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  1. a good _______ concentrates on what is said, focusing on the words, ideas, and important
    information related to the subject.
  2. Breathing smoothly, deeply, and evenly in a stressful situation is a technique for:
  3. a slur or disparaging comment made by an officer can inflict emotional harm on the person who hears it.
    It can also undermine the officer's reputation and the ______________,
  4. is a continual internal monologue that occurs as the officer evaluates the events
    taking place around him or her.
  5. _______________ adjusts how he or she is speaking to accommodate the needs of the listener, always maintaining good eye contact.
  6. this is one method of managing or curing Mental Illness.
  7. Showing consideration, respect, and cooperation when interacting with others is considered:
  8. is an officer's demeanor and confidence exhibited by personal
    appearance, erect posture, alertness, and attention to surroundings. Command presence
    is an officer's most valuable nonverbal tool, and you develop it through a combination
    of training and self-confidence.
  9. this is not directly related to Mental Illness
  10. is the understanding of one's own nature, character, abilities, motives, and limitations.
  11. these are part of what an officer may observe in a person having a manic episode.
  12. enables you to keep thoughts, verbal and nonverbal communications, and
    emotional responses in check and on track to assessing a situation and completing a
  13. skills that help an officer's primary function of
    interacting with others to get them to act on or respond to a situation
  14. refers to the people and locations that make up the neighborhoods,
    institutions, and businesses in the area where you work.
  15. Source, message, receiver, and feedback are all terms that describe:
  16. this is when mental illness usually occurs if it is temporary