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  1. UAD Ratings for Comparables
  2. UAD: Q6
  3. UAD: C5
  4. What is an atypical property?
  5. UAD: Q2
  6. UAD: C4
  7. UAD: Q4
  8. UAD: Q3
  9. UAD
  10. What is the score range for Appraisals?
  11. What is a unique property?
  12. UAD: C6
  13. UAD: C2
  14. UAD: Q1
  15. UAD: Q5
  16. UAD: C3
  17. UAD: C1
  18. Valuation of Red Flags
  1. a Often custom designed or upgraded plans
  2. b Meet acceptable building codes; builder grade finishes
  3. c Has features that no other home in the neighborhood has, this is determined by the market place
  4. d Basic quality; may not be suitable for a year-round occupancy (red flag and not acceptable)
  5. e Improvements feature some deferred maintenance, functionally adequate
  6. f Uniform Appraisal Dataset
  7. g 1-5 (1.2 = low & 4.9 = high)
  8. h Improvements well maintained and feature limited physical depreciation
  9. i Improvements are well maintained and feature limited physical depreciation
  10. j Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6
  11. k Improvements feature no deferred maintenance, almost new/renovated
  12. l Meet minimum building codes; stock market
  13. m -Property listed as vacant
    -Comparables not similar in market appeal
    -Inconsistent square footage adjustments for each comparables
    -Comparables distant from subject location
    -Higher value comparables outside neighborhood
    -Favoring comparables in superior location
  14. n Unique architectural designed structures
  15. o Improvements very recently constructed, not previously occupied
  16. p An example would be a log home in a suburban neighborhood
  17. q Improvements need substantial repair and rehab including most components
  18. r Improvements have obvious deferred maintenance in need of serious repair