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  1. open to below
  2. powder room
  3. elevation symbol
  4. bubble diagram
  5. program
  6. load
  7. pitch
  8. building section symbol
  9. vestibule
  10. top chord
  11. riser
  12. supports
  13. panel
  14. bottom chord
  15. cutting plane/cutting plane line
  16. stair landing
  17. span
  18. plans/prints
  19. tread
  20. Floor Plan
  21. web members
  22. orthographic projection
  23. construction drawing
  24. exterior door
  25. schematic design drawing
  26. interior door
  27. EXPO
  28. function/use
  1. a a description of how the building space or room is used
  2. b a door that connects two rooms or spaces
  3. c The vertical board between two treads of a flight of stairs
  4. d forces, wheather permanent (dead load) or temporary (live load), that are applied to a truss
  5. e a 2-D, or flat, representation of a 3-D object using views of each side of the object.
  6. f a very accurate drawing that shows the design, location, and dimensions of all parts of the building produced by an architect
  7. g an entry hall
  8. h a small round symbol, indicated by a circle tucked inside a triangle on the floor plan. It has a line extending from which ends in an "L" shape. It gives the page number and the sheet number for the exterior or interior elevation
  9. i a term used to describe an upper space with a railing around an opening wher you can look into the space below
  10. j pages of drawings of the building
  11. k a whole truss section. In large projects (for example a bridge or very large roof), seperate panels may be built then assembled together at the job site to make larger trusses
  12. l the horizontal part of the stair where your foot steps
  13. m the angle of a roof; commonly expressed as a ratio of verticle to horizontal (7:12)
  14. n abbreviation for exposed in floor plans, and unfinished floor or wall
  15. o a detailed list of needs that must be fulfilled by the building's final design
  16. p a door that connects a room to the outside
  17. q A platform between flights of stairs or at the termination of a flight of stairs. Often used when stairs change direction. Normally no less than 3 ft. X 3 ft. square.
  18. r This is a small lavatory or bathroom
  19. s freehand sketches used to determine room locations, flow of traffic, and spatial relationships
  20. t a simplified drawing that shows the size and arrangement of rooms, hallways, doors, windows, and storage areas on one floor of a home.
  21. u the bottom edge of a truss
  22. v these are verticle and diagonal members that transfer the load of a truss to the supports.
  23. w the imaginary line or slice on a floor plan drawing showing where a building is cut, typically 4 feet above the floor, everything below the cutting plane line appears in the floor plan
  24. x a drawing produced later in the design process that more fully explains the architectecural design to show the general relationships and space requirements for the space, may be used for the client
  25. y the small symbol indicated by a circle tucked inside a triangle on the floor plan thatgives the page number and drawing number for that particular section drawing within a set of drawings
  26. z the top edge of a truss
  27. aa also known as bearings, these are the points that hold the truss up. In doing so, they take the load from the truss and transfer it to the foundation
  28. ab the distance a truss will support betwenn support pins