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  1. Result variable
  2. certainty
  3. Intermediate result variable
  4. Mathematical programming
  5. What if analysis
  6. Uncontrollable variable
  7. Static models
  8. AHP
  9. Parameter
  10. LP
  11. Uncertainty
  12. Decision variable
  13. Decision tree
  14. Goal seeking
  15. Dynamic models
  16. Risk
  17. Optimal solution
  18. Decision table
  19. decision analysis
  20. Sensitivity analysis
  21. Analytic hierarchy process
  22. Influence diagram
  23. Forecasting
  24. Multi-dimensional analysis
  25. Mathematical model
  26. Risk analysis
  27. Linear programming
  28. Multiple goals
  29. Environmental scanning and analysis
  30. modeling
  1. a A factor that affect the results of a decision but is not under the control of the decision maker.
  2. b Uncontrollable variable
  3. c a process that involves asking a computer what the effect of changing some of the input data or parameters would be
  4. d A variable in a model that can be changed and manipulated by the decision maker
  5. e A probabilistic or stochastic decision situation
  6. f Methods for determining the solution to a problem, typically when it is inappropriate to use iterative algorithms
  7. g A system of symbols and expressions that represent a real situation.
  8. h A decision making method that analyzes the risk, based on assumed known probabilities, associated with different alternative
  9. i Models that describe a single interval of a situation
  10. j A graphical presentation of a sequence of interrelated decisions to be made under assumed risk. This technique classifies specific entities into particular classes based upon the features of the entities
  11. k A study of the effect of a change in one or more input variables on a proposed solution
  12. l A mathematical model for the optimal solution of resource allocation problems. All the relationships among the variables in this type of model are linear.
  13. m A variable that contains the value of an intermediate outcomes in mathematical models.
  14. n Linear programming
  15. o in expert systems, a value that cannot be determined during a consultation
  16. p Analyzing a model to determine the level an independent variable should take in order to achieve a specific level or value of goal variable
  17. q Models whose input data are changed over time
  18. r A modeling method that involves data analysis in several dimensions.
  19. s A condition under which is assumed that future values are known for sure and only one result is associated with an action
  20. t An optimization technique for the allocation of resources, subject to constraints.
  21. u The best possible solution to a modeled problem
  22. v A variable that expresses the results of a decision, usually one of the goals of a decision making problem
  23. w Multi-dimensional analysis
  24. x Analytic hierarchy process
  25. y Information and knowledge conveniently organized in a systematic, tabular manner, often prepared for further analysis
  26. z A process that involves conducting a search for and an analysis of information in external databases and flows of information
  27. aa Predicting the future
  28. ab A diagram that shows the various types of variables in a problem and how they are related to each other (eg, decision, Independent, results)
  29. ac Refers to a decision situation in which alternatives are evaluated with several, sometimes conflicting, goals
  30. ad A modeling structure for representing multi criteria problems with sets of criteria and alternatives commonly found in business