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  1. common term for talipes
  2. light blue, second
  3. is refusal to accept painful information
    that is readily apparent to others.
  4. Donald A. Balassa, JD, MBS, Executive Director and Legal Counsel for the ____ states: "Procedures which constitute the practice of medicine, or which state law specifically delegates to licensed professionals to perform, may not be delegated to unlicensed professionals such as medical assistants."
  5. consist of records that need to be retained for possible retrieval of information. files not currently being accessed for information . (generally 2-3 years of files not being accessed)
  6. ____ is a powerful tool that communicates what cannot be expressed in words.
  7. any foreign matter circulating in the blood that can become lodged and block a blood vessel
  8. when a repeat intruder is recognized by the body and it is better able to defend itself
  9. the proper term for muscular dystrophy
  10. comminuted fracture
  11. stalk-like portion of the brain that connects the cerebral hemispheres with the spinal cord
  12. information provided is enough for the patient to make an educated decision.
  13. another term for tenectomy
  14. ADA (American's with Disabilities Act)
  15. come together
  16. edema
  17. renal pelvis
  19. also known as beepers. One-way paging systems often used inside hospitals and by providers on call. Pagers only receive signals.
  20. darker red
  21. painful condition caused by the muscle tearing away from the tibia
  22. selecting the name, subject, or number under which to file a record and determining the order in which the units should be considered.
  23. only movable bone of the skull
  24. in this level, prestige and esteem needs, comes from a basic need for a stable, healthy selfrespect for ourselves and others. there is the desire for achievement, strength, and confidence. also, there is the need for recognition, prestige, reputation, status, and even fame. satisfaction of these needs leads to feelings of self-confidence and worth.
  25. method of treating disease with remedies that produce effects different from those caused by the disease itself. Most traditional practitioners tday are cnidered allopathic practitioners
  26. Hepatitis B
  27. credetial awarded for successfully passing the AMT examination
  28. diagnostic test that measures the electrical activity within muscle fibers in response to nerve stimulation
  29. bottom layer after centrifugation
  31. fibula
  32. producing antibodies as a result of having a disease
  33. common term for hallux valgus
  34. hips, thighs, legs, ankles, and feet
  35. inflammation of a fascia (2 spellings)
  36. to accelerate specimen processing
  37. congenital herniation of brain tissue through a gap in the skull
  38. where is buffy coat in packed cell column
  39. this common gesture possibly means: impatience, nervousness
  40. olfactory nerve
  41. pertaining to body parts that are away from the center of the body
  42. to make an action or process easier
  43. calcium deposit in the plantar fascia near its attachment to the calcaneus bone
  44. only _____ % of the message is actually communicated by the spoken word.
  45. is the ability to communicate effectively with individuals of other cultures while recognizing one's own personal cultural biases and prejudices and putting them aside.
  46. big toe
  47. muscle shaped like an inverted triangle or the Greek letter delta; forms the muscular cap of the shoulder
  48. prostate
  49. the bones of the toes
  50. occurs when the tendons that pass thorugh the carpal tunnel are chronically overused and become inflamed and swollen
  51. study of body language
  52. Ophthalmologist; provides comprehensive care of the eye and its stuctures and offers vision services
  53. rounded bony protuberance on each side of the ankle
  54. away from
  55. another term for Colles' fracture
  56. 100
  57. if they are reuseable after disinfecting
  58. refers to working in opposition to each other
  59. own label
  60. electronic health records
  61. result or achievement toward which effort is directed
  62. Internist; provides comprehensive care, practices preventive care, treats long-term and chronic conditions
  63. lines the synovial capsule and secretes synovial fluid
  64. pain in a bone
  65. Penicillin brought into production
  67. removal of tissue or part or all of an organ by surgery
  68. another term for ribs
  69. THREE
  70. study of the human factors that affect the design and operation of tools and the work environment
  71. most provider-patient relationships use the ____ ___ ____ communication arrangement.
  72. concern
  73. another name for platelets
  75. drug that causes temporary paralysis by blocking the transmission a never stimuli to the muscles
  76. progressive stiffening of a joint or joints
  77. narcolepsy
  78. four-year academic degree conferred by colleges and universities.
  79. located in the medullary cavity and composed chiefly of fat cells, functions as a fat storage area
  80. all terms used to define the transition period between the classroom and actual employment.
  81. Production of bile, Store and release glucose as needed break down fats in the small intestine during digestion. Production of certain proteins for blood plasma. detoxify harmful substances, such as alcohol and certain drugs
  82. Artery-->ateriole-->capillary
  83. complex joints that make possible movement between the upper and lower leg
  84. how do erythrocytes differ from WBC
  85. The primary provider of energy for a cell. Adenosine triphosphate.
  87. tissue that lines the medullary cavity
  88. network of intersecting spinal nerves
  89. most of us use gestures and mannerisms when we "___" with our hands.
  91. automatic involuntary response to some change, either inside or outside the body
  92. muscle that makes bending the wrist possible
  93. ______ and prioritization can help to prevent and reduce stress when faced with the inevitable situation of too much wok and too little time.
  94. are more costly calls, and should be handled through other alternatives if possibe
  95. erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets
  96. Radiologist; interprets diagnostic images, performs special procedures, manages radiological services
  97. the numeric term for the lumbar vertebrae
  98. provides a variety of services including injury prevention, recognition, immediate care, treatment, and rehabilitation after athletic trauma
  99. requires sorting through records and removing those not in active use.
  100. Patient name, birthdate, the date and time of venipuncture, ID number and MA initials
  101. the plug at a wound will shrink and dry up and eventually become a
  102. means to consider the patient's welfare ad to be kind; ability to be objectively aware of and have insight into another's feelings, emotions, and behaviors, and to be aware of the significance and meaning of these to the other person
  103. set standards and regulations that must be followed by medical offices...
  105. physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation with the focus of restoring function
  106. hypothalamus
  107. the sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for _______ ___ _______. second stage
  108. ethyl alcohol
  109. pages within the directory for residences
  110. World Health Organization W.H.O
  111. "father of bacteriology"
  112. normal value for lymphocytes
  113. controls most functions on the left side of the body
  114. when ____ for medical or adminstrative reasons, you can discuss a patient with: members of the office staff; the patient's insurance carrier or HMO if you have a signed release; the patient's attorney if you have a signed release; the patient's parent or legal gaurdian; another health care provider that is providing care to the patient under orders from the patient's provider; referring provider's office
  115. cultural brokers may assume the role of ______ ______. this is one who takes the spoken message in one language and converts it to another language. they do not provide word-to-word equivalence, but rather focus on the accurate expression of equivalent meaning. they serve as communicators and liaisons between the patient and the provider in health care facilities.
  116. usually do no make us sick but do not last longer then six months
  117. visceral layer
  118. EMPATHY
  119. conjunctiva
  120. controls the senses of hearing and smell, and the ability to create, store, and access new information
  121. through electronic data exchange
  122. ________, the physical stance of two individuals while communicating, is a key factor to consider while communicating with the patient.
  123. ___, the way the body is carried, also affects the voice.
  124. method of maintaining order in the files by separating active from inactive and closed files
  125. the first female physician in the US who was awarded her degree in 1849
  126. possesses the knowledge, attributes, and skills to obtain interpretable recordings of a patient's nervous system functions
  127. is the mind's way of making unacceptable behavior or events acceptable by devising a rational reason. The purpose is to avoid embarrassment or guilt or to avoid obeying a directive.
  129. cirrhosis
  130. blood pressure must be taken first to find the patient's diastalic pressure
  131. Diabetics using stem-cell therapy stop taking insulin; minimally invasive procedures performed-surgeons at University of California/San Diego Medical Center remove diseased gallbladder through vagina, surgeons at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center remove diseased kidney through belly button
  132. World Health Organization
  133. sometimes referred to as the father of preventive midicine as the result of bacteria and infectious disease
  134. the body begins to perceive and be aware of stress. first stage
  135. most common first aid treatment of muscular injuries
  136. are usally conveyed through verbal and nonverbal communication
  137. machine that sends documents from one location to another by way of telephone lines
  138. common term for cerebrospinal fluid
  139. be entered into by competent parties
  140. type of arthritis characterized by deposits of uric acid in the joints
  141. another term for pectoral girdle
  142. used to perform arthroscopy
  143. remedy wrongs
  144. when body is physically injured what is released and name one released from tissue
  145. heart
  146. we tend to ______ in nonthreatening environments.
  147. ____ time focus is associated with persons from cultures having long-standing traditions. tradition becomes the central focus of their life.
  149. by the color of the stopper
  150. (1) provide a base for managing patient care; (2) provide interoffice and intraoffice communcation as necessary; (3) determine any patterns that surface to signal the provider of patient needs; (4) serve as a basis for legal information necessary to protect providers, staff, and patients; (5) provide clinical data for research
  151. MN
  152. bony structure that forms the upper portion of the sternum
  153. movement that bends the foot downward at the ankle
  154. Certified Medical Administrative Specialist
  155. beginnings of ancient Chinese medicine
  156. it contains tissue fluid which dilutes blood
  157. 8 to 10 times
  158. ethylenediaminetetraacetic
  159. may be dialed following this sequence: dial the interantional code 011; dial the country code; dial the cidy code; dial the local telephone number; *press the pound sign (#) button if the telephone is touchtone.
  160. alolws connection through a standard telephone using a computer or network connection; it is an analog to digital converter.
  161. surgical removal of a portion of the skull
  162. created the first heart pacemaker in 1952
  163. shaft of a long bone
  164. descovered X-rays (roentgenograms)
  166. CMS 1500 The CMS-1500 form is the official standard Medicare and Medicaid health insurance claim form required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  167. Maxilla
  168. what separates a blood sample into layers
  169. Chinese medicine reaches its peak
  170. are designed for different types of labels. extending along the top edge are tabs that are cut in brying sizes and positions to allow for different methods of labeling.
  171. Lavendar
  172. former term for short stature
  173. large projection on the upper end of the ulna that tingles when struck
  174. this common gesture possibly means: indifference, discouragement
  175. neurotransmitter released within the brain; believed to be involved in mood and thought disorders and in abnormal movement disorders
  176. hydrotherapy uses the buoyancy, warmth, and effects of water and its turbulence to speed recovery after surgery and to reduce pain and stress, spasm and discomfort. It is especially beneficial for work-or sports-rrelated injuries and arthritis.
  177. laws designed to protect individuals from legal action when rendering emergency medical aid, without compensation, within the areas of their training and expertise.
  178. excessive amount of fat (lipids) in the blood, resulting in a blood sample that has a milky appearance
  179. Use the ___ process to determine how the chart would be located, properly identifying ____ units and their order.
  181. ____ _____ is one of the most important functions for the person answering the telephone.
  182. individual with quadriplegia
  183. rule example: Adele Marie Johnson-Smith is filed as:
    Johnsonsmith, Adele Marie
  185. etiology
  186. portion of the nerve fibers that are unmyelinated
  187. green
  188. battery of hematologic tests consisting of hemoglobin, hemacrit, total white blood cell and red blood cell counts, differential white blood cell count, and the erythrocyte indices
  189. surgical repair of the skull
  190. is the recipient of the sender's message, and decodes the message
  191. slightly below diastolic pressure
  192. _______ stress is the result of events over which we have little control.
  193. rugae
  194. another term for dystaxia
  195. attached to the bones of the skeleton and make body motions possible
  196. Consistency, Accuracy, Responsibility and Excellence in Medical Imaging and radiation Therapy
  197. pages within the directory for business numbers
  198. contraction, or shortening, of the muscles of the neck
  199. the right to die
  200. questions answered with a yes or no
  201. information available within these directories include: provider referral information, community education services, nurse counseling service/nurse line, main hospital/facility telephone number, automated operator, TTY line for the hearing impaired, medical center departments, medical staff including department and photo of providers and their names with credentials
  202. a hormone that triggers production of RBC
  204. Facilities use this method
    because it makes different types of information
    quickly accessible
  206. certified medical administrative specialist
  207. ___ ____ is organizedby number rather than by letter. a key benefit tto this kind of filing is that it preserves patient confidentiality because the individual's name is not obviously apparent on the file folder.
  208. large part of the autonomic nervous system that prepares the body for fight-or-flight
  209. 72
  210. tough, fibrous tissue that forms the outermost covering of bone
  211. normal value for basophils
  212. injury to the body of a muscle or to the attachment of a tendon
  213. flex and rotate the spinal column and compress the abdomen
  214. Presbyopia
  215. latex can be cleaned easily and are less expensive to replace
  217. pertaining to the thoracic cavity
  218. increased levels of blood glucose. Does not mean diabetic but mabe an indication of prediabetics
  219. white blood cell, one of the formed elements of blood
  220. located in the walls of internal organs, they move and control the flow of fluids through these structures
  221. surgical incision through the fascia to relieve tension or pressure
  222. controls basic survival functions
  223. turns a body part on its axis
  224. experts tell us that ____% of communication is nonverbal
  225. duodenum, jejunum, ileum
  226. nonverbal communication that includes unconscious body movements, gestures, and facial expressions that accompany verbal messages
  227. Tort....... A wrong that is committed by someone who is legally obligated to provide a certain amount of carefulness in behavior to another and that causes injury
  228. inner surface of the vertebral column
  229. abnormal increase in the forward curvature of the lumbar spine
  231. permanent tightening of fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or skin
  232. (1) honeymoon (2) reality (3) dissatisfaction (4) sad state
  233. provides patient services using medical ultrasond under the supervision of a provider
  234. procedure used to treat a herniated intervertebral disk that sucks out or vaporizes the disk
  235. public duty
  236. used to determine losses or changes in bone density
  237. used to increase strength, flexibility, and mobility
  238. acid dextrose citrate
  239. fibrous pericardium
  240. cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccyx
  241. the gesture of whitened knuckles and clenched fists is usually a sign of______.
  242. the posterior portion of a vertebra
  243. a form of connective tissue that is the second hardest tissue in the human body
  244. Manages health information systems consistent with the medical, administrative, ethical, and legal requirements of the health care delivery system.
  245. the designation CMAS is awarded by this group
  246. SLANDER
  247. when individuals are not aware of their biases or prejudices, ______ attitudes may prevail.
  248. needs that are arranged in a specific order or rank; sequential arrangement. associated with Abraham Maslow
  249. major component of the red blood cell
  250. injury in which there is complete loss of sensation and muscle control below the level of the injury
  251. making things clouded or confused
  252. plasma separator tubes
  253. bringing together of two or more treatment modalities so they function as a harmonious whole, as seen in alternative forms of health care.
  254. surgical repair of a tendon
  255. discovered penicillin in 1928
  256. strict ___ ____ is one f the simplest filing methods, as files are strictly maintained by assigning a label to each file.
  257. refers to the fact that the goal is possible to fulfill
  258. ___ indexing methods include date of birth or Social Security number.
  259. inflammation of a bursa
  260. toward the midline
  261. another term for Paget's disease
  262. the five bones that form the palms of the hand
  263. more movable attachment where the muscle ends by attaching to a bone or tendon; usually the end farthest from the midline
  264. along with an increase in these with acute appendicitis you will also find what form
  265. A pH between 6.5 and 7.5, which is close to the pH of pure water (7.0).
  266. PEXY
  267. phagocytosis
  268. performed the first successful open-heart surgery in 1952
  269. problem-oriented medical record
  270. pertaining to the formation of blood cells
  271. referring to an appendage
  272. state of balanced muscle tension that makes normal posture, coordination, and movement possible
  273. is the channeling of a socially
    unacceptable behavior into a socially acceptable
    behavior. An overly aggressive person directed to
    play football to relieve aggression is an example.
    Constructive behavior is substituted for destructive
  275. rupturing of the red blood cells during the process of blood collection. The serum on plasma becomes contaminates and has a reddish color
  276. flows within the synovial cavity and acts as a lubricant to make smooth movement possible
  277. pericardium
  278. testes and ovaries
  279. controls the involuntary actions of the body
  280. isolated and injected insulin for diabetes treatment in 1922
  281. is defined as undue concern for problems over which you have no control
  282. diagnose with polio in 1921; waged war on the disease; founded the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, which later became known as the March of Dimes
  283. hard
  284. mechanical appliance specially designed to control, correct, or compensate for impaired limb function
  286. Health Unit Coordinator; perform nonclinical patient care tasks for the nursing unit of a hospital
  287. striped
  288. common term for clavicle
  289. occupational injuries
  290. pertaining to the relationship between nerve and muscle
  291. many hospitals and larger ambulatory care settings have _____ telephone systems to manage heavy telephone traffic.
  292. central three pairs of ribs attached anteriorly to cartilage that joins with the sternum
  293. confidentiality
  294. in __ ___ filing, a six-digit number is most often used with a hyphen dividing three parts of two digits, for example, 85-32-07 and 86-32-07. within these numbers, the primary units are the last two numbers; he middle digits are the secondary units; the first two numbers are the third and final units considered. there are 100 primary sections from 00-99 to be considered.
  296. in addition to
  297. conformity in fulfilling official requirements
  298. diagnostic test that may be necessary after abnormal types or numbers of red or white blood cells are found in a complete blood count test
  299. revolutionized surgery because of his belief in Pasteur's theory of using carbolic acid as an antiseptic spray; he insisted that all instruments and physicians' hands be washed with the solution
  300. physician
  301. administrative law
  302. erythrocytes are responsible for carrying what to the body's cells
  303. degeneration of muscle tissue
  304. congenital heart disease
  305. relies on body language, reference to environmental objects, and culturally relevant phraseology to communicate an idea. is indirect and seems to take forever to reach a conclusion. often thought of as mentally slow or uneducated
  306. QID
  307. normal value for monocytes
  308. another term for orthopedic surgeon
  309. consists of activities to promote recovery, rehabilitation, and performance of activities of daily living
  310. total paralysis affecting only one side of the body
  311. strain specific typing
  312. another way to spell hemopoietic
  313. slow-growing benign tumor derived from cartilage cells
  314. Performed first human heart transplant in 1967
  315. fallopian tube
  317. German physician; established homeopathy
  318. a thick, fan-shaped muscle on the anterior chest wall
  319. A molecule composed of two or more different elements, such as Carbon dioxide (CO2).
  320. holding, suturing, or fastening a bone in a fixed position with strapping or a cast
  321. Plastic Surgeon; repairs and reconstructs phyical defects; provides cosmetic enhancements
  322. pertaining to the sole of the foot
  323. pertaining to the inner section
  324. is the primary sensory skill used in verbal communication.
  325. are used to separate file folders. are somewhat larger than file folders and are of heavier stock, and are used in vertical and lateral systems.
  326. alcohol not dry, diurnal rhythm, exercise, fasting or non-fasting, hemolysis, hemoconcentratio, insufficient volume of specimen
  327. ac, forearm, back of hand, wrist, and then with Dr. permission foot
  329. a grouping together of nonverbal messages into statements or conclusions.
  330. receives and interprets nerve impulses from sensory receptors in the tongue, skin, and muscles
  331. long, slender cells that make up muscles
  332. perineum
  333. pernicious
  334. A doctorate degree in medicine and a license to practice allows a person to diagnose and treat mediclconditions.; attends 4 years of medical schoo after receiving a bachelor's degree
  335. what is proper method to palpate a vein
  336. another term for connecting neurons
  337. protects the major organs of the nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems
  338. formed from the fusion of the ilium, ischium and pubis
  340. refers to the granting of licenses to practice a profession.
  341. the most common type of granulocytic white blood cell
  342. a rare cancer outbreak was seen in young gay men in New York and California in 1981
  343. major muscle of the calf of the leg
  344. opening of the external auditory canal of the outer ear located in the temporal bone on each side of the skull
  345. thin scroll-like bones that form part of the interior of the nose
  346. protective covering made up of glial cells
  347. ___ _____ require the same information as the established patient plus some additional information, including: address, age/DOB, employer, insurance carrier, insurance ID numbers, name of insured, name of referral source.
  349. abdominal aorta
  350. performs all routine tests in a medical labortory and is able to discriminate and recognize factors that directly affect procedures and results. Works under direction of pathologist, provider medical technologist, or scientist
  351. Certification Continuation Program
  352. the ___ line should be brief and clearly identify the content of the email body
  353. EDTA
  354. often expressions of joy and happiness or sorrow and grief are reflected through the _____.
  355. color of buffy coat
  356. process of maintaining the constant internal environment of the body
  357. ___ (general) numeric file section. this is reserved for records that have not been assigned numbers. patients should automatically be assigned a number on the first visit, however, on occasion patients cannot be assigned a number initially.
  358. 80% of the approved amount
  359. The number used to indicate the exact strength of an acid or base.
  360. the most common type of anemia
  361. pulling force exerted on a limb in a distal direction in an effort to return the bone or joint to normal alignment
  362. Groin
  363. another name for white blood cells
  364. when the MA is interviewing the patient for the chief complaint, it is important to listen with a _________ ear. listen to what the patient is not saying but is apt to exhibit through nonverbal communication
  365. Capitated
  367. movement of a limb away from the midline of the body
  368. erythrocytes with marked variation in size
  370. prevailing fee
  371. a broken bone
  372. the first set of seven vertebrae that form the neck
  373. National Council Licensure Examination
  374. bony anterior portion of the knee
  375. RBC of normal size
  376. physician who specializes in treating the causes of paralysis and similar muscular disorders in which there is a loss of function
  377. protecting against infecton caused by pathogenic microorganisms.
  378. inflammation of the tendons of the rotator cuff; often named for the cause
  379. ___ information about patients is to be discussed outside of the office, with family or friends, or with other patients.
  380. the content being communicated :speaking, listening, gesturing, writing
  381. pituitary gland
  382. ANGIOGRAM An angiogram is an X-ray test that uses a special dye and camera (fluoroscopy) to take pictures of the blood flow in an artery
  383. degenerative
  384. A positively charged atom.
  385. soft, bouncy and roundness of vein
  386. when the patient is seated with the arms and legs crossed, the message of _____ or being opinionated may be relayed.
  387. wash hands
  388. shorter and thicker
  389. inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the sternum
  390. relating to the chest
  392. if there are a number of rports/documents to be filed, __ them into units according to the captions on the charts. This will eliminate wasted time in working back and forth through the alphabet or numbers.
  393. another term for osteochondroma
  394. many ambulatory care centers ___ answering services because a live operator is reassuring to patients and other callers.
  395. first indexing unit of the filing segment
  397. formed by the shoulders; supports the arms and hands
  398. inflammation of the vertebrae
  399. Keratin
  400. the use of ____ permits the mouthpiece to be positioned appropriately and frees the hands to locate and record information easily.
  402. any health care setting or delivery system that is designed to reduce the cost of care while still providing access to care.
  403. services employed to answer the calls of an ambulatory care setting after hours; unlike an answering machine, a live operator answers the call and forwards it appropriately
  404. an attempt to withdraw from an unpleasant circumstance by retreating to an earlier, more secure stage of life.
  405. split
  406. arterial blood
  407. the surgical enlargement of the carpal tunnel or cutting of the carpal ligament to relieve nerve pressure
  408. started the American Red Cross in 1881
  410. abnormally decreased muscle function or activity
  411. Commission on Accreditaton for Allied Health Education Pograms; accredits at the program level; specifically accredit medical assistants
  412. surgical excision of a portion of a muscle
  413. The primary goal of the law is to make it easier for people to keep health insurance, protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare information and help the healthcare industry control administrative costs.
  414. branching fibers at the end of the axon that lead the nervous impulse from the axon to the synapse
  415. possitive feelings; good
  416. when leukocytes travel into the tissues they usually remain, only one type doesn't, name it and where it returns
  417. slightly movable articulation between the sacrum and posterior portion of the ilium
  418. another term for open fracture
  419. sites in the sensory organs that receive external stimulation
  420. another term for total hip replacement
  421. larger and longer bone of the forearm
  422. apply classroom knowlede and skill in a real-world medical setting; obtain references for employment; use externship experience as part of a resume; recognize improvement in performance and knowledge; understand that there may be more than one acceptable method of performance; begn to establish a network of support through colleagues
  423. gel material capable of forming an interface between the cells and fluid portion of the blood as a result of centrifugation
  424. Recognizes, assesses, and manages medical emergencies of acutely ill or injured patients in prehospital caresettings, working under the direction of a provider (often through radio communication)
  425. normal value for neutrophil segs
  426. common name for zygomatic bones
  427. Neurosurgeon; treats condition of the nervous systems, often through surgery
  428. debilitating chronic condition characterized by fatigue, diffuse and or specific muscle, joint, or bone pain, and a wide range of other symptoms
  429. antigen
  430. tort
  431. bony structure that protects the heart and lungs
  432. The smallest particle of an element, consisting of electrons surrounding a nucleus composed of protons, neutrons, and other entities.
  433. fracture in which the bone is bent and only partially broken
  434. breaking down or impairment of a body part (adj.)
  435. book describing drugs and their preparation or a collection or stock of drugs
  436. founded chiropractic profession in Iowa in 1895
  437. is recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) as an accrediting agency of public and private schools and colleges that primarily offer health education; also recognized by the AAMA, AMT, NLNA, NBSTSA
  438. duodenum
  439. hist/o
  440. thinner than average bone density in a young person
  441. ____ is a conscious or subconscious overemphasizing of a characteristic to offset a real or imagined deficiency. involves substituting strength for a weakness and may be viewed as healthy
  442. surgical suturing of the end of a tendon to a bone
  444. three-dimensional structure of DNA discovered; First human heart-lung bypass machine used on human
  445. oxytocin
  446. S Subjective impressions
    O Objective clinical evidence
    A Assessment or diagnosis
    P Plans for further studies, treatment, or management
    E Education for patient
    R Response of patient to education and care given
  447. approximately _____ ______ of the population of the US comes from a culture other than mainstream American (i.e., Caucasian, English-speaking, Judeo-Christian)
  448. thick, tough, outermost membrane of the meninges
  449. light blue
  450. anything that excites a nerve and causes an impulse
  451. chronic autoimmune disease that affects the neuromuscular junction and produces serious weakness of voluntary muscles
  452. capacity for movement
  453. most common form of muscular dystrophy; affects primarily boys with onset between the ages of 3 and 5 years; the disorder progresses rapidly so that most of these boys are unable to walk by age 12 and later need a respirator to breathe
  454. The number of protons in the nucleus of the atom. The hydrogen atom, for example, has one proton and its atomic number is 1. Carbon has six protons and its atomic number is 6.
  455. CMS 1500
  456. spleen
  457. age analysis
  458. slant toward a particular belief
  459. pulmonary artery
  460. cannont be prevented; in fact, life would be dull without the short duration kind.
  461. diseases in which the immune system produces antibodies against its own tissues
  462. enable the brain to stimulate a muscle to contract
  463. erythrocyte
  464. disadvantage of ____ ___ records: needs protection to prevent loss of data; expensive to establish and maintain; may require on-site assistance; can require up to 12 weeks for staff to prove productive
  465. a _____ must be specific, challenging, realistic, attainable, and measurable.
  466. tuberculosis
  467. uses images or symbols to train themind t creae a definitive physiological or psychological effect; relieves stress and anxiety an reduces pain.
  468. the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, and the body will then ____ ____ ______. fourth stage
  469. are responsible for a portion of the fee
  470. acute infectious disease that causes severe headache, rash, high fever, and progressive neurologic involvement. Prevalent where coditions are unsanitary and congested.
  471. include documentation such as the medical heistory, the physical examination, and the follow up notes. they track the patient's course of treatment
  472. presbyopia
  473. characterized by pain on the palm-side of the forearm
  474. achievements that may take three to five years to accomplish; give direction and definition to our lives and serve to keep us on track so to speak
  475. hemoglobin carries about how much carbon dioxide away
  476. afferent neurons
  477. name both terms for a normal number value of 140,000 to 400,000
  479. rule example: Amy Sue Sung (Mrs. John) is filed as:
    Sung, Any Sue MrsJohn
  480. diagnostic procedure for testing and recording neuromuscular activity by the electric stimulation of the nerve trunk that carries fibers to and from the muscle
  481. this involves belonging and love needs. This level of need involves both giving and receiving affection. additional words that express our connectedness are roots, origins, peers, friends, family, neighborhood, territory, clan, class, and gang. We have a basic animal tendency to herd, flock, join, and belong.
  482. describes a group of more than 30 genetic diseases that are characterized by progressive weakness and degeneration of the skeletal muscles that control movement, without affecting the nervous system
  483. protection from light
  484. invented the stethoscope
  485. individual affected with hemiplegia
  486. another term for crepitation
  487. the influence of ______ may reveal a discomfort if the office staff and patients have a different perception about how billing is managed and when and how payment is expected.
  488. attempted realignment of the bone involved in a fracture or joint dislocation
  491. notation in a file to direct the reader to a specific record that may be filed under more than one name/subject (e.g., married name/maiden name or foreign names) where the surname is not easily recognizable
  492. uses few environmental idioms to convey an idea. it relies on explicit and highly detailed language. it is direct and in your face. often thought of as being rude or arrogant.
  493. lavendar
  494. process that extends away from the cell body and conducts impulses away from the nerve cell
  495. means of eliciting a response from a patient by turning a question into a statement of interest
  496. timed intervals because of medication or daily rhythm
  497. the stimulation of a muscle by an impulse transmitted by a motor nerve
  498. A substance that permits the transfer of electrons in solution. Common electrolytes include acids, bases, and salts.
  499. molecule with the red blood cell that transports oxygen
  500. procedure in which only part of the knee is replaced
  501. name the leukocytes that specialize in phagocytosis
  503. normal value for eosinophils
  504. failure to act when duty is indicated, resulting in or causing harm
  505. the pleural sac
  506. urethra
  507. structure that encircles the body
  508. inflammation of the bone marrow and adjeacent bone
  509. basic metabolic panel
  510. the range of clinical procedures and activities that are allowed by law for a profession
  511. posterior space behind the knee where ligaments, vessels, and muscles are located
  512. type of leukocyte increase with polycythemia vera, chicken pox and ulcerative colitis
  513. greenstick; closed
  514. MENOPAUSE is A natural decline in reproductive hormones when a woman reaches her 40s or 50s.
  515. unbound to oxygen hemoglobin
  516. another term for tenodynia
  517. specialist who develops, implements, and coordinates exercise programs, and administers medical tests to promote physical fitness
  518. certified
  519. loss or absence of mobility in a joint due to disease, injury, or a surgical procedure
  520. myelin
  521. paralysis of heart muscle
  522. _____ _____ _____ can involve a great deal of coordination. Often appointment times need to be arranged among providers, the patient, an the facility whre a test may be conducted.
  523. second most common tests performed in the physician's office
  524. people who decide for themselves what they want to do with their lives
  525. common term for scapula
  526. INJECTED / Taken into the body or administered in a manner other than through the digestive tract, as by intravenous or intramuscular injection.
  527. (1) alarm (2) fight-or-flight (3) exhaustion (4) return-to-normal
  528. one or more bundles of neurons that connect the brain and the spinal cord with other parts of the body
  529. tourniquet on too long
  530. A good _______ is alert to all aspects of the communication cycle-the verbal and nonverbal message, as well as verification of the message through appropriate feedback.
  531. located below the arachnoid membrane and above the pia mater; contains cerebrospinal fluid
  532. thyroid gland
  533. estate of the deceased
  534. Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools; accredits at the institutional level
  535. term referring to individuals affected by short stature
  536. Nurse Practitioner
  537. not life-threatening and does not recur
  538. questions that encourage verbalization and response; questions that seek a response beyond a simple yes or no.
  540. Family Practitioner; treats the whole family from infancy to death
  541. third layer of the meninges; located nearest to the brain and spinal cord
  542. a virus spread through the fecal-oral route, multiplies in the intestine and invades the nervous system. often referred to as infantile paralysis; mostly affects children under the age of 5 years, and there is no cure.
  543. extreme slowness of movement
  544. third
  547. Emergency Medical Doctor; evaluates and treats medical conditions that result from trauma or sudden illness; manages emergency department
  548. short hand for regarding
  549. Tiger (red/gray)
  550. the address that defines the route to file on the Web or any other Internet facility
  551. the clot contracts and the serum is extracted
  552. granulocytic white blood cell with red eosin-stained granules inthe cytoplasm. it is elevated in cases of allergies
  553. performed first person-to-person kidney transplant in 1954
  554. Human genome map created by team of scientists
  555. as efficiently as possible
  556. acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  557. Authority
  558. cartilage wall that divides the two nasal cavities
  559. defines the period of time that is important and to which an individual's actions are directed or oriented
  560. applies scientific knowledge and theory to practical clinical problems of respiratory care
  561. smooth rubbery blue-white connective tissue that acts as a shock absorber between bones
  562. over clothing or gauze
  563. TWO DRUGS WORKING IN OPPOSITION TO EACH OTHER / antagonism is a phenomenon wherein two or more agents in combination have an overall effect that is less than the sum of their individual effects.
  564. moving ____ from the patient may be interpreted as dislike, disinterest, boredom, indifference, suspicion, or impatience.
  565. slander
  566. fallopian tube
  568. common term for fontanelles
  569. system to remind of action to be taken on a certain date
  570. a patient who is frightened, ashamed, guilty, or threatened often will resort to _____ mechanisms as a means of avoiding injury to the ego.
  571. (1) to improve listening skills sufficiently so that patients are heard accurately (2) to listen either for what is not being said or for information transmitted only by hints (3) to determine how accurately the message has been received.
  572. common term for calcaneus
  573. bony structure that forms the middle portion of the sternum
  574. larger weight-bearing bone in the anterior of the lower leg
  575. bulging deposit around the area of a break that eventually becomes bone
  576. supply of nerves to a specific body part
  577. myotomy
  578. another name for thrombocytes
  579. Alcohol abuse
  580. heparin
  581. tendons
  583. a poliomyelitis that affected nerve cells in the medulla oblongata or the lowest portion of the brainstem responsible for regulating heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, were placed in iron lungs.
  584. ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
  585. transmits nerve signals to, and from, the central nervous system; includes 12 pairs of cranial nerves and 31 pairs of peripheral spinal nerves
  586. when working in a medical setting with patient charts, the patient's ____ ____ is always used for the chart rather than a nickname or abbreviation
  587. organization of providers who network together to offer discounts to purchasers of health care insurance.
  589. You must ____ for the caller on the phone to give permission to be put on hold before you can answer the other line.
  590. a narrow band of nonelastic, dense, fibrous connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone
  591. sheet of fibrous connective tissue that covers, supports, and separates muscles or groups of muscles
  593. process of becoming worse
  594. infectious disease with a high fatality rate transmitted to humans from infected rats and ground squirrels by the bite of the rat flea.
  595. sodium and potassium
  596. "res ipsa loquitur"...the thing speaks for itself
  597. synovial joints that allow movement primarily in one direction or plane
  598. is usually a simple process of asking the caller's name and the reason for the call.
  600. front and rear
  601. I, II, III lead. Use 2 limb electrodes that record simultaneously. Lead I records the electrical activity between the RA and LA. Lead II is records electrical activity between the RA and LL. Lead III records electrical activity between the LA and LL. Lead II is used as a rhythm strip as it is the best lead to portray the heart.
  602. is a conscious or subconscious
    overemphasizing of a characteristic to offset a real
    or imagined defi ciency. This defense mechanism
    involves substituting strength for a weakness and
    may be viewed as healthy. An example is the young
    boy whose physical stature keeps him from being
    a football star, so he compensates by achieving an
    academic award.
  603. -itis
  605. Women's Health Initiative begins15-year research on cardiovascular disease, cancer, and osteoporosis; board of trustees of the AAMA approved the current definition of medical assisting
  606. smaller and shorter bone of the forearm; runs up the thumb side of the forearm
  607. manners, politeness, proper behavior
  608. surgical incision or opening into the skull
  610. another term for arthrodesis
  611. mother
  612. distention of the renal pelvis resulting from obstructed flow of urine
  613. type of leukocyte increase with mononucleosis, lymphocytic leukemia
  614. RBCs
  615. acute infectious disease caused by the presence of protozoan parasites within the red blood cells; usually comes from the bite of a female mosquito.
  616. pertaining to the vertebrae
  617. restoration, following disease, illness, or injury, of the ability to function in a normal or near-normal manner
  618. attaches the mandible to the skull
  619. health care environment where services are proided on an outpatient basis. Ambulatory is from the Latin and means "capable of walking."
  620. surgical repair of a muscle
  621. another term for tenotomy
  622. takes place when the message is spoken
  623. visual examination of the internal structure of a joint
  624. empathy, attitude, dependability, initiative, flexibility, desire to learn, appearance; ability to communicate, ethical behavior
  625. a strain or tear on any of the three hamstring muscles
  626. normal projection on the surface of a bone that serves as an attachment for muscles and tendons; structure that extends out from a cell body
  627. pituitary
  628. quadriceps femoris
  629. Most offices call the next day's patients to confirm appointments near the _____ of each day.
  630. blood traveling back to the lungs
  631. surgical removal of a synovial membrane from a joint
  632. lowers the corner of the mouth in a frown
  635. A substance that prevents or reduces changes in pH and counterbalances the addition of an acid or base.
  636. automated blood cell counts are considered by CLIA
  637. common term for singultus
  638. provide support and protection for neurons
  639. synovial joints that allow a wide range of movement in many directions
  640. occur in a gland that is producing too much hormone (hyperthyroidism), too little hormone (hypothyroidism), or the correct amount of hormone (euthyroidism). A goiter indicates there is a condition present which is causing the thyroid to grow abnormally.
  641. logbook used to assign numbers to correspondence or patients
  642. byproduct that is normally excreted by the kidneys
  643. A negatively charged atom.
  644. occurs when inflamed and swollen tendons are caught in the narrow space between the bones within the shoulder joint
  645. forbade the study of medicine
  646. puberty
  647. loss of muscle mass, strength, and function that comes with aging
  648. registration.
  649. epidermis
  650. form of rheumatoid arthritis that primarily causes inflammation of the joints between the vertebrae
  651. amenorrhea
  652. tumors that have metastasized to bones from other organs
  653. acute infectious disease where a person develops jaundice, vomits, hemorrhages, and has a fever; caused by mosquitoes
  654. developed an oral polio vaccine in 1961
  655. possesses the technical knowledge and skills necessary to process, maintain, compile and report patient data
  656. an alternative to removing the head of the femur during hip arthroplasty
  657. erythropoietin
  658. keratin
  659. second layer of the meninges located between the dura mater and the pia mater; resembles a spider web
  660. (1) to be sure the caller talks to the person who will be most helpful (this is not necessarily the person asked for); (2) to ensure the provider's time with calls is efficientl managed.
  661. another term for ostealgia
  662. ALGIA
  663. what type of cells remain within the blood vessels
  664. abnormal softening of muscle tissue
  665. having to do with spiders
  666. Developing A CUrriculuM Analysis
  667. the pager emits a beeping sound or silent vibration that notifies the perosn being paged to call a designated phone number to obtain the message
  668. it displays the message on a digital screen on the pager.
  669. bones that attach posteriorly to the thoracic vertebrae
  670. chemical substances that make it possible for messages to cross from the synapse of a neuron to the target receptor
  671. ischium
  672. accumulation of blood around the venipuncture site during or after venipuncture caused by the leakage of blood from where the needle punctured the vein
  674. this alphabetic file is necessary as a source to locate numeric files or records. A card contains name, address, and file number (or an M if located in the miscellaneous section) any cross reference is here rather than in the numeric files.
  676. telephone sevice for hearing impaired patients is ____ by the ADA
  677. inflammation of the synovial membrane that results in swelling and pain of the affected joint
  678. (or sheet) card, folder, or slip of paper inserted temporarily in the files to replace a record that has been retrieved from the files
  679. paralysis of both legs and the lower part of the body
  680. ectopic
  681. an embryo has hematopoiesis occuring where?
  682. toward the side
  683. movement of a limb toward the midline of the body
  685. this level is self-actualization. in this stage, we are at our peak, doing what truly fits us. it is an achievement of potential.
  686. recognized rule of conduct enforced by a legal authority.
  687. To create a positive impression, answer the telephone by the end of the _____ ring and certainly within _____ rings.
  688. receives and processes information and regulates all bodily activity; includes the brain and spinal cord
  689. produces sensations by relaying impulses to and from the cerebrum and the sense organs; located below the cerebrum
  690. makes body movement possible and protects the organs of digestion, excretion and reproduciton
  691. performs preoperative tasks, performs airway management and drug administration for induction and maintenance of of anesthesia during surgery under direction of a licensed and qualified anesthesiologist
  692. common terms for kyphosis
  693. procedure used to treat osteoporosis-related compression fractures which injects bone cement
  694. numerical term for the thoracic vertebrae
  695. abnormally increased muscle function or activity
  696. takes place after the receiver has decoded the message sent by the sender. It is the receiver's way of ensuring that the message was sent, and also provides an opportunity for the receiver to clarify any misunderstanding regarding the original message and to ask for additional information.
  697. cross-eyed appearance
  698. to enlarge in diameter
  699. total displacement of a bone from its joint
  700. refuse treatment
  701. slightly curved, triangular-shaped bone near the base of the spine that forms the lower portion of the back
  702. tourniquet
  703. wrinkling of the _____ sends similar messages that the eyebrows do.
  704. ___ in medical records is the process of marking data to indicate how information is to be filed. If using a system other than a strict alphabetic system, determine the proper ___ for the chart so it can be retrieved. Otherwise, identify the indexed units by underlining or highlighting. If a cross-reference is required, identify the cross-reference by double underlining and placing an X nearby.
  705. surgical suturing of a muscle wound
  706. inflammation of bone
  707. prepares the body for emergencies and stress
  708. dense, hard, and very strong bone that forms the protective outer layer of bones
  710. white blood cell with a dense nonsegmented nucleus and lacking granules in the cytoplasm
  711. abnormal softening of cartilage
  712. use of x-radiation to visualize bone fractures and other abnormalities
  713. methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus; a new type of bacteria that is especially dangerous to individuals with weakened immune systems; can come from medical facilities or be community based.
  714. 31 pairs of nerves grouped together and named based on the region of the body they innervate
  715. red bone marrow
  716. sigmoid
  717. lymphocytopenia
  718. yellow
  719. dilation of bronchi of the lungs
  720. the verbal message and the nonverbal message must agree
  721. most VoIP services od not work during power outages, emergency services through 911 may not be available, * directory assistance/ white page listings may not be available.
  722. second-largest part of the brain located at the back of the head below the posterior portion of the cerebrum
  723. a percentage of each amount collected
  724. clotting
  725. green/gray
  726. bright red
  727. Founder of scientific surgery
  728. interpreters for individuals with a language problem, assistive hearing devices, note takers for individuals who have difficulty writing, written materials, and so forth.
  729. raises the corner of the mouth in a smile
  730. National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants
  731. anything that interferes with the patient's ability to focus has a ____ impact on therapeutic communication.
  732. the _____ with ARU systems is that the recorded voice may be difficult to hear, especially for older adult or hearing impaired patients.
  733. alcohol not completely dry at site of puncture
  734. LUNGS
  735. Accrediting Commision of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology; accredits at the institutional level
  736. another term for neuromuscular blocker
  737. Physician Assistant
  738. located in the shaft of a long bone and surrounded by compact bone
  739. light blue, lavendar and green
  740. develops when rotator cuff tendinitis is left untreated or if the overuse continues
  741. connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres
  743. If at all possible, the menu system should only be ____ level deep, meaning the selection should not lead to another menu.
  744. first female physician in Great Britain
  745. creates enthusiasm and interest in achievement
  746. bent
  747. other terms for a closed fracture
  748. a wave of excitation transmitted through nerve fibers and neurons
  750. Pediatrician; treats diseases/disorders of children and adolescents; monitors growth and development of children
  751. made of cartilage and separate and cushion the vertebrae from each other
  752. raising or lifting a body part
  754. fibrin forms a ________ of sorts
  755. another term for compression fracture
  756. Educates and trains individuals in the application of purposeful,goal-oriented activity in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of loss of ability to cope with the tasks of daily living and impairment caused by physical injury, illness, or emotional disorder; congenital or developmental disability; or the aging process
  757. date and time of collection and their initials
  758. is a pattern of many concepts, beliefs, values, habits, skills, instruments, and art of a given group of people in a given period.
  759. ASEPSIS
  760. Using "rule out" diagnoses
  761. the qualities that characterize or ditinguish a professional person who conforms to the technical and ethicalstandards of the profession
  762. Americans with Disabilities Act
  763. inability to coordinate muscle activity during voluntary movement
  764. rule example: Gerald Steven St. Simon is filed as: Stsimon, Gerald Steven
  765. According to ______ ________, human needs could be grouped into five levels. He also theorized that each level of need must be satisfied before one could move on to the next level.
  766. common term for triceps bracii
  767. any congenital deformity of the foot involving the talus (ankle bones)
  768. written
  769. tested with a reflex hammer that is used to strike a tendon
  770. ____ _______ stress, sometimes called acute stress, can be beneficial.
  771. are used to identify major sections of file folders by more manageable sub units (AA-AC, A, B, Office Supplies)
  772. the movements of the ________ indicate many nonverbal cues as well. Surprise, puzzlement, worry, amusement, and questioning are often nonverbal messages reflected by the position of them.
  773. contain a double notation to denote a range of files: Ab-Be, Co-Dy, Ho-Le
  774. are focused and have precise boundaries.
  775. joint where two bones articulate to permit a variety of motions
  776. forms the end of the spine and is made up of four small vertebrae that are fused together
  777. treatment to prevent disability or to restore functioning
  779. forms the middle of the front of the rib cage
  781. common term for lordosis
  782. Hgb carries about how much of oxygen to the body
  783. curved fibrous cartilage found in some joints
  784. The chemical bond formed when two atoms share a pair of electrons. It is the strongest type of chemical bond.
  785. muscle of the anterior upper arm that flexes the elbow and is formed from two divisions
  786. basic cells of the nervous system
  787. large circular cavity in each side of the pelvis that articulates with the head of the femur
  788. destruction of blood cells
  789. painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon caused by excessive stress
  790. psoriasis
  791. health and life insurance, paid vacation, sick days, personal days, and tuition reimbursement for courses related to employment.
  792. part of CBC but also frequently individually ordered by a physician
  793. yellow, ACD
  794. white blood cell without cytoplasmic granules that has a large convoluted nonsegmented nucleus
  795. once you have the paperwork sorted, it is time to ___ them. make sure the papers are placed in the proper charts and the charts returned to their proper place in the medical records section.
  796. hepatitis
  797. these devices transmit a keyed in message via the telephone network just as a voice messge would be sent if spoken. These devices are required at both ends of the conversation in order to communicate.
  798. a United States-based nonprofit tax-exempt 501 organization that accredits more than 20,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States
  799. the portion of the skull that encloses the brain
  801. volunteers to provide first aid at a charitable "fun run".
  802. with anemia the person's erythrocytes will appear this color and red blood cells will show less ________ content
  803. fracture in which the bone is broken and there is an open wound in the skin
  804. inflammation of the tissues surrounding the elbow
  805. circumstances that prevent us from doing what we want to do
  806. hepatitis
  807. surgical repair of fascia
  809. sinoatrial node
  810. group of muscles and their tendons that hold the head of the humerus securely in place as it rotates within the shoulder joint
  811. distortion or impairment of voluntary movement such as a tic or spasm
  812. another term for tenoplasty
  814. NEEDING A CERVICAL EXAM The position is perhaps most recognizable as the 'often used' position for childbirth: the patient is laid on the back with knees bent, positioned above the hips,
  815. type of leukocyte increase in tuberculosis
  816. rule example: J. Larson or James R. Larson is filed in the following order: 1)Larson, J-; (2) Larson, James R.
  817. 60 seconds
  818. cerebral cortex
  819. ring-like muscle that tightly constricts the opening of a passageway
  821. Medical Assisting is an allied health profession whose practitioners function as members of the health care delivery team and perform administrative and clinical procedures.
  822. the volume of RBC's to that of the whole-blood specimen
  823. A FISCAL INTERMEDIARY A fiscal intermediary is a private company contracted by Medicare to pay bills - such as hospital expenses - for Medicare Part A and Part B.
  824. a tumor that occurs in the bones of the upper arm, legs, pelvis, or rib
  825. surgical incision into a muscle
  826. skll and ease in using the hands
  827. a person suspected of elderly abuse.
  828. to make, invent, or arrange in an unplanned or spontaneous manner.
  829. put the patient at ease
  830. (1) complete (2) clear (3) concise (4) cohesive (5) courteous
  831. WBC shape is
  832. 90%
  833. A combination of substances that are not chemically combined and can be separated by physical means.
  834. the cost of alternative devices or services ____ be billed to the patient.
  835. release of a tendon from adhesions
  836. respect the values of diverse cultures and health care systems and are knowledgeable of both. they are able to overcome any existing language barriers, so that everyone understands each other clearly.
  837. carry nerve impulses toward the brain
  838. the process of coding email to render the transmission essentially secure
  839. medical professional who specializes in administering anesthesia, but is not a physician
  840. rule example: Jaime Renae Carrera is filed as; Carrera, Jaime Renae
  841. Remember, callers are not an ____ of your work but the reason for your job.
  842. 12 TO 14
  843. draw a single line using a red ink pen through the error, make the correction, write "Corr." or "Correction" above the area corrected, and indicate your initials and the current date.
  844. furthed development of Penicillin
  845. gray
  846. The relative weight of an atom, determined by the number of protons and neutrons together and compared with the standard carbon atom (which had a mass of 12 and an atomic weight of 12).
  847. muscle with an origin near the midline at the sternum and the clavicle and an insertion into the mastoid process
  848. we tend to _____ up in threatening or unknown situations
  849. the upper leg bone
  850. form the sides and base of the cranium
  851. respecting the confidentiality of all patient information is a _____ __ ____ obligation
  853. identifying what is being accomplished versus focusing on what is not being accomplished or what does not meet your expectation.
  855. another term for immobilization
  856. the body needs blood to clot to stop
  857. medication administered to suppress smooth muscle contractions of the stomach, intestine or bladder
  858. protrusion of a part or structure through the tissues normally containing it
  860. founder of modern nursing
  861. a mythical drug reported in India's religious literature as a mind-altering drug
  862. forms the forehead
  863. ____ ______ can be involved and complex, and medical assistans should be prepared to answer questions by retrieving information on the patient's insurance and billing status.
  864. certified
  866. carry instructions to the organs and glands and from the autonomic nervous system
  867. ___ ___ filing places charts in exact chronological order according to assigned number. for example, records numbered 45023, 45024, and 45025 will be in consecutve order on a shelf.
  868. is a voluntary credential for the profession of medical assisting. The credentials are national, and examinations are given throughout the US in both computerized and paper and pencil format.
  869. antecubital
  870. mentally map and remove tourniquet
  871. yellow, light blue, red/tiger, green, lavender and gray
  872. sebaceous glands
  873. first conceived the theory of nonspecific reaction as tress, the body does not differentiate positively and negatively induced is only the level of the stress and its duration that affect the body.
  874. the largest of the tarsal bones
  875. people who let events, other people, or environmental factors dictate their behavior
  876. is considered the founder of humanistic psychology and is most well known for his hierarchy of needs.
  877. the bony projection located on temporal bones just behind the ears
  878. permission by competent authority (the state) to engage in a profession; permission to act
  879. another term for closed reduction
  880. opening in the occipital bone through which the spinal cord passes
  881. Orthopedist; examines, diagoses, and treats diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system
  882. specializes in the manipulative treatment of disorders originating from misalignment of the spine
  883. controls skilled motor functions, memory, and behaviour
  885. another term for temporomandibular joint
  886. an autoimmune disorder that affects children 16 or younger with symptoms that include stiffness, pain, joint swelling, skin rash, fever, slowed growth, and fatigue
  887. a type of civil law.
  888. another term for fibrous joints
  889. smooth
  890. manual blood cell counts are considered by CLIA
  891. fracture in which the bone has been twisted apart
  892. (1)the names of individuals are assigned indexing units, (2)names that include a single letter are indexed as the legal name and are placed before full names beginning with the same letter "nothing comes before something"(3)foreign language prefixes are indexed as oe unit with the unit that follows. spacing, punctuation, and capitalization are ignored (4)when titles are used, theyy are considered as separate indexing units if the tilet appears with first and last names, the title is considered to be the last indexing unit(5)names that are hyphenated are considered as one unit (6)when indexing names of married women the name is indexed by the legal name (7)seniority and professional or academic degrees are the last indexing unit and are used only to distinguish identical names (8)Mac and Mc are filed in their regular place alphabetically (9)numeric units are broken down such that numberic seniority terms are filed before alphabetic terms
  893. each part of a name (business or person) words, or numbers that will be indexed and coded for filing
  894. location of intended puncture
  895. another term for dislocation
  897. speech that varies in pitch and intensity
  898. articulate with the frontal bone
  899. abnormal enlargement of the joint at the base of the great toe
  900. breaking apart of an intervertebral disk that results in pressure on spinal nerve roots
  901. U.S. physician; introduced ether as anesthetic
  902. congenital defect that occurs during early pregnancy when the spinal canal fails to close completely around the spinal cord
  903. another term for rickets
  904. injury in which a person has some function below the level of the injury, even though that function isn't normal
  906. Rx
  907. rule example: Dr. Marlene Elaine Smith is filed as:
    Smith, Marlene Elaine Dr.
  908. venous blood
  909. name the agranulocytes
  911. common term for coccyx
  912. light blue with sodium citrate
  913. structure made of cartilage that forms the lower portion of the sternum
  914. total practice management system
  915. individual affected with paraplegia
  916. worked by creating an airtight seal around individuals placed on their backs so that only their heads were visible. a pump alternately raised and lowered the air pressure inside to fill and deflate the lungs, forcing the body to smulate breathing
  917. muscle that moves a part away from the midline
  919. another term for afferent neurons
  920. thrombocytes are involved in the clotting of blood called
  921. part of the autonomic nervous system that returns the body to its normal state after stress has subsided
  922. a type of patient chart record keeping that includes separate sections for different sources of patient information, such as laboratory reports, pathology reports, and progress notes.
  923. activities like bathing, grooming, brushing teeth, eating and dressing
  924. originating within an individual
  925. clavicle
  927. isotonic
  928. femur
  929. contracting the disease
  930. behavior that is used to protect the ego from guilt, anxiety, shame, or loss of esteem
  931. weakness or wearing away of body tissues and structures
  932. combination vaccine for measles-mumps-rubella and varicella (MMRV) available
  934. displacing negative feelings onto something or someone else with no significance to the situation
  936. a fracture treatment procedure in which a plate or pins are placed directly into the bone to hold the broken pieces in place; the fixation is not usually removed after the fracture has healed
  937. a toddler's regression to bed wetting or soiling himself or herself shortly after a new baby arrives in the family is an example of what kind of defense mechanism?
  938. the ADA ____ that communication procedures are available for persons with disabilities. Combined with HIPAA requirements, this presents a challenging situation in dealing with patients who are deaf or hearing impaired.
  939. methods of encouraging the best communication between themselves and the patient.
  941. neurotransmitter released in the brain; has roles in sleep, hunger, and pleasure recognition; sometimes linked to mood disorders
  942. (1) date and time call is received; (2) who the call is for; (3) caller's name, telephone number, and DOB; (4) when the caller can be reached; (5) nature and urgency of the call (6) action to be taken (e.g., will call back, returned your call, please call back); (7) message, if any; (8) your name or initials (in case there are questions)
  943. carbon dioxide
  944. encephalopathy
  945. to become smaller in diameter
  946. bony socket that surrounds and protects the eyeball
  947. Association of Medical Records Administrators
  948. retroperitoneal space
  949. system of membranes that enclose the brain and spinal cord of the central nervous system
  950. ...
  952. forms the posterior floor and walls of the cranium
  953. femur
  955. vitamin K
  956. any unintended effect on the body as a result of the use of therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, or the interaction of two or more pharmacologically active agents.
  957. WBCs
  958. common terms for herniated disk
  959. another term for osteomalacia
  960. uses few
    environmental idioms to convey an idea. It relies
    on explicit and highly detailed language.
  961. sensation perceived by the patient that precedes a migraine
  963. chronic autoimmune disorder in which the joints and some organs of other body systems are attacked
  964. benign bony projection covered with cartilage
  965. layer of white blood cells and platelets that forms at the interface between the plasma and red blood cells in a tube of blood containing an anticoagulant
  966. a single segment of the spinal column
  967. cutting out or removal
  968. this common gesture possibly means: puzzlement
  969. pain in the leg muscles that occurs during exercise and is relieved by rest