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  1. Web mining
  2. Hyperlink-induced topic search
  3. Web usage mining
  4. Authoritative pages
  5. Web structure mining
  6. Hub
  7. Web content mining
  8. HITS
  9. Web Crawler
  10. Clickstream analysis
  11. Search engine
  12. Social network
  13. Spiders
  14. Web analytics
  1. a the extraction of useful information from the data being generated through web page visits, transactions and so on
  2. b One or more web pages that provide a collection of length to authoritative pages
  3. c The application of business analytics activities to web-based processes including e-commerce
  4. d Hyperlink - induced topic search
  5. e Relationship and information among people, groups, organizations, computers and other information- or knowledge-processing entities
  6. f The discovery and analysis of interesting and useful information from the web about the web and usually through web-based tools
  7. g The analysis of data that occur in the web environment
  8. h The extraction of useful information from web pages
  9. i An application used to read through the contents of a website automatically
  10. j The most popular publicly known and reference algorithm and web mining used to discover hubs and authorities
  11. k the development of useful information from the links included in web documents
  12. l Web crawler. Systematically browses the web for the purpose of finding and fetching web pages.
  13. m A program that finds and let's websites or pages that match some user-selected criteria
  14. n Web pages that are identified as particularly popular based on links by other web pages and directories