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plot plan

a plan view that shows the building for with boundaries, countours, existing roads utilities and other details such as existing trees and buildings.

property line

The legal boundary of a parcel of land.

bearing angles

angles recorded in degrees,minutes, and seconds used to create property lines on plot plans. Example (S 63 degrees 13' 05" W)

contour line

a line connecting points which have the same elevation


elevation, layout, and shape of the land


a reference point used on topographical surveys

contour interval

the vertical distance between two adjacent contour lines

summits and depressions

represented by closed contour lines on plot plan

estimated contour lines

represented by short dash lines on plot plans

meridian arrow

north pointing arrow


minimum distance that the zoning ordinance requires must be maintained between a structure and property lines or between two structures.


a person that uses special tools to measure land.

landscape plan

the plan for the design and arrangement of plants. trees, flowers or other built elements that cover the ground on a site


United States Geological Survey. Responsible for making topographic maps and other maps

index contour interval

These contour lines have a number written on them, usually darker than other contour lines

civil engineer

a person that deals with the design and construction of the physical and natural built environment, including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.

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