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Which of the following types of scheduling allows for the most efficient use of staff materials and facilities


What piece of mail should be placed on top when sorting the physician's mail

Envelope marked personal

Open punctuation is characterized by

Absence of punctuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary closed

The federal insurance program that provides for the medically indigent is


The process of transferring an amount from the day sheet to the ledger is


A numeric filing system requires the use of

An alphabetical cross reference

The file fold label for Jennie Holmes Mathis should be

Holmes Mathis, Jennie

Third party participation in an office indicates the relationships among the

Physician, patient and insurance company

A claim may be rejected by an insurance company because of the omission of

1. complete diagnosis
2. policy number
3. patient birth date
4. itemization of charges

How much postage is required for a first class letter that weighs 3 oz if the first ounces cost .34 and each additional ounce is .25

.84 cents

When the word confidential is to be typed on the envelope it should be placed

Below the return address

The most formal of complimentary closings is

Very truly yours

When making an appointment which of the following is not needed

Insurance information

This type of call allows more than one person in more than one place to talk simultaneously

Conference call

This procedure protects against the loss of data

Backing up

A tickler file is

Future events arranged in chronological order

All of the following would require a current procedural terminology cpt code except


Which of the following characteristics of a receptionist might make an impression on a patient

1. Appearance
2. Professionalism
3. Manners
4. Attitude

A direction to consider additional codes is

See also

A V-code

Refers to factors that influences health status

Mail that is opened accidentally should be

Resealed with tape and noted as opened in error

Which of the following are evaluation and management (E&M) descriptors

1. Physical examination
2. School physical
3. Well baby check up
4. Preoperative physical

Which is an example of a third party payor


In the problem oriented medical record (PORM) system the initial database includes

A numbered list of present problems

A trial balance is a comparison of

Ledger card totals and account receivable balance

When adding information to the medical record new notes are added

Newest to the front

Which of the following calls require immediate transfer to the physician

Another physician

Appointment should be scheduled

In consecutive order without large gaps

Which is not part of basic information obtained at the patients first visit


Standard size paper and envelope for business correspondence is

8 1/2 x 11 no 10 envelope

Patients ledger cards should be kept

In a separate ledger file

The bank statement is reconciled with

The checkbook

The record of the proceedings of a meeting are the


Which of the following protects data from loss

backing up

The scheduling system based on scheduling similar appointments or procedures together is called


Appropriate information to include in a patient information brochure would be

Information about the scope of the practice

A new employee must complete which of the following

W-4 Form

Which of the following abbreviations is not correct


Patient information that is released without patients authorization might result in legal charge of

Invasion of privacy

A correctly addressed envelope includes

Omission of all punctuation

Which of the following circumstances would waive the need for a written release of medical records

A subpoena

In double entry bookkeeping the original entry is put onto the

Daily Log

The correct way to indicate an enclosure notation is


A superbill provides which of the following

Insurance claim

Which of the following is the purpose of records

1. Storage
2. Arranging
3. Accessibility
4. Classifying

Which coding system is not associated with medical procedures


Which is not an indexing rule

Initials come before complete names

ICD-9-CM codes that refer to factors that may influence the patients health status are


The smallest piece of information that the computer can process is a


The index of files on a disk is the


The appointment system of the office should take into account the needs of the

Physician and Patients

Dear Mrs. May is an example of

Mixed punctuation

A master list of equipment inventory includes all of the following except the

Operating manuals

Which of the following hospital records may be released by the authorization of the attending surgeon only

Operative notes

An illness that existed before an insurance policy is written is known as

Preexisting condition

A patient has not been seen in the office for 2 years the patients record would be found in the

Inactive files

An important consideration when deciding how to position the computer monitor at the reception desk is

Patient confidentiality

Which group of patients should be escorted to the examination room and given instructions on what they are to do

1. Children
2. New patients
3. Established patients
4. Older patients

Which information is not essential for the surgery scheduler when requesting a surgery date

Name of the assisting physician

the notation c: Julia Jones MD means

A copy of the letter is sent to Dr. Jones

A history and physical usually contains all of the following except

Results of laboratory testing

Under a managed care plan the physician agrees to

Accept predetermined fees

Which type of insurance organization uses the fee for services concept

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Which factor is not included when determining the level of service for E&M codes

Cost of services

When money is placed in an account, which of the following documents is prepared

Deposit slip

the most common color coding system color codes the

Patients surname

Who is the legal owner of the information in a patients medical record

The patient

When preparing the appointment matrix the first action is to indicate

Times not available

Scheduling patients with the same medical complaints on the same day is

Group scheduling

A major advantage of using a computer for word processing is

Extensive editing capability

Which is not true of certified mail

Insurance coverage is available

Which of the following must be sent by first class mail

Personal letters and postcards

A medicare claim for a deceased beneficiary may be paid directly to the physician if

The estate is billed

All checks received as payment for charges should be endorsed


In a alphabetical file which is filed first

Ann Stephenson-Bailey

Which is correct for an inside address

David Roberts M.D.

Which is not true about a postage meter

It locks when the postage is used up

The two letter abbreviation for Nebraska is


Which letter style requires the complimentary closing and typed signature be placed in line with the left margin of the body of the letter

Full block style

Which of the following is not included in a memorandum

Complimentary close

The second page of a two page letter contains which of the following in the heading

Name, page number, and date

the complimentary close of a letter is typed how many lines below the last line of the body


A fee profile is derived from

Physician charges

Witch of the following is demographic information included in a medical record

Date of birth

Witch of the following requires an ICD-9-CM code

Irritable bowel syndrome

When it is 4:00 pm New York City what time is it in Seattle WA

1:00 pm

Ideally a telephone should be answered before the

Third ring

An E code in the ICD-9-CM coding system

Refers to external causes

The universal claim form developed by Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) is


Patients who are always late or who habitually cancel appointments should be scheduled

At the end of the day

An error was made in charting the patients record. The method used to correct the error is to

Draw a single line through the error write the word error make the correction and date and initial the entry

SOAP is an acronym for

Problem oriented progress notes

A patient refuses to follow medical advice and the physician decides to terminate the relationship the letter to the patient should state all of the following except

A referral to another physician

When the medical office works on a fixed appointment schedule and a patient arrives without an appointment requesting to see the physician the patient

Should be squeezed in for a brief visit so the physician can decide what the next treatment step should be

If a patient calls to cancel his or her appointment

Immediately offer a new appointment time

A good telephone technique is a

Low pitched and expressive voice

If a patients account has been turned over to a collection agency and the patient calls about the bill the patient should be told

To deal with the collection agency

The entry editing manipulation and storage of text using the computer is

Word processing

When a shipment of supplies is received the supplies should be check against the

Enclosed packing slip

A credit balance on a account occurs whne

The patient pays in advance

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