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AEG Turbine Factory
Berlin, Germany
Peter Behrens
1910 (1909)

Fagus Shoe Factory,
Alfeld-an-der-Leine (Alfeld, Germany)
Walter Gropius & Adolf Meyer
1910 (1911-13)

Werkbund Exposition, model factory & exhibit hall
Cologne, Germany
Walter Gropius & Adolf Meyer
1915 (1914)

Werkbund Exhibition Theatre
Cologne, Germany
Henri van de Velde
1915 (1914)

Werkbund Exposition, Glass Pavilion
Cologne, Germany
Bruno Taut
1915 (1914)

Grosses Schauspielhaus
Berlin, Germany
Hans Poelzig
1920 (1919)

Einstein Tower
Potsdam, Germany
Eric Mendelsohn

Cittร  Nuova
Antonio Sant'Elia
1915 (1914)

Maison particuliรจre,
Cornelis van Eesteren and Theo van Doesburg
1925 (1923)
[Netherlands Architecture

Schrรถder House
Utrecht, Netherlands
Gerrit Rietveld
1925 (1924)

Monument to the 3rd International
Vladimir Tatlin

Wolkenbรผgel (Cloud Prop)
Moscow, Russia
El Lissitzky
1925 (1924)

Project for Pravda Building
Leningrad, Russia (St. Petersburg)
Alexander & Victor Vesnin
1925 (1924)

USSR Pavilion (Exposition des Arts Dรฉcoratifs)
Paris, France
Konstantin Melnikov

Rusakov Worker's Club
Moscow, Russia
Konstantin Melnikov
1930 (1927-28)

Project for Lenin Institute of Librarianship
Moscow, Russia
Ivan Leonidov
1930 (1927)

Adolf Sommerfeld House
Berlin, Germany
Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer with Bauhaus faculty and students

Dessau, Germany
Walter Gropius

Tugendhat House
Brno, Czech Republic
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
1930 (1928-30)

German Pavilion
Barcelona International Exhibition, Spain
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
1930 (1929) (rebuilt 1983-86)

Weissenhofsiedlung (Weissonhof housing development)
Stuttgart, Germany
Ludwig Mies der Rohe
1930 (1927)

5-unit rowhouse
Weissenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart
J.J.P. Oud
1930 (1927)

Lovell Beach House
port Beach, California
Rudolf M. Schindler

Lovell Health House
Los Angeles, California
Richard Neutra
1930 (1929)

Falling Water (Edgar J. Kaufmann House)
Bear Run, Penn
Frank Lloyd Wright

Villa Schwob
La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Charles-ร‰douard Jeanneret
1915 (1916)

Pavillon de l'Esprit Nouveau (Pavilion of the spirit)
Paris Exposition des Arts Dรฉcoratifs, France
Le Corbusier

Villa Stein
Garches, France
Le Corbusier
1930 (1927)

Villa Savoye
Poissy, France
Le Corbusier
1930 (1928-29)

Plan Voisin,
Paris, France
Le Corbusier

Stockholm City Library
Stockholm, Sweden
Eric Gunnar Asplund
1920 (1920-28)

Viipuri (Vyborg) Library
Vyborg, Russia
Alvar Aalto
1935 (1933-35)

Tuberculosis Sanatorium
Paimio, Finland
Alvar Aalto
1930 (1929-33)

Villa Mairea
Noormarkku, Finland
Alvar Aalto
1940 (1938-39)

MIT, Baker House
Cambridge, Mass.
Alvar Aalto
1950 (1947-49)

Hellerau, Dresden
Heinrich Tessenow
1915 (1913)

Nuremberg, Germany
Albert Speer
1935 (1934)

Casa del Fascio
Como, Italy
Guiseppe Terragni
1935 (1932-36)

860 & 880 Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
1950 (1948-51)

Seagram Building
York City, NY
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
1960 (1954-58)

Lever House
York City, NY
Gordon Bunschaft for SOM

Glass House
Canaan, Connecticut
Philip Johnson
1950 (1949)

Unitรฉ d'Habitation
Marseille, France
Le Corbusier
1950 (1947-52)

Ronchamp, France
Le Corbusier

Guggenheim Museum
York City, NY
Frank Lloyd Wright
1960 (1956-59)

University of Pennsylvania, Richards Medical Research Building
Louis Kahn
1960 (1957-61)

Salk Institute for Biological Studies
La Jolla, California
Louis Kahn
1960 (1959-65)

Kimbell Art Museum
Fort Worth, Texas
Louis Kahn
1970 (1966-72)

(otra foto)

TWA Terminal, John F. Kennedy Airport
York City, NY
Eero Saarinen
1960 (1962)

Sydney Opera House,
Jรธrn Utzon
1960 (1957-73)

Yale School of Architecture
Haven, Connecticut
Paul Rudolph
1960 (1961-63)

Boston City Hall
Gerhard Kallman, Michael McKinnell and Edward Knowles
1965 (1962-68)

Centre Pompidou
Paris, France
Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers
1970 (1972-76)

Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank
Hong Kong
Norman Foster
1985 (1986)

Berlin, Germany
Norman Foster
(1995) 1992-99

Vanna Venturi House
Philadelphia (Chestnut Hill)
Robert Venturi
1960 (1962)

Guild House
Philadelphia, PA
Robert Venturi

House II (Falk House)
Hardwick, Vermont
Peter Eisenman
1970 (1969-70)

Hanselmann House
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Michael Graves
1965 (1967)

Portland Public Services Building
Portland, Oregon
Michael Graves

AT&T Building (model),
Philip Johnson and John Burgee
1980 (1978-82)

IBA Social Housing
Kochstrasse, Berlin
Peter Eisenman
1985 (1983-85)

Parc de la Villette
Bernard Tschumi
1990 (1983-98)

Frank Gehry House
Santa Monica, California
Frank Gehry
1975 (1978)

Jewish Museum
Berlin, Germany
Daniel Libeskind
2000 (2001)

(otra foto)

Guggenheim Museum
Bilbao, Spain
Frank Gehry
1995 (1997)

Musรฉe du quai Branly
Paris, France
Jean Nouvel, architect; landscape by Gilles Clรฉment and Patrick Blanc
2005 (2006)

(otra foto)

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