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  1. This digit is mathematically derived from values assigned to the other 16 digits. The check digit will determine whether a VIN is a valid number, or not
  2. is required to settle a claim
  3. Check the VIN
  4. policy with no deductible
  5. Insured must report the accident to the insurer, allow the insurer to inspect the vehicle, protect the vehicle from further damage, proof of loss and provide medical records.
  6. replaces the transmission and the rear axle in a front wheel drive vehicle
  7. braces the front side of the car and allows for heating and A/C ductwork
  8. the insured.
  9. the mortgagee
  10. base of the vehicle
  11. fines and possible imprisonment (up to 15 years
  12. is the insurer
  13. 18
  14. allow the insurer to inspect and appraise the damaged property
  15. Front of the car
  16. a settlement
  17. measure engine vibration
  18. The headlamp bezel is the outermost portion
  19. ...
  20. cowl
  21. Tempered glass
  22. when the insured and insurer disagree, can invoke appraisal
  23. minimize the cost of the claim
  24. estimate
  25. reduction of value due to age and use
  26. 30 day public notification for hearings/meetings
    Can suspend, revoke, and cancel licenses
  27. separate body and frame
  28. the amount the insured is responsible to pay prior to the insurer paying out on a claim.
  29. Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve, know its function
  30. headlamp bezel
  31. a low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas.
  32. an insured
  33. controls a small passageway between the intake and exhaust manifolds. The device limits the emission of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide
  34. grille, hood and fenders
  35. Safety glasses
  36. un-biased, disinterested and competent
  37. sidemembers, crossmembers, and frame horns
  38. SC Attorney General
  39. Steering wheel
  40. high-pressure gas to high-pressure liquid.
  41. front and rear headers, side rails and support rails (bows)
  42. sensors, computer and actuator
  43. body and frame are one. Separate from the unibody shell are the hood, fenders, doors, quarter panels, and deck lid.
  44. low arm, coil spring, McPherson strut
  45. measure various operations with the mechanical system and send electrical signals indicating these measures to the computer
  46. to fold or collapse on impact.
  47. brakes
  48. high-pressure liquid to low-pressure liquid.
  49. body of the vehicle
  50. The recirculating ball turns the worm gear and the worm gear transfers the energy to the sector gear or sector shaft
  51. radiator (Front bumper does not.)
  52. carries out computer's instructions to adjust how the system operates
  53. sealed beam.