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  1. diaphram accumulator uses what gas?
  2. Desicant
  3. Power
  4. 2 simple pump types
  5. RAT
  6. smallest object you can see
  7. 5 ways to drive hydraulic pump
  8. disired filter size in hydraulic sytems
  9. Which way does fluid flow in a gear pump
  10. Reseviors allow?
  11. bypass
  12. Bleed air
  13. Volume
  14. selector valve
  15. Micron
  16. Cuno filter
  17. Pressure switch
  18. Force
  19. Pump control valve
  20. de booster
  21. Work
  22. ATA code chp 12
  23. gerotor pump
  24. Impending
  25. Is a hydraulic system pressurized when flying at high altitude
  26. Flow
  27. Aspirator regulator
  28. 4 ways to pressurize the resevoir
  1. a handpump
    engine driven
    electronic driven
    main gearbox
  2. b fluid servicing
  3. c Work/Time
  4. d pressurized air taken from turbine engine used to pressurize hydraulics and heat the cabin and has many other uses
  5. e yes
  6. f Absorbs moisture
  7. g Spring pressure
    Bleed air
    Hydraulic system pressure back to resevoir
    Vented to atmosphere
  8. h storage of hydraulic fluid
  9. i Aka pressure reliefe valve
    unloading valve
  10. j Area x Distance (VAD)
  11. k decreasing power added to an actuator by applying it backwards
  12. l filter is clogged
  13. m constant and variable
  14. n Area x Pressure (FAP)
  15. o changes path of fluid changes direcrion of movement of the actuators
  16. p Volume/Time
  17. q ya
  18. r 1 micron
  19. s Ram air Turbine
    used for emergency hydraulic pressure
  20. t 40 microns
  21. u 1000000th of a meter
  22. v uses venturi to pressurize hydraulics
  23. w fluid travels around the gears and flows same way gears move
  24. x nitrogen
  25. y turns off pump when hydraulics hit certain pressure
  26. z bypass is imminent
  27. aa Force x Distance
  28. ab discs and blades filter and to clean the filter just simply rotate the shaft