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  1. ____ were considered earthly incarnations of god and held immense power in ancient egypt.
  2. The ruler of the province of benin was called ____.
  3. ______ became the capital of the asante empire.
    -kumbi saleh
  4. _____ is a system of political and economic hegemony of one country/ state over another. (imperialism, colonizations, colonialism)
  5. North African gospel writer who is considered to be the founder of christianity in Egypt in 42CE:
    -apostle matthew
    -apostle mark
    -Alexander the great
  6. The word of king in mali was:
  7. The title given to king among the asante people.
  8. Most slaves came from _____ & ______.
    -ghana and mali
    -songhay and ghana
    -mali and songhay
    -sao tome and benin
  9. Long-distance trade across the sahara
    -trans-atlantic trade
    - desert trading
    - trans-saharan trade
    -safari trade
  10. ______ carries in its saliva a parasite that causes "sleeping sickness".
    -tseste fly
    -house fly
  11. The king of ancient ghana was called a:
  12. _____ involves the extraction of metal from ore via heat.
  13. ____ was built by portuguese in 1482 and contributed to development of asante empire.
    -the great pyramid
    -el mina castle
    -the great pyramid
    -asante castle
  14. Egypt located in:
  15. _____ believe that chirst is perfectly human and perfectly divine.
    -The coptic church
  16. Desert dwellers originally traded _____ in exchange for food grown by people north and south of the sahara.
  17. the ruler of the yoruba kingdom of ice was known as the _____.
  18. In the fourth century CE christian scholars from Alexandria brought christianity to the kingdom of:
  19. ________ was a bustling trading city established by the greeks and was the home of christianity and christian scholars.
  20. The kingdom of dahomey was located in:
    -modern nigeria
    -modern benin
    -modern ghana
    -niger and sudan
  21. Ancient ghana derived its wealth from ________.
  22. ____ wars lead to the expansion of the asante empire.
  23. The word slave is derived from:
    -southern russian word slav
    -the bible ot
    -the bible nt
    -the quran
  24. The capital of ancient ghana was:
    -kumbi saleh
  25. According to ____ in the descent of a man africa is the cradle of mankind/civilization:
    -john smith
    -president obama
    -charles darwin
    -wilhelm hegel
  26. War-captives of benin were sold to the portuguese>Akan in exchange for gold.
  27. Upright man
  28. The ____ was noah's cursed son.
  29. This natural resource gave rise to the asante empire:
  30. Christianity and the ethiopian church flourished under the ____ dynasty.
  31. The people of ghana comprise the ____ and ________.
    -soninke and sanhaja berbers
    -nok and soninke
    -mandinke and sanhaja berbers
    -zeneta and soninke
  32. The decline of mali was a result of:
    -the ability of its rulers
  33. Ancient Egypt was first influenced by:
    -nilo saharan ppl
    -afro-asiatic ppl
    -khoi-san ppl
  34. ___ is the act of invasion and settlement without formal political control.
    (imperialism, colonization, colonislism)
  35. ____ is the creation and or maintenance of an unequal economic, cultural and territorial relationship, usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination. (imperialism, colonization, colonialism)
  36. in 1975 dahomey changed name to:
  37. He preached his religious purity and encouraged Hausa rulers to employ their political authority to promote islam.
    -muhammad ali
    -uthman dan fodio
    -mansa musa
  38. Only the asante elites could have sat on golden stool.
  39. He was the founder of ancient mali:
    -mansa musa
    -sundiate keita
    -muhammad ali

    Under his leadership trade routes were restored.
  40. Under his rule, song hay assumed the responsibility of spreading islam through military jihad.
    -askiya muhammad
    -sonni ali
    -mansa musa
    -muhammad ali
  41. The capital of ancient mali was:
  42. The decline of ghana is attributed to the following:
    -the conquest of awdaghast from the berbers
    -subjugation of the sanhaja berbers
    -shifting trading routes
    -the rise of the soso kingdom
    -all the above
  43. the asante empire comprised:
    -aja and fon
  44. _____ led an army of 20,000 in 1900-01 to rest british occupation.
    -nana yaa asantewaa
    -nana yaa tutu
    -nana yaa ware
  45. _____ was sent to universalize the islamic faith and to emphasize the uniqueness of god.
    -prophet benjamin
    -jesus christ
    -king lalibela
    -prophet muhammad
  46. He is considered the founder of the asante empire.
    -osei tutu
    -opoku ware
    -sonni ali
  47. the asante empire located ____.
    -modern day nigeria
    -modern day benin
    -modern day ghana
    -modern day niger
  48. Among the yoruba ppl he was considered the god of sky:
  49. Africans believe there is no separation between the spiritual and physical world. They believe that souls/spirits not only exist in humans but also in animals and geographic features. This is:
  50. Islam was an elitist faith.
  51. He began his reign of conquest by capturing timbuktu from the tuareg in 1468:
    -Sonni ali
    -mansa musa
    -askiya muhammad
    -muhammad ali
  52. The ruler of the province of oyo was known as ______.
  53. He was sent down by the sky god and founded the yoruba kingdom of Ife

    His descendants established two provincial states, these were:
    -Ille-Ife and oyo
    -oyo and benin
    -benin and ife-ille
    -oni and alafin
  54. The people of duhomey comprised:
    -tuaregs and yoruba
    -fon and aja
  55. This fort was built by the portuguese in 1482:
    -el pacos
    -el mina
    -fort portugal
    -fort george
  56. The portuguese supplied ______ of slaves btwn 1500 and 1535.
  57. In west African culture, he is regarded as the custodian of history.
  58. The yoruba city states were located in what is known today as ______.
    -modern nigeria and benin
    -ghana and benin
    -togo and oyo
    -niger and sudan
  59. Mansa muss established the university of:
    -mansa musa
  60. Descendant of Odududwa, ______ founded Oyo.
    -pele iwe
  61. Islam means:
  62. ____ was among the earliest metals found in ancient times.
  63. The following is responsible for the rise and expansion of oyo:
    -use of cavalry
    -use of slaves
    -all the above
  64. Trading one commodity for another:
    -barter system
  1. a All the above
  2. b Colonization
  3. c False
  4. d Homo Erectus
  5. e Alafin
  6. f True
  7. g Prophet Muhammad
  8. h Oba
  9. i akans
  10. j all the above
  11. k Timbuktu
  12. l mansa
  13. m gold
  14. n Modern Nigeria and benin
  15. o animisn
  16. p oni
  17. q Pharaohs
  18. r Charles Darwin
  19. s sonni ali
  20. t timbuktu
  21. u Olorun
  22. v Imperialism
  23. w Trans-saharan trade
  24. x False.
  25. y both
  26. z -The coptic church
  27. aa Oduduwa; oyo and benin
  28. ab osei tutu
  29. ac barter system
  30. ad Askiya muhammad
  31. ae uthman dan fodio
  32. af el mina castle
  33. ag Southern russian word slav
  34. ah salt
  35. ai Alexandria
  36. aj A&B (gold and tax)
  37. ak sao tome and benin
  38. al 12,000
  39. am Tsete fly
  40. an nana yaa asantewaa
  41. ao Oranyan
  42. ap Hamitic Myth
  43. aq Colonialism
  44. ar Africa
  45. as Griot
  46. at Zagwe
  47. au Apostle Mark
  48. av modern benin
  49. aw Sundiata Keita; True
  50. ax peace
  51. ay copper
  52. az denkyira
  53. ba Soninke and sanhaja berbers
  54. bb A & B only (nilo&afro)
  55. bc Aksum/Axum
  56. bd benin
  57. be smelting
  58. bf el mina
  59. bg asantehene
  60. bh Modern day ghana
  61. bi fon and aja
  62. bj asante
  63. bk Kumbi Saleh
  64. bl Ghana