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  1. an integrative approach that seeks to create environments that are livable and promote health, safety and well-being without impacting the environment.
  2. an international non-profit association for kitchen and bath professionals that provides resources, promotes professionalism and ethical business practices.
  3. founded in 1994 with the merger of Institute of Business Designers (IBD), the International Society of Interior Designers (ISID) and the Council of Federal Interior Designers (CFID). Merger created an independent organization whose mission is to represent interior designers worldwide and promote the quality of life through excellence in the profession.
  4. an individual that specializes in the design of bathrooms and that has met the knowledge, experience and examination requirements for NKBA.
  5. a law that regulates the use of a title and raise public awareness of the required qualifications for specific professions.
  6. a title act that regulates the use of a title and is controlled by an independent professional organization instead of the governing board.
  7. an individual that specializes in the design of kitchens and that has met the knowledge, experience and examination requirements for NKBA.
  8. a licensed professional who specializes in designing architectural interiors including creating construction documents, specifications and selection of finishes and furnishings.
  9. an independent, non-profit accrediting organization that identifies, develops and promotes quality standards for the education of entry level graduates in the field of interior design.
  10. authorization or official approval to act
  11. an independent non-profit organization that regulates the licensing requirements and examination of individuals seeking licensing in the profession of interior design.
  12. a government agency that was founded in 1937 to regulate the examination, registration and practices of multiple design professionals including architecture, interior design and landscape architecture in the State of Texas.
  13. refers to the man-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, ranging from personal shelter to neighborhoods to the large scale commercial surroundings.
  14. an accrediting organization for colleges, schools and universities in the United States that establishes standards for graduate and undergraduate degrees; founded in 1944.
  15. (American Society of Interior Designers), professional association for interior designers. Their mission is to advance the profession through education, knowledge, advocacy, community building and outreach efforts; founded in 1975 by merging the AID and NSID.
  16. a period of two years
  17. the second national organization that was founded in 1957 to promote the field of interior design and interior designers as professionals.
  18. the act of granting approval of a program of study by an independent official review board after meeting specific requirements.
  19. Interior and exterior designs along with products and technologies that are useable by individuals with disabilities.
  20. the planning and construction of designs that anticipate future changes that may be required due to health related issues and promotes supporting independent living for individuals.