________ burglarize vehicles, homes, businesses, looking for prescription or non-prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and anything of value that can easily sell for drugs.
  72. Credit card __________ is the unlawful use of a credit card to obtain property, goods, or services.
  73. If you suspect that an incident involves a stolen vehicle, circumstances will dictate if you allow the occupant to
  74. Injury or damage (caused by criminal mischief) can include
  75. _____________ burglars commit only a few offenses yearly, have sophisticated knowledge of security systems, and target only residences or businesses with significant assets.
  76. Medicinal value, harmfulness, and the potential for abuse and addiction determines a substance's
  77. At the scene of a fire, the primary responsibility of an officer after the arrival of fire department personnel is to assist the fire department and the fire marshal in their investigation and to maintain __________ control.
  78. Criminal mischief is a __________ if the property damage is less than $200.
  79. A third conviction of ______________ theft will be punished as a third-degree felony.
  80. It is a(n) _________ to walk on an archaeological site and remove an object.
  81. The Florida __________ Drug Abuse Prevention and __________ Act, chapter 893, F.S., places all substances regulated under existing federal law into one of __________ schedules.
  82. ____________ is knowingly exhibiting or publishing a document to someone or attempting to cash a check by claiming the check and the endorsement is real.
  83. __________ means the production, preparation, packaging, labeling or relabeling, propagation, compounding, cultivating, growing, conversion or processing of a controlled substance, either directly or indirectly. It can be by extraction from substances of natural origin, or independently by means of chemical synthesis. It can also be by a combination of extraction and chemical synthesis.
  84. Some burglars will travel across county lines in an attempt to prevent law enforcement from
  85. Person __________ means an owner or lessee, or his or her agent, or any law enforcement officer whose agency has received written authorization from the owner or lessee, or his or her agent, to communicate an order to depart the property in case of a threat to public safety or welfare.
  86. One method law enforcement uses to comabt organized crime is prosecution under the Racketeer _______________ and Corrupt Organization (RICO), chapter 895, F.S.
  87. Occasionally, a fire is set as a technique to
  88. One method law enforcement uses to combat organized crime is
  89. Select ALL of the TRUE statements that apply to the characteristics of an organized crime operation.
  90. _____________ burglars target schools, their own family or friends, authority figures, and tend to steal age-appropriate items.
  91. Sometimes called "__________", vice crime activity includes offenses such as prostitution, gambling, alcohol and tobacco violations, and pornography.
  92. __________ means purposely or intentionally suppressing the truth or perpetrating a deception or both.
  93. A person's presence in a room or building where there are drugs or other contraband
  94. If a suspect has one or more prior convictions for criminal mischief, the court will provide punishment
  95. __________ is altering, forging, or counterfeiting a public record, certificate, legal document, bill of exchange or promissory note, etc., with intent to injure or defraud someone.
  96. An officer responding to a call concerning a violation of an archaeological site will need to
  97. If the value of property taken during a retail theft is less than __________, the offense is a misdemeanor.
  98. At the scene of a burglary incident, provide the victim with a
  99. If you recover a stolen vehicle, promptly notify dispatch so that dispatch can report the recovery to ______________, as well as to the owner of the vehicle.
  100. Ordering and eating a meal in a restaurant or occupying a room in a public lodging establishment and then refusing to pay, is the crime of _______________ by failure to pay.
  101. Some burglars are driven by their interest in __________ and focus on collecting trophies or mementos, such as intimate articles of clothing located in bedrooms or bathrooms, and typically leave body fluids or defecate on the scene.
  1. a $200
  2. b that the intent of being there is different.
  3. c check the vehicle identification number.
  4. d for a subsequent offense as a felony, regardless of the amount of damage.
  5. e Manufacture
  6. f conveyance
  7. g Criminal mischief
  8. h felony
  9. i burglary
  10. j Sell
  11. k does not necessarily mean the person has committed a crime.
  12. l washing
  13. m Record the serial numbers and owner-applied numbers in your report.

    Conduct an FCIC/NCIC database search, and a local system search that will search local pawnshops for recovered property.

    Lost property may turn into stolen property.

    Get a description of the property and an estimate of the lost value.

    Note the unique distinguishing identifiers such as scratches or unique parts to help identify the property.

    The complainant will receive some type of case number.
  14. n stay in the vehicle or you tell them to leave the vehicle for your safety during this process.
  15. o Joint
  16. p Vice
  17. q Deliver or delivery
  18. r Petit
  19. s embezzlement
  20. t Grand
  21. u Juvenile
  22. v search the scene
  23. w firebombs
  24. x fraud
  25. y $1,000
  26. z I
  27. aa issuing bankcard company
  28. ab impulse
  29. ac distract law enforcement authorities' attention away from the location of other crimes.
  30. ad third-degree felony
  31. ae Influenced
  32. af the offender uses a vehicle as an instrument, other than merely as a getaway vehicle, to assist in committing a burglary, and causes damage to the dwelling, structure, or property.

    the offender enters a dwelling, structure, or conveyance and is armed, or becomes armed in the course of the burglary.

    during the course of a burglary, the offender commits assault or battery.
  33. ag Drug addicts
  34. ah trafficked in or endeavored to traffic in property the suspect knew or should have known was stolen.
  35. ai misdemeanor
  36. aj stolen
  37. ak defrauding an innkeeper or theft of services
  38. al with/with
  39. am fencing
  40. an Burglary
  41. ao Retail
  42. ap $300
  43. aq entering through unlocked doors and windows or using a hidden key, removing hinge pins, breaking glass, or kicking in the door.
  44. ar case number, the primary officer's name, explain the follow-up procedures, and possibly give some crime prevention advice.
  45. as unauthorized person
  46. at Fraudulently
  47. au Professional
  48. av 65
  49. aw trespassing
  50. ax trespassing.
  51. ay The business has profit continuity; it has both criminal and legitimate business.

    The higher echelon presonnel of the organization are relatively immune from liability for their criminal behavior.

    It is monopolistic, or is a provider of a product or service in a particular market.

    Members will attempt to intimidate or coerce witnesses and even people involved in law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

    It has a specific structure, usually hierarchial or paramilitary.
  52. az giving examples of more serious burglaries.
  53. ba FCIC/NCIC
  54. bb neither the operator nor the officer may be held criminally or civilly liable for false arrest, false imprisonment, or unlawful detention.
  55. bc is driving a stolen vehicle
  56. bd first-degree misdemeanor
  57. be that an officer will investigate.
  58. bf third-degree felony.
  59. bg Theft
  60. bh assess the scene to determine if a crime was committed.
  61. bi theft
  62. bj Phishing
  63. bk tracking the items stolen in the burglary.
  64. bl Comprehensive/Control/five
  65. bm Trespassing
  66. bn exit
  67. bo petit
  68. bp may not
  69. bq willfully enters or remains on the property.
  70. br inter-agency cooperation.

    asset forfeiture.

    asset forfeiture.

    gathering intelligence information
  71. bs Enforcement
  72. bt a burglary.
  73. bu archaeological sites
  74. bv does not have
  75. bw is not
  76. bx gang activity
  77. by the suspect had knowledge of its presence
  78. bz Authorization
  79. ca crowd and traffic
  80. cb secure and protect the scene, notify a supervisor, and inform local, state, or federal park rangers of the incident and any recovered evidence.
  81. cc conducting an FCIC/NCIC and local database search to verify you have stolen property

    returning the item to the owner if there is no forensic value

    photographing the item

    processing the item for physical evidence to include latent prints and touch DNA

    forwarding any suspect or item identification to the appropriate department in your agency for a follow-up investigation

    attempting to identify the owner and/or the original case report to add a supplemental report

    after verifying you have stolen property, requesting the entering agency to remove the item from the database

    submitting the item as evidence if you cannot locate the owner or if there is forensic value
  82. cd prying or spreading a door or window frame, slipping, pulling, or picking the lock, or using a bump key, garage door opener, or electronic decoder for keyless entries.
  83. ce lawful
  84. cf criminal mischief
  85. cg more
  86. ch 72
  87. ci photograph
  88. cj uttering a false instrument
  89. ck Forgery
  90. cl authorized
  91. cm Take all the necessary steps to identify the owner or determine if the items are evidence of a crime.

    Inventory the items, complete a property/receipt form, and give the items to the property clerk for storage or destruction.

    Found property may be stolen, lost, or abandoned property.

    If you can identify the owner and the property is not evidence, attempt to return the property according to agency policy and procedures.
  92. cn second-degree misdemeanor
  93. co sexual gratification
  94. cp the placement of graffiti or the commission of other acts of vandalism.
  95. cq borrow the money temporarily to help them with a personal cash shortage and plan eventually to return it, while others feel unfairly compensated or mistreated by their employers and use embezzlement as a mean to compensate.
  96. cr Uttering
  97. cs V
  98. ct __________ possession means the controlled substance is in a place over which the suspect has control, or in which the suspect has concealed it.
  99. cu businesses and individuals
  100. cv victimless crimes
  101. cw schedule.