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Wall Stud

vertical member in the light frame construction techniques.

Top Plate

A horizontal structural member located on top of the studs used to hold the wall together.

Sole Plate

A horizontal wood member that serves as the base for the studs in a stud pattern

Brick Lug

a step or ledge in the foundation to accommodate the masonry. Purposes:1- Protects the framing of the house from water. 2- Keeps the masonry off the ground.

Stud Wall

The vertical framing component of a structure that is usually built from 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" lumber

Plumbing Wall

Framing or other construction large enough to accommodate pipes associated with plumbing. Usually 2 x 6 for residential.

Tire Bump

type of drop: Change in elevation. For example in the garage. Serves 2 purposes: 1- So water cannot come into the garage. 2-So that your car can't go through the walls


Any change in elevation shown as a single line on floor plan, often shown with a drop symbol on Foundation Plan


A cooking stove with one or more ovens below the hotplates or burners located on the top, a single unit with oven and burners.


this refers to a sink located in a bathroom

Pedestal Sink

This is a freestanding sink with a pedestal base

Water Closet

another term for toilet, can also be called a commode


Any architectural woodwork that is not framing, lumber or structural wood on an architectural project. Examples: Wood door, wood windows, wood cabinets, window-door trim, wood stair rail or banister

Door Trim

Wood that covers the gap between the framing of the house and the doors structural frame.


Cabinetry in a house such as cabinets and or countertops. Any type of decorative woodwork that is non-structural.


drawing of an exterior of a structure

Reflected Ceiling Plan

a plan that reflects the ceiling organization - useful for controlling/planning lighting effects and decoration


drywall, gypsum board, or plasterboard; most common wall and ceiling material


a material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricity


The art or work of constructing, as buildings, walls, etc., with regularly arranged stones.

Cripple Stud

a short piece of stud used to transfer a load from a top plate to a header, or from a sill to a sole plate

Fire Blocks

Horizontal boards nailed in between the verticle studs to help prevent fire from moving up through the inside of a wall


a doubled 2x6 or 2x8 that is held up by trimmer boards. The header is used to transfer the weight of the wall around an opening down to the sole plate.

Rough Opening (RO)

Take the finished opening of the door or window and add 2 inches


The horizontal board below the opening of a window


Used to hold up a header, trimmers transfer the load of the header down to the sole plate.

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