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  1. 1905-1930
    One to two stories
    Wood or stone siding
    Exposed roof rafters and gable roofs with large overhang

  2. 1120-1270
    Round Tower
    Conical Shaped Roof over Tower
    High Ridgelines
    Half Timbering

  3. 1905-1930
    One to two stories
    Low-pitched gable roof
    Small porch

  4. 1920-1960
    2 Stories
    Little or no ornamentation
    Factory-made parts
    Man-made materials such as metal and concrete

  5. 1960-today
    1-2 stories
    energy effecient
    features change

  6. 1930-1950
    1-2 stories
    Flat Roofs
    Smooth Facades
    No Ornamentation

  7. 1920-today
    1-2 stories
    odd, irregular shaped
    lack of ornamentation

  8. 1840-1885
    Tall appearance, with 2, 3, or 4 stories
    Low pitched or Flat roof
    Balanced, symmetrical rectangular shape
    Wide, overhanging eaves with brackets and cornices

  9. 1600's-1950's
    1 1/2 stories
    Symmetrical front
    Gable roof, gable dormers

  10. 1485 - 1603
    2-3 Stories
    Timber frame shown on exterior, (often) hip roof
    Walls white, Gable dormers

  11. 1825-1860
    Pendimented Gable
    Large columns
    Front door not centered but off to side

  12. 1900-1920
    Wide overhanging eaves
    Central chimney
    Low pitched hip roofs
    Low horizontal lines

  13. 1676-Present day
    Second story over hang
    Pineapple and acorn ornamentations
    Windows on second floor typically smaller than first floor

  14. 1880-1910
    Steep Pitched Roof
    Tower in Front
    2-4 Stories
    Lots of Ornamentation

  15. 1625-1850's
    1 1/2 to 2 Stories
    Gambrel roof with flared eaves
    Shed hipped or gable dormers

  16. 1995-today
    2 stories
    basic geometric shapes
    modern and unique materials

  17. 1700's-Present day
    2-3 stories
    Hippped Roofs
    Impressionable front entrances

  18. 1965-Present
    2 Stories
    Constructed in the 1960s or later
    Historic styles imitated using modern materials like vinyl or imitation stone
    Details from several historic styles combined

  19. 1890-1940
    2 to 2 1/2 sotries
    Half timbering
    Steep roof lines with intersecting gables
    Casement windows

  20. 1780-1840
    2-3 Stories
    Low pitched or flat roof with balustrade
    Sqaure or rectangular box

  21. 1900's-Present
    2 stories
    1 story wrap-around porch
    Gables face in several directions
    Shingled or tin roofing

  22. 1690s-1830
    Square symmetrical shape
    Simple exterior lines
    Large paired chimneys

  23. 1837-1901
    2-3 Floors
    Gable Roof, Varying exterior colors
    Arches & Pediments

  24. 1925-1940
    Two to three stories
    Little ornamentation
    Rounded edges and large windows

  25. 1950-1980
    Large Overhang
    Single Floor
    Minimal Ornamentation
    Hipped or Gabld Roof

  26. 1955 - 1975
    2-3 Stories
    Built on sloped site
    Garage underneath or attached horizontally to main floor