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Business Intelligence and Analytics, Chap 14 flashcards |

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  • AaaS

    analytics as a service. Also known as Agile Analytics


    An analytical platform is a shared utitlity for an enterprise


    Automated decision support (also known as Enterprise decision management)


    Enterprise decision management (also known as Automated decision support)


    Business process reengineering

    Business process reengineering

    A methodology for introducing a fundamental change in specific business processes

    Cloud computing

    Information technology infrastructure that is available as a service, usually as virtualized resources


    Data as a service


    Service requesters can access the data regardless of vendor or system

    Geospatial analytics

    Analytic applications which take advantage of location data


    Location Intelligence


    Information as a service. Also known as Information on Demand


    Delivering information obtained from information services and make it available quickly across the business

    Mobile social networking

    Social networking where members converse and connect using cell phones or other mobile devices


    In general, the right to be left alone and the right to be free of an unreasonable personal intrusions.

    Information privacy

    the right to determine when and to what extent information about oneself can be communicated to others

    Reality mining

    Data mining of location based data

    Recommendation Engines

    A computer system that can suggest new items to a user based on his or her revealed preference

    Web 2.0

    The popular term for advanced Internet technology and applications. One of the most significant differences is greater collaboration among Internet users and other users, content providers and enterprises

    ___ is a technology provider that supplies hardware and software that is the basis for all data management solutions in the analytics ecosystem

    Data infrastructure provider

    ___ is a technology provider that supplies integrated data from multiple sources in the analytics ecosystem

    Data warehouse industry

    ___ is a technology provider that supplies easy-to-use tools for reporting and analytics in the analytics ecosystem

    Middleware industry

    ___ is a technology provider that supplies specialized data collection, aggregation and distribution mechanisms in the analytics ecosystem

    Data aggregators/distributors

    ___ is a technology provider that supplies analytics software in the analytics ecosystem

    Analytics-focused software developers

    ___ is an accelerator who uses solutions to develop custom solutions for a specific industry in the analytics ecosystem

    Application developer or system integrators

    ___ is an accelerator who uses analytics in their operations in the analytics ecosystem

    Analytics user organizations

    ___ is an accelerator who provide advice in the analytics ecosystem

    Analytics industry analysts and influencers

    ___ is an accelerator who prepares professionals for the industry in the analytics ecosystem

    Academic providers and certification agencies

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