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  1. Accessorial service
  2. Unit load devices (ULD)
  3. Weighing out
  4. Slip sheet
  5. Private carrier
  6. Intermodal transportation
  7. Surface Transportation Board
  8. Building-blocks concept
  9. Picker-to-part system
  10. Materials Handling
  11. Transportation
  12. Closed-loop systems
  13. Terminal
  14. Shippers' associations
  15. Freight Forwarder
  16. Broker
  17. Common Carrier
  18. Consignee
  19. Rail gauge
  20. Parcel Carriers
  21. Piggyback transportation
  22. TEU
  23. Ton Miles
  24. Less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier
  25. Slurry systems
  26. Unit load (unitization)
  27. Part-to-picker system
  28. Globally Harmonized System of Classification and labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
  29. Department of Transportation (DOT)
  30. Exempt carrier
  31. Packaging
  32. Pallet
  33. Cube out
  34. Contract Carrier
  35. Shrink-wrap
  36. Line-haul
  37. Ergonomics
  38. Lock
  39. Dimensional weight
  40. Land bridge services
  41. Barge
  42. Truckload (TL) carrier
  1. a Refers to a combination of water transportation and surface transportation between an origin and destination port
  2. b A carrier or public facility where freight (or passengers) is sifted between vehicles or modes
  3. c Shipments that range from about 150 to 10,000 pounds; they are often too big to handle manually, yet they do not fill an entire truck
  4. d An alternative name for airfreight containers
  5. e Combining smaller packages into larger units that can be more efficiently handled at one time
  6. f The receiver of a shipment
  7. g A small platform on which goods are placed for handling by mechanical means
  8. h The science that seeks to adapt work or working conditions to suit the abilities of the worker
  9. i A U.S. government agency with primary responsibility for regulating railroad pricing and service
  10. j The distance between the inner sides of two parallel rail tracks
  11. k Raises or lowers barges so that they can meet the river's level as they move upstream or downstream
  12. l A contract carrier provides specialized service to each customer based on a contractual arrangement
  13. m A for-hire carrier that has been exempted from economic regulation through provisions in carious pieces of legislation
  14. n Refers to systems that consider the return flow of products, their reuse, and the marketing and distribution of recovered products
  15. o Using a container that can be transferred from the vehicle of one mode to a vehicle of another, and with the movement covered under a single bill of lading
  16. p The number of tons times the number of miles
  17. q Companies whose primary business is other than transportation provide their own transportation service by operating truck, railcars, ships, or airplanes
  18. r Transportation carrier that has agreed to serve the general public and assumes four legal obligations: service, delivery, reasonable rates, and avoidance of discrimination
  19. s Transport products that are ground into a powder, mixed with water, and then shipped in slurry form through a pipeline
  20. t Truck trailers on flatcars
  21. u Cargo reaches a vehicle's or a container's weight capacity without filling its cubic capacity
  22. v An order picker goes to where the product is located (A forklift)
  23. w A motor carrier that focuses on shipments of greater than 10,000 pounds
  24. x Occurs when a cargo takes up a vehicle's or a container's cubic capacity before reaching its weight capacity
  25. y Consolidation of several units into larger units to improve efficiency in handling and to reduce shipping costs
  26. z An effort by the United Nations to classify and label hazardous materials that provides three key pieces of information (1) a symbol, (2) a signal work, and (3) a hazard statement
  27. aa The short-distance movement of material between two or more points
  28. ab Plastic wrapping that when heated shrinks in size to form a cover over the product
  29. ac Nonprofit membership cooperatives that perform basically the same function as freight forwarders
  30. ad Materials used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery, and presentation of goods.
  31. ae Transportation service that is supplemental to line-haul transportation
  32. af Considers a shipment's density (the amount of space occupied relative to weight) to determine a shipment's billable weight
  33. ag U.S. federal government body with primary responsibility for transportation safety regulation
  34. ah Twenty-foot equivalent unit; a measure of the number of 20-foot containers that are used or handled
  35. ai A flat sheet of either fiberboard material or plastic that is placed under the unit load
  36. aj Terminal-to-terminal movement of freight or passengers
  37. ak Actual physical movement of goods and people between two points
  38. al Flat board boat used to transport heavy products
  39. am Consolidates freight shipments and buys transportation services in volume trades
  40. an The pick location is brought to the picker (A carousel)
  41. ao A company that helps both shipper and carrier achieve lower freight rates and more efficient utilization of carrier equipment. Brokers also help match carriers to loads
  42. ap Companies that specialize in transporting parcels