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  1. landing
  2. baluster
  3. handrail
  4. stairwell
  5. total rise
  6. total run
  7. enclosed stair
  8. 1T + 1R = 17"-18"
  9. 8 1/4"
  10. riser
  11. tread
  12. open stair
  13. spiral stairs
  14. headroom
  15. nosing
  16. newel
  17. winder
  18. stringer
  1. a horizontal distance from end to end of stair
  2. b used to determine total maximum and minimum run of stairs
  3. c vertical distance measured from the stair nosing to the wall or floor above the stair, usually 6'8" by code
  4. d stair that has wall on both sides, also called housed or box stairs
  5. e the vertical backing between each tread
  6. f the rounded projection of the tread that extends past the riser
  7. g a floor area at either end, or possibly at some point in between
  8. h vertical distance from the top to the bottom of the stair
  9. i a railing to hold onto when you walk up the stairs
  10. j stairs which have no wall on one or both sides
  11. k the main post between handrails at top and bottom of stairs
  12. l horizontal step of the stair
  13. m maximum riser height for most residential buildings
  14. n vertical members that support the handrail
  15. o used where little space is available
  16. p the opening in which the set of stairs is constructed
  17. q the sturctural support for the tread
  18. r pie shaped tread used to conserve space in stair design