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Business Intelligence and Analytics, Chap 13 flashcards |

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  • Big Data

    Data that exceeds the reach of commonly used hardware environment and/or capabilities of software tools to capture, manage and process it within a tolerable time span

    Big data analytics

    New and innovation computational techniques and platforms developed to keep up with the computational needs of Big Data

    Critical event processing

    A method of capturing, tracking and analyzing streams of data to detect certain events that are worthy of the effort

    Data scientist

    A new role or a job commonly associated with big data or data science

    Data stream mining

    The process of extracting novel patterns and knowledge structures from continuously streaming data records


    An open source framework for processing, storing and analyzing massive amounts of distributed, unstructured data


    Hadoop distributed file system

    Hadoop distributed file system

    The default storage layer in any given Hadoop cluster

    Components of a Hadoop stack

    HDFS, Name Node, Secondary Node, Job Tracker, Slave Nodes


    Hadoop-based data warehousing-like framework originally developed by Facebook


    A technique to distribute the processing of very large multi structured data files across at large cluster of machines


    A new paradigm to store and process large volumes of unstructured, semi-structured and multi structured data

    Perpetual analytics

    Evaluates every incoming observation against all prior observations


    Hadoop based query language developed by Yahoo


    A generic technology that refers to the use of radio frequency waves to identify objects

    Stream analytics

    A term commonly used for extracting actionable information from continuously flowing/ streaming data sources

    Social media

    The online platforms and tools that people used to share opinions, experiences, insights, perceptions and various media with each other. The enabling technologies of social interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information, ideas and opinions in virtual communities and networks

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