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Project Browser

Application Menu

Properties Palette

Type Selector

Home Ribbon

wall, door, window, component, column, roof ceiling, floor, curtain system, curtain grid, mullion, model text, model line, model group, railing, ramp, stairs, opening by face, opening shaft, opening wall, opening vertical, opening dormer, level, grid, room, area, legend, tag, set work plane, show work plane, ref plane, viewer.

Annotate Ribbon

aligned dimension, linear dimension, angular dimension, radial dimension, arc length dimension, spot elevation dimension, spot coordinate dimension, spot slope dimension, detail line, region detail, component detail, revision cloud, detail group, insulation, test, spelling, find/replace, tag all, tag by category, multi-category, material tag, view reference, area tag, room tag, keynote, symbol, span direction, beam.

Analyze Ribbon

analyze mass model, energy settings, results & compare.

View Ribbon

view templates, visibility/graphics, filters, thin lines, show hidden lines, remove hidden lines, cut profile, render, 3d view, section, callout, drafting view, elevation, plan views, duplicate view, legends, schedules, scope box, sheet, view, title block, revisions, guide grid, matchline, view reference, viewports, switch windows, close hidden, replicate, cascade, tile, user interface.

Insert Ribbon

link revit, link cad, dwf markup, decal, point cloud, manage links, import cad, insert from file, image, manage images, import family types, load family, load as group, autodesk seek.

Modify Ribbon

properties, clipboard, cope, cut, join, align, move, offset, copy, mirror, rotate, mirror draw axis, trim, view, measure, create.

InfoCenter Toolbar

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