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  • diaspora

    a process where a scattered population of people with a common origin bond over their hatred towards the rape and enslavement of their people


    in the face of racial insult aa's shaped their own positive versions of africa and put several african civilization together as a single glorious past they claimed as their own (ancient egypt + ethiopia)

    david walker

    wrote david walkers appeal of 1829. thought africa couldregain its greatness and inspired others to notice africas greatest achievements and good efforts from african americans could help redeem africa

    arthur schomburg

    reminded his colleagues of the diasporic nature of black history

    what institution did arthur schomburg belong to

    american negro academy

    how did arthur schomburg help african americans

    he helped change the way they viewed themselves and africa by increasing their knowledge about africa. the schomburg collection was the core of the division of negro history.

    virtually all black american histories begin with these three civilizations

    mali ghana and songhay


    began around time of jesus. ghanas influence reached arease that are now mauritania senegal and guinea. king tenkemehin reigned from 1062-1076


    south west to declining state of ghana and it arose in 1235. leader musa conquered territory from atlantic ocean through mali burkina faso and niger. dazzled mediterranean world with his wealth. mali prospered until mid 14th century when its vassal state songhay conquered it


    began in 8th century and was a vassal state of ancient mali. in 1355 in gained independence and stretched from mauritania to niger.

    as the AST gained power after 1500 what happened in ancient west african imperial history

    it declined because there was no inland empire to unify political or cultural identity over a large stretch of west africa.


    captured by the IMBANGALA and twenty ndongans were dropped off in virginia in 1619 . captured in 1599.

    the imbangalas were allies with the ...



    captured the ndongas were made up of 16000 people and traded slaves to european colonies in exchange for heavy ammunition to help them rule parts of africa

    in 1619 .... # of slave ships set out across the atlantic to plantations of portuguese and spanish south america


    ndongans dropped in virginia were the...

    founding african american generation of th US

    ayuba suleiman diallo

    accidentally was captured from friends house when he was 29 and offered ransom to ship captain but dad didnt get back in time. he escaped his plantation only to be recaptured

    lawer who helped ayuba suleiman diallo

    thomas bluett

    after he met his lawyer what happened to ayuba suleiman diallo

    he went to england where he learned to read and write

    olaudah equiano

    from nigeria which contributed 25% of slaves enslaved in british north america. kidnapped as a child and was one of 50,000 africans sent to americas in 1756. a english naval office bought him and took him to europe where he learned literacy

    what did olaudah do after he bought his freedom

    became involved in campaign to end slavery . joined a civil rights organization called SONS OF AFRICA.

    olauda equiano and sierra leone

    tried to bring slaves from england to sierra leone but returned to england when he realized the organizers were corrupt. he publlished his narrative in 1789

    number of slaves in
    british carribean
    french carribean
    dutch caribean

    4.5 mil
    2.5-3 mil
    2 mil
    1.6 mil

    middle passage diseases there are 6

    small pox
    yellow fever

    mortality rates on middle passage. what country had highest / lowest

    portuguese lowest
    english highest

    harry hosier

    first african american black methodist preacher and took over the trenton new jersey circuit of american methodism

    richard allen

    leader of the AME church that grew out of american methodism.

    how did richard allen come to be able to buy his freedom?

    due to his impressive preaching abilities

    who got humiliated in the white person church then created their own Free African Societyr

    richard allen

    ....... and ...... teamed up to form the african methodists episcopal church (AME)

    richard allen and daniel coker

    sojourner truth

    emerged as apreacher and poet after being enslaved in new york


    religious methodist hymnody type african music. basis of jazz music in the US. voiced the misery of slavery and reminded black people of the escape from this horirble life when u die.

    phillis wheatley

    used her writing abilities to voice the despairs of the slave trade. after benjamin banneker attempted to convince t jefferson that slavery was ****ed up she tried too but he rejected it

    who sent an almanac of their slave narrative to thomas jefferson

    benjamin banneker

    how did benjamin banneker try to fight slavery

    attempted to convince jefferson that due to his mathematical abilities slaves were just as intelligent as white people

    jean baptiste du sable

    founded chicago as a permanent trading post in 1779

    daniel coker

    founded the AME church with richard allen


    one of the individuals accused and hung for witch craft

    anthony benezet

    a white quaker abolitionist who organized the worlds first anti slavery society in pennsylvania in 1775

    crispus attucks

    one of the first african americans to fight for independence. killed in boston massacre bc americans threw rocks at british troops and they fire back killing him.

    prince hall

    found of the first african american lodge of freemason: spearheaded a petition requesting aid in emigrating to africa however it didnt work out

    toussaint l'ouverture

    led the haitian revolution and defeated the french opponents and the pro slavery spanish and british forces

    american colonization society

    founded by rich white ppl and they tried to embody the message that the US only belonged to white men and discussed the expulsion of all free african americans

    frederick douglass

    most prominente 19th black american. escaped captivity from maryland in 1838 and joined garrisonian abolitionists as a speaker in 1841

    john brown

    raidcal white abolitionist with black allies. he killed to make kansas a free rather than a slave state

    what set john brown apart from other abolitionists

    he was willing to wage his own war to bring down slavery but he was killed in the process considered a true american patriot.

    dred scott decision

    in 1857 supreme court declared that no one of african descent, slave or free, could ever be a citizen of the us

    uncle toms cabin

    by harriet beecher stowe. "uncle tom" characterizes an african american who loves whites and betrays blacks because the main character in the story was closer to his white captors than his own men

    the domestic slave trade

    involved 1million slaves. slave trade from africa became illegal at the same time a boom in slave produced cotton began and planters put their workers to harder work making the sale of people a lot more profitable.

    when did domestic slave trade become illegal


    physical trauma

    brandings, amputations
    tortue rape skeletons show signs of bone withering diseases like osteomalacia and anemia

    psychological trauma

    post traumatic stress disorder


    in august 1800 he organized 1000 slaves who marched through virginia

    denmark vesey

    attempted to organize an attack on charleston for the revolutionary national day in france and was gonna use thousands of slaves but plan backfired and they were hung


    in 1839 africans were illegally transported from cuba and they seized the ship and tried to go to africa but went to long island instead. supreme court trialed them and found them not guilty

    who led the amistad revolt and where did he go after it

    cinque and back to sierra leone

    nat turner

    organized the most deadly slave revolt in virginia. slave preacher. religious. managed to kill 59 white people . to get revenge whitepople terrorized black community with search and seizures rapes and beatings

    how did nat turner religiously envision the revolt he organized

    his visions revealed that god designated him as the liberator of the enslaved through teh sheddings of white peoples blood

    who r the 4 most famous heroes to black people

    nat turner

    undergound railroad

    3200 people made up a network of aiding fugitive slaves escape to freedom. quakers and other church ppl helped. 9000 slaves used it

    harriet tubman

    saved 200 slaves.

    what finally ended slavery in the us

    the civil war and the 13th amendment to the us constitution

    building stately mansions by

    aaron douglass

    building stately mansions represents

    one widely accepted means of coming to terms with african american originis as a people

    ethopia awakening by

    meta warrick fuller

    ethipoia awakening represents

    "ethiopia" signals the african identity of the composed beauty of black women in the us

    we came to america by

    faith ringgold

    we came to america represents

    links american pride in liberty to the reality of the slave trade

    frederick douglass art by

    jacob lawrence

    frederick douglass art represents

    proof that douglass is a free man bc he wears gentlemany shirt and reads a book

    general toussaint by

    jacob lawrence

    general toussaint representss

    toussaints heroism

    sojourner truth by

    inge hardison

    sojourner truth represents

    captures truths height and grace as an itinerant abolitionist and feminist lecturer


    africans preoccupiedwith ancient egypt

    who was the first bishop of the AME church

    richard allen

    this person was enslaved at 11 and gained freedom eventually


    name the colony with the highest percentage of slaves in its population

    south carolina

    frederick douglass grew up in this state


    first book published by an african american was published by

    phyllis wheatley

    esquia mohamad was the ruler of this african empire


    name of an african american who collected books paintings manuscripts and sold them to NYC library and created the largest colleciton of african american culture in the world

    arthur schomburg

    amistad revolt in 1839 led by this person


    phyllis wheatley was held as a slave in this state


    capital of mali was

    kumbi saleh

    he wrote a book where he suggested whites were superior to blacks

    thomas jefferson

    had an affair with sally hemmings

    thomas jefferson

    what is the significance of the ring shout

    a dance brought by africans to new world. on weekends after slave duties they would all go out and perform the ring shout.

    1st period of transformation

    in 1776 the us was struggling to gain independence from britian

    2nd period of transformation

    vicil was in the us with reconstruction. slaves emancipated all over and made citizens but males that were black could not vote

    3rd period of transformation

    1950's and into 20th century. civil rights movement for equality for all including womens rights and gay rights.

    oscar roberston the amazing basketball player played for what highschool


    equiano belong to ...

    sons of africa

    slave trade peaked during this decade


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