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  1. sudden falling of an elevated body temp to normalmanaged healthcare


  2. BCPbirth control pills (ab)


  3. jaw or armchest


  4. history of (ab)qn


  5. flexionbending motion that decreases the angle between adjoining joints


  6. HMO is an example of-itis


  7. to best utilize the appt schedule set aside time forophthalmoscope


  8. qnevery night (ab)


  9. The armpitm


  10. away from the midline pertaining to a sideABC


  11. hyperventilationabnormally fast and deep type of breathing usually associated with acute anxiety conditions


  12. prevent or relieve nausea and vomitingstenosis


  13. radial pulse (d)pulse with decreased volume that feels weak and thin


  14. kilogram (ab)w/u


  15. expectorantpulse located in the middle of the groin


  16. abnormal increase in respiratory rate of more than 20 respirations per minutetachypnea (d)


  17. assess the situationthe first thing a MA should do in an emergency situation


  18. produce local anesthesia through loss of feeling to a body partspell check


  19. after meals (ab)PC


  20. Tortan injury or wrong against a person or property that does not involve breach of contract


  21. situated in front or in forward partI+D


  22. paralysismammo


  23. crossoverterm for insurance claim for a mediare and medical pt


  24. Txtreatment (ab)


  25. pleuramembrane covering the lungs


  26. transversea straight Fx across the bone shaft


  27. stenosisvomiting blood


  28. arthrojoint


  29. gravida - pregnant female (ab)ABN


  30. month old (ab)MO


  31. bradypnea (d)The armpit


  32. tachyincision


  33. DTdiphtheria and tetanus toxoid(ab)


  34. maxillaleft lower quadrant (ab)


  35. a pt who is having a seizure should never bewound culture


  36. important procedure for protecting hard disk infobacking up


  37. tricaregov. insurance plan providing care to spouses and dependents of individuals on active duty military


  38. shortness of breath or difficulty in breathingSOB


  39. antacidtreat heartburn, hyperacidity, indigestion, and gastroesophageal


  40. state law requires that physicians always report this conditioncardiac arrest


  41. instruments touched by ungloved hands arecontaminated


  42. L&DCysto prefix for


  43. right drug, dose, time, patient, route, technique, documentationguidelines for administering medication


  44. ABCabnormal (ab)


  45. flushing out a wound or cavity with a solution is calledWBC


  46. surgical prepscrubbing the surgical site in a circular motion from the center to the edge


  47. pruritishepato


  48. diagnosis related groupmedicare reimbursement for hospital stay based on pt diagnosis


  49. dysrhythmiadescribes irregularity in heart rhythm


  50. carotidpulse located at the side of the neck


  51. laboratoryLab (ab)


  52. the appt schedule can be used as aTx


  53. Rxblood pressure (ab)


  54. remote, farther from the point of origindistal


  55. consentno evidence of disease (ab)


  56. exhalationact of breathing out


  57. Antecubital Space (d)space located at the front of the elbow


  58. shortness of breath (ab)MO


  59. kneecapatella


  60. n/athe federal agency that enforces the controlled substances act of 1970


  61. bone marrow(s)myel


  62. pulse with decreased volume that feels weak and thinthready pulse (d)


  63. improper handling of lab specimens can result incontamination


  64. ventralchemical substance that prevents clotting of blood in a blood specimen


  65. obligation to provide compensation for loss or damageapnea


  66. D/Cdiscontinue (ab)


  67. OD (ab)abbreviation for the % of hemoglobin that is saturated w/ oxygen in arterial blood


  68. incision-tomy


  69. nitroglycerin if ordered for chest pain will be administeredspirometer


  70. instruments such as fiberoptic scoped are soaked in chemicals in a procedurespeculum


  71. largemacro


  72. informed consentphysician describes a procedure, risks and alternative treatments to a patient


  73. pulse located at the elbowbrachial


  74. hardwareCysto prefix for


  75. ENTear, nose, throat (ab)


  76. eyeophthalmo


  77. IBSone half (ab)


  78. transthrough/across


  79. chart notations require the date andinformation and initials


  80. NCcenters for disease control and prevention(ab)


  81. PEno change (ab)


  82. -emiablood condition


  83. pathogenbacteria that thrive in oxygen


  84. abandonmentfixed amount of money pt must pay @ each visit


  85. Stem Cells (d)cells that have the capacity to develop into the various types of body tissue


  86. informationchest


  87. premiumsevere itching


  88. ICDa vacutainer that contains no anticoagulant has a stopper colored


  89. a legal document that names an agent to make decisions about a persons medical care if they become unable to make wishes knowncontrolled substance


  90. reda vacutainer that contains no anticoagulant has a stopper colored


  91. lacleft lower quadrant (ab)


  92. the medical record belongs to thephysician


  93. vomiting bloodupper jaw


  94. petty cashfund used for small office purchases


  95. waived testsimple lab test with a high degree of accuracy


  96. major trunk of the arterial system of the bodyosteoporosis


  97. Bxbiopsy (ab)


  98. cancelled appointments should be noted inpts chart


  99. vomiting bloodrearrangement of info in a database is called


  100. diureticmanage hypertension, CHF, renal disease


  101. an emergency tray would includeepinephrine


  102. CDCcentral nervous system (ab)


  103. seizurean offense in violation of a law that prohibits or requires certain behavior


  104. antitussiverelieve symptoms associated with allergies


  105. capillarykneecap


  106. ptintradermal (ab)


  107. Dxhistory (ab)


  108. hyperpyrexiahigh blood pressure (t)


  109. CCchief complaint (ab)


  110. HIVhuman immunodeficiency virus(ab)


  111. gallbladdersmallest blood vessel


  112. x ray examblood in urine


  113. hepatitis B vaccine (ab)Hep B


  114. COPDcystoscopy and dilation (ab)


  115. CNSone half (ab)


  116. BPbiopsy (ab)


  117. all medical offices should have a security policy to protectpt information


  118. gov. health insurance covers dependents of military veterans with service connected disabilitiesCHAMPVA


  119. fever- body temp greater than 100.4pyrexia


  120. exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between body cells and the bloodfemoral


  121. HBPhealth maintenance organization(ab)


  122. head,eye, ear, nose, throat (ab)ENT


  123. immediately (ab)STAT


  124. Causes of increase in body temperature x4rules so no claim is reimbursed at more than 100% of charges


  125. making, altering, or repairing genetic materialgenetic engineering


  126. liabilityfast


  127. average normal body tempthe procedure used for a chocking person


  128. instrument used to prepare urine for microscopic examinationanterior forearm


  129. legal document that specifies the kind of medical treatment a pt wants or does not want if they become incarpacitatedabandonment


  130. DNRmedical order that relieves health care personnel from the obligation to resuscitate a patient who stops breathing or whose heart stop


  131. nephromegalyenlargement of the kidney


  132. temperature, pulse, respiration (ab)TPR


  133. H/Awork up (ab)


  134. 1500hour (ab)


  135. large tonguematerial which should never be used to correct medical record


  136. popliteal pulse (d)middle of groin


  137. washing instruments to remove debrissanitization


  138. lowers cholesterol to reduce risk of strokesedative-hypnotic


  139. systolic pressurepoint of lesser pressure on arterial walls


  140. bone resorption inhibitorto treat and prevent osteoporosis


  141. patellakneecap


  142. on multi-line telephone the line in use will be indicated byconcentration


  143. referring to the sole of the footplantar


  144. study-ology


  145. LOCmonth old (ab)


  146. MRIcarbon dioxide(ab)


  147. multiple modifiersprocedure code followed by modifier 99 indicates


  148. straightening motion that increases the angle between adjoining bonesformatting


  149. QODevery other day (ab)


  150. material that presents a risk of possible infectionantianginal


  151. hepatosurgical removal


  152. method of mediating disputes between a patient and a physician is called whatarbitration


  153. producing genetically identical cells or individuals artificiallycloning (d)


  154. speechbrady


  155. midicarepulse located at the thumb side of the wrist


  156. skin(s)2dermat


  157. relieve symptoms associated with allergieslaxitive


  158. term used for starting computerpetty cash


  159. heart attackh


  160. superiorsituated above or directed upward


  161. dressingsudden falling of an elevated body temp to normal


  162. bowel movement(ab)BM


  163. total of bills owed by the practiceaccounts payable


  164. decreasedhyper


  165. treat inflammation, allergies, asthmacorticosteroid


  166. sortingrearrangement of info in a database is called


  167. ABNabnormal (ab)


  168. S/s, s/b and b/b describe surgicalscissors


  169. large group of files used for information retrievalCPR


  170. system to establish medicare fee schedule for medicare part bresource based relative value scale


  171. what is preferred site for a tuberculin skin testdiuretic


  172. CBCcomplete blood count (ab)


  173. physician retires without notifying patientsabandonment


  174. gallstonessyncope


  175. breach of confidentialityequipment prepared in advance for emergency used is called


  176. lithoself


  177. information may be sent rapidly usingfax machine


  178. crimeflashing line showing where data can be entered


  179. instrument used to open a body orifice for viewingspeculum


  180. failure to perform professional care isnegligence


  181. inflammation-itis


  182. high density lipoprotein(ab)HDL


  183. hypertensionremoving fluids or gasses by suction is called


  184. emetictreats poisoning


  185. pulse located at the thumb side of the wristradial


  186. insurance program that covers lost wages and health care costs for work related illnesses or injuriesred


  187. gastrostomach


  188. without (ab)Bx


  189. drugs and DME are coded usingHSPCS


  190. chemical substance that prevents clotting of blood in a blood specimenheparin


  191. superficialsituated near the surface


  192. removing fluids or gasses by suction is calledD+E


  193. cystogramx-ray study of bladder


  194. ASleft ear (ab)


  195. footfainting


  196. OS (ab)office visit


  197. f/ufollow up (ab)


  198. inflammation of the nerveneuritis


  199. pt is instructed to cleanse the urethra with an antiseptic toweletteclean catch


  200. a special immunity that protects against legal liabilityprivilege


  201. -omathe federal agency that enforces the controlled substances act of 1970


  202. legal method of documenting lab testing process securitycolor coding


  203. cool waterterm for insurance claim for a mediare and medical pt


  204. axillary- arm pit (ab)ax


  205. a piece of emergency equipment used to return proper heart rhythmdefibrillator/AED


  206. bluish discoloration of skin and mucous membranes first observed in nail beds and lipscyanosis


  207. a less serious crime, punishable by a fine or imprisonment for less than a yearpay provider


  208. control hypermotility in irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colitisclearinghouse


  209. the term for removing inactive records from the filespurging


  210. syncopefainting


  211. FP (ab)the temporary cessation of breathing


  212. random catchfailure to continue to provide medical care without proper notification


  213. Medulla Oblongata (def)formation of blisters following a burn can be treated with


  214. falling dropping-ptosis


  215. transfer of heat from one object to anotherbradycardia (d)


  216. direct pressurethe first technique to use to control bleeding is


  217. middle of groinlow grade fever


  218. CO2carbon dioxide(ab)


  219. diarrhea and vomiting (ab)D+V


  220. stoppingveno


  221. concentrationmethod of mediating disputes between a patient and a physician is called what


  222. adjustmentscorrections to pts account


  223. open hoursfirst come first served method of scheduling


  224. convenient feature used hen proofreading a documentspell check


  225. movement toward the midlineadduction


  226. fraudbilling an insurance company for false charges is considered


  227. signature on filesig of pt is maintained by medical office to authorize submission of insurance claims


  228. insurance claim for individual covered by medicare and medicaidcrossover


  229. computer scheduling allows quick access tohard disk


  230. spreadsheetsoftware program that quickly calculates numbers


  231. w/uwork up (ab)


  232. when sterilized how should hinged instruments beepinephrine


  233. inferioran insurance company


  234. etiquettestone


  235. date of birth (ab)DOB


  236. mmeter (ab)


  237. a court order for a witness to appear and give testimonyairway


  238. instrument used to examine the eyeophthalmoscope


  239. analgesicmanage moderate to severe pain


  240. N+Vnausea and vomiting (ab)


  241. N/Ccomplete blood count (ab)


  242. malpracticenegligence by a professional


  243. OB/GYN (ab)obstetrics and gynecology


  244. hour (ab)Fe


  245. OM (ab)office visit


  246. examination-scopy


  247. abbreviation for the % of hemoglobin that is saturated w/ oxygen in arterial bloodSpO2 (d)


  248. carefully documenting the patients care will help prevent professional whatfemoral


  249. history and physical (ab)Dx


  250. motor vehicle accident (ab)CBC


  251. USB driveperson named on an insurance certificate


  252. a false statement harmful to another person's characterslander


  253. lbnewborn (ab)


  254. myocardial infarction (ab)heart attack


  255. Feiron(ab)


  256. an insurance company-itis


  257. low density lipoprotein (ab)L&D


  258. continuous fevertemperature fluctuates minimally but always remains elevated


  259. DEAthe federal agency that enforces the controlled substances act of 1970


  260. thoracochest


  261. history (ab)w/u


  262. -desisabsence of bacteria


  263. fraudintentional deception resulting in injury or loss


  264. ouboth eyes, in each eye (ab)


  265. office visitOV (ab)


  266. the temporary cessation of breathingapnea


  267. gallbladder stonescholelithiasis


  268. temp of 100 flow grade fever


  269. OCDtwice a day (ab)


  270. hibhuman immunodeficiency virus(ab)


  271. diabetes mellitus(ab)Dx


  272. painfuldys


  273. an instrument used to test reflexespercussion hammer


  274. list of unpaid accounts by DOSLUQ


  275. the phase in the cardiac cycle in which the heart relaxes between contractionsflexion


  276. AMAagainst medical advice(ab)


  277. amount of money paid for covered service under health insurance planbenefit


  278. uaurinalysis(ab)


  279. on the backto establish an airway the patient would be placed


  280. intradermal (ab)pt


  281. LOMintramuscular (ab)


  282. skilled nursing facility(ab)SNF


  283. endocrine system diseasegoiter


  284. fingertipmolds and yeasts are types of


  285. an overdose of insulin would cause the pt to intowound culture


  286. level of appropriate care required of a health professionalstandard of care


  287. a broken bone wedged into another bone is calledaspiration


  288. failure to act or refrain from acting as a reasonably prudent person would in similar circumstancespurging


  289. government insurance program for the law income individuals and familiesmedicaid


  290. qdeveryday (ab)


  291. process of taking a law suit through the courtslitigation


  292. lying face down and flatcarrier


  293. caudalCysto prefix for


  294. total of all pt accountsexhalation


  295. electrocardiogram (ab)DOA


  296. venoeye, ear, nose, throat (ab)


  297. CAL/OSHAdisposal of medical infectious waste controlled by who


  298. temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressureFour Vital Signs x4


  299. controlled substanceprocess of arranging a series of printed pages is called


  300. cancer, cardiac arrest(ab)CA


  301. record-gram


  302. asymptomatichaving no Sx


  303. hemoblood


  304. SpO2 (d)otitis media


  305. asepsisstopping


  306. IMintramuscular (ab)


  307. joint(s)arthr


  308. antianginalrelieve or prevent angina attacks


  309. soapimmediately (ab)


  310. NKDAheadache (ab)


  311. osteobone


  312. bladderthe federal agency that enforces the controlled substances act of 1970


  313. material which should never be used to correct medical recordmedi gap


  314. wave schedulingins claims that have greater chance for rejection


  315. no evidence of disease (ab)qn


  316. physician chosen to provide general medical careprimary care provider


  317. fungipain


  318. spirometermachine used for testing lung capacity


  319. this list can be easily prepared with computer schedulingpt identification


  320. cerebrospinal fluid(ab)CO2


  321. cystogrampertaining to the back


  322. pulse with increased volume that feels very strong and fullbounding pulse


  323. cursorflashing line showing where data can be entered


  324. health maintenance organization(ab)ID


  325. word processing allows the user to quickly move or delete blocks ofspreadsheet


  326. sedative-hypnoticfor short term treatment of insomnia


  327. peripheralsituated toward the outer part


  328. TIDthree times a day (ab)


  329. a weak and rapid pulse is a sign ofshock


  330. fixed amount of money pt must pay @ each visitcopayment


  331. capitationa fixed amount paid for specific time period regardless of the amount of care provided


  332. insurance reimbursement for services provided and amount charged by providernegligence


  333. skin(s)1nephro


  334. pertaining to the middlemedial


  335. term for over payment on an accountcredit


  336. a formal process where the parties to a dispute agree to a submit to the decision of a neutral partydocumented


  337. intensive care unit1500


  338. company to review claims for centers for medicare and medicaid servicesdiuretic


  339. smallest blood vesselcapillary


  340. white blood count or white blood cell(ab)DOA


  341. addition to a procedure code which indicates special circumstancesmodifier


  342. abnormal condition-emia


  343. fastmammo


  344. cardiac arrestthe lack of a pulse is one way to identify


  345. maxillaarthro


  346. syncopedermat


  347. beneath the skinvomiting blood


  348. abdominalthe liver is found in what cavity


  349. femoralsystem for organizing info in medical record


  350. INS statement of how claim settledexplanation of benefits


  351. sterilizationa formal process where the parties to a dispute agree to a submit to the decision of a neutral party


  352. did not keep appointment (ab)DNKA


  353. NKAleft ear (ab)


  354. anti- inflammatorya computer field contains a piece of


  355. first menstrual period (ab)BCP


  356. crash cartstomach


  357. selfauto


  358. pts should be notified of anyunusual delays


  359. larcenystealing another persons property or money without violence


  360. calls to confirm apptsthe intensity of color in a urine specimen indicates


  361. BP measured while pt is lying, sitting and standingorthostatic


  362. antiflatulentprevents or relieves coughs caused by minor viral upper respiratory infections


  363. embezzlementfraudulent appropriation of funds or property of an employer or client


  364. C/Ocomplains of (ab)


  365. fecal occult blood test (ab)LOC


  366. measles, mumps, rubella (ab)qid


  367. inflammation of the nervenephromegaly


  368. hemoglobin (ab)Fe


  369. loss of calcium in the bonesdorsal


  370. paralysisblood in urine


  371. sigmoidoscopefederal health insurance for the elderly, permanently disabled, those with end stage kidney disease


  372. MDintradermal (ab)


  373. LRQloss of consciousness (ab)


  374. kidneynephro


  375. cancellation of an unpaid debtexhalation


  376. midstream catchpt beings urinating in the toilet and catche the remainder in cup


  377. Nasodium(ab)


  378. DOAdead on arrival (ab)


  379. bradyslow


  380. nearest, closer to the point of originproximal


  381. prevent diseasesimmunization


  382. DEAdiabetes mellitus(ab)


  383. point of lesser pressure on arterial wallsdiastolic pressure (d)


  384. before meals (ab)AC


  385. both ears (ab)AU


  386. multiple sclerosis(ab)IMP


  387. GIgastrointestinal (ab)


  388. reimbursementamount paid for a procedure by insurance


  389. otoscopeinstrument to examine the ear


  390. at bedtime (ab)AS


  391. abdominal thrustthe procedure used for a chocking person


  392. a system for establishing the amount of insurance a company will pay for a procedureresource based relative value scale


  393. lying flat on the backmyocardial infarction


  394. LLQleft lower quadrant (ab)


  395. painveno


  396. a basic of CPR is to clear theairway


  397. confidentialityinstruments touched by ungloved hands are


  398. assignment of benefits form allows the ins company topay provider


  399. coordination of benefitstreat inflammation, allergies, asthma


  400. contraceptiverelieves constipation


  401. SSmuscular dystrophy (ab)


  402. respondeat superioran MA who performs a procedure ordered by the physician employer is protected under what principle


  403. blood in the urinehematuria


  404. medi gappolicy which supplements medicare coverage


  405. guarantorperson with financial responsibility for a bill whether they are pt or not


  406. Kpotassium(ab)


  407. NVDno known drug allergies (ab)


  408. computer hardware with permanent memorymedial


  409. certified mail, return receipta piece of emergency equipment used to return proper heart rhythm


  410. surgical openingpulse located at the elbow


  411. managed caresimple lab test with a high degree of accuracy


  412. qidblood pressure (ab)


  413. manage hypertensionfemoral pulse (d)


  414. deductibleamount person must pay annually before health services are covered by insurance


  415. wound cultureprevent pregnancy/ regulate menstrual cycle


  416. coinsurancepercentage pt is responsible for paying


  417. cartilage(s)chondr


  418. enlargement of kidneynephromegaly


  419. a surface free of contaminated intrumentssterilization


  420. SOAPobsessive compulsive disorder (ab)


  421. laxitiveupper jaw


  422. the first step in preparing a laboratory specimenpt identification


  423. clearinghousemacroglossia


  424. apical pulse (d)rules of socially acceptable behaviors, manners


  425. UTIurinary tract infection(ab)


  426. anti virus programSx of heart attack include pain in the chest and


  427. thoracicchest


  428. HCThemoglobin (ab)


  429. cardiac glycosidegovernment insurance program for the law income individuals and families


  430. passwordsa method of controlling access to confidential pt info


  431. heart attackmyocardial infarction


  432. mrnabnormal (ab)


  433. LUQleft upper quadrant (ab)


  434. qeach, every (ab)


  435. date stampedan organism that produces disease


  436. pruritisabsence of bacteria


  437. breastmammo


  438. H+Hhemoglobin and hematocrit (ab)


  439. cystoscopy and dilation (ab)MI


  440. poorly reacting pupils might indicate a severe whathead injury


  441. a sterile surface containing sterile itemsthoracic


  442. an abnormally slow heart rateneuritis


  443. IMPbowel movement(ab)


  444. instruments used to clamp off blood vessels are calledhemostats


  445. formattingsetting margins and tabs for a letter is called


  446. invasion of privacycontrol hypermotility in irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colitis


  447. progress notes are usual filed inhematuria


  448. swallowinghemo


  449. most common device for data inputkeyboard


  450. another term for chargedebit


  451. paper claimsnegligence by a professional


  452. NBno change (ab)


  453. fracture (ab)Fx


  454. dilation and evacuation (ab)EVAL


  455. a useful telephone service for a physician with two officesantihistimine


  456. -ectomysurgical removal


  457. pulse located at the kneepopliteal


  458. IVintravenous (ab)


  459. collatingprocess of arranging a series of printed pages is called


  460. incision and drainage (ab)I+D


  461. a daily log should be kept of allincoming calls


  462. person named on an insurance certificateI&D


  463. qamevery morning (ab)


  464. secondary insuranceinsurance reimbursement for services provided and amount charged by provider


  465. negotiation by a third part to help two parties resolve a disputemediation


  466. goiterendocrine system disease


  467. cardio pulmonary resuscitation (ab)TPR


  468. method which speeds the filing processcaudal


  469. documentedAll procedures during a medical emergency must be


  470. D+Cdead on arrival (ab)


  471. emancipated minorthe intensity of color in a urine specimen indicates


  472. cicatrixscar tissue


  473. EVALafter meals (ab)


  474. physical, chemical and microscopic examinationurinalysis


  475. an important way to make pts feel comfortablewarm greeting


  476. statute of limitationsa law limiting the time period for beginning a lawsuit


  477. registered mailterm for narrowing


  478. disease-pathy


  479. macroglossialarge tongue


  480. blood in urinehematuria


  481. measuring instrumentmeter


  482. debridementthe term for removal of contaminated materials from a wound is


  483. a claim that is expected to be honoredRight


  484. cerebral palsy(ab)m


  485. suture removal packA sterile pack containing scissors, thumb forceps and gauze squares is called a


  486. statement from insurance explaining reimbursement for proceduresexplanation of benefits


  487. BLSbasic life support (ab)


  488. HRThistory (ab)


  489. assignment of benefitsstatement from insurance explaining reimbursement for procedures


  490. I&Dincision and drainage (ab)


  491. beats per minute (ab)BPM


  492. CXRchest xray (ab)


  493. febrile (d)person with fever


  494. tuberculosis can be diagnosed from ameter


  495. anti-infectiveimproper handling of lab specimens can result in


  496. bacteria that thrive in oxygenventral


  497. the most used deep (adult) IM injection site isdorsogluteal


  498. pertaining to the backdorsal


  499. agreement to a medical procedure based on understanding of the procedure and its possible consequences and effectsinformed consent


  500. proofreadingthe term for removing inactive records from the files


  501. EENTeye, ear, nose, throat (ab)


  502. computerized pt accunts simplify monthly statements andsurgical tray


  503. BIDtwice a day (ab)


  504. system for leaving messages which can be retrieved latercalls to confirm appts


  505. -megalyenlargement


  506. entering charges and payments to accountposting