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Casa Milรก, Antoni Gaudรญ, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Milรก, interior, Antoni Gaudรญ, Barcelona, Spain.

The Winslow House, Frank Lloyd Wright, Chicago

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Richard Morris Hunt, Beaux-Arts

The Flatiron Building, Daniel Burnham, York

Casa Batllรณ, Antoni Gaudรญ, Barcelona, Spain

Marion Mahoney

The Columbian Exposition, Richard Morris Hunt, Chicago, 1893

Transportation Building at the Columbian Exposition, Louis Sullivan

Casa Batllรณ, Antoni Gaudรญ, Barcelona, Spain

Fine Arts Pavilion from the San Francisco Exposition,
Bernard Maybeck, Beaux-Arts, 1915

Prairie Style

Japanese Exhibition Pavilions from the St. Louis World's Fair

Japanese Exhibition Pavilions from the
Chicago Columbia Exposition

Art Nouveau, Italy

Sophia Bennett, 1st. female graduate of the first architecture school

Farmhouse painted by watercolors, Eliel Saarinen, Finland, Total work of art

Bungalow, India , the word 'Pajama'.

Gustav Stickley's magazine and furniture, Arts and Crafts style

First Church of Christ, Bernard Maybeck, Berkeley, California

Gamble House , Greene and Greene

Japanese temple

Edwin Lutyens, Munstead Wood, England

master landscape designer, Gertrude Jekyll

Interiors of Bernard Maybeck

C.F.A. Voysey, Greyfriars

C.F.A. Voysey did more than just design Norney and Greyfriars

Whitechapel Art Gallery, Charles Townsend, London; Faรงade sculpture by Rachel Whiteread;

Annie and Bernard Maybeck. Berkeley, California

Greene and Greene

Purcell/Cutts House, William Gray Purcell and George Elmslie, Minneapolis, 1913

Wasmuth Portfolio, Coonley House

Wasmuth Portfolio, Larkin Building

Fagus Shoe Last Factory, Gropius /Meyer, Germany, 1911-1913

Adolf Loos

Rudolf Steiner, Expressionists using plasticity of materials

Frank Gehry

Pennsylvania Station

baths of Caracalla

Interiors by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Mรผller House, Loos

Joseph Maria Olbrich, Germany

The Gamble House, Greene and Greene

Joseph Maria Olbrich

Unity Temple, FLW, Oak Park.

Olbrich at the St. Louis World's Fair, 1904

Olbrich's house designs v.s.
Wiener Werkstรคtte blouse and skirt

Robert Mallet Stevens, France ;
Photographed by Thรฉrรจse Bonney

the translation of Maison de Verre, simply House of Glass, Pierre Charreau

Hill House. Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald

Ronchamp, Le Corbusier

E.1027 , Eileen Gray , 1926-1929, South of France

Glasgow School of Art, C.R. Mackintosh

Palais Stoclet, Hoffmann, Brussels; Mural by Gustav Klimt

Hill House, Mackintosh

Postal Bank Building, Otto Wagner, Vienna

Villa Savoie,, Le Corbusier's , 1979

Kirch am Steinhoff, Otto Wagner, Vienna

Majolica House, also spelled Majolika Haus, Otto Wagner, Vienna

Gropius and Meyer


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