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  1. An example would be a log home in a suburban neighborhood
  2. Improvements are well maintained and feature limited physical depreciation
  3. 1-5 (1.2 = low & 4.9 = high)
  4. Improvements feature some deferred maintenance, functionally adequate
  5. Basic quality; may not be suitable for a year-round occupancy (red flag and not acceptable)
  6. Meet acceptable building codes; builder grade finishes
  7. Improvements feature no deferred maintenance, almost new/renovated
  8. -Property listed as vacant
    -Comparables not similar in market appeal
    -Inconsistent square footage adjustments for each comparables
    -Comparables distant from subject location
    -Higher value comparables outside neighborhood
    -Favoring comparables in superior location
  9. Improvements need substantial repair and rehab including most components
  10. Improvements well maintained and feature limited physical depreciation
  11. Unique architectural designed structures
  12. Improvements have obvious deferred maintenance in need of serious repair
  13. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6
  14. Has features that no other home in the neighborhood has, this is determined by the market place
  15. Improvements very recently constructed, not previously occupied
  16. Uniform Appraisal Dataset
  17. Meet minimum building codes; stock market
  18. Often custom designed or upgraded plans