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total rise

vertical distance from the top to the bottom of the stair

total run

horizontal distance from end to end of stair


horizontal step of the stair


the vertical backing between each tread


the sturctural support for the tread


vertical distance measured from the stair nosing to the wall or floor above the stair, usually 6'8" by code


a railing to hold onto when you walk up the stairs


vertical members that support the handrail

enclosed stair

stair that has wall on both sides, also called housed or box stairs


a floor area at either end, or possibly at some point in between


the main post between handrails at top and bottom of stairs


the rounded projection of the tread that extends past the riser

open stair

stairs which have no wall on one or both sides


the opening in which the set of stairs is constructed

8 1/4"

maximum riser height for most residential buildings

1T + 1R = 17"-18"

used to determine total maximum and minimum run of stairs


pie shaped tread used to conserve space in stair design

spiral stairs

used where little space is available

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