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  1. william lloyd garrison
  2. what are freedom suits?
  3. what was the first complete african american school?
  4. free african society was?
  5. thomas jefferson had sexual relations with who
  6. what was free labor ideology?
  7. philadelphia hall
  8. charlotte forten
  9. how is texas and manifest destiny related to slavery?
  10. what established the West African colony of liberia as a refuge for slaves?
  11. benjamin baneker
  12. moral suasion
  13. liberty party
  14. what did the kansas-nebraska act do?
  15. who was Col. Tye?
  16. what did some states do (VA MA RI CN) about trans atl?
  17. john brown and harper's ferry raid
  18. black convention movement and black churches
  19. shadrach
  20. cinque and the amistad
  21. the liberator
  22. elijah p. lovejoy
  23. 3/5 clause
  24. Madison Washington and slave ship Creole
  25. what was lord dunmore's ethiopian regiment?
  26. praise houses
  27. what did the CA compromise entail?
  28. what did the security of trans atl lead to?
  29. personal liberty laws
  30. black newspapers
  31. peter salem, salem poor?
  32. abdu-i-rahman ibrahim
  33. who was crispus attucks?
  34. passage about slavery was not put in what?
  35. in CA's constitution what type of state did they want to be?
  36. who were the cuffe brothers?
  37. charles deslondes and german coast revolt in LA
  38. why will the american anti-slavery society split?
  39. maria stewart
  40. what increased cotton production?
  41. what was catch of most anti-slavery organizations?
  42. did the notions of universal liberty apply to african americans?
  43. free black communities?
  44. what happened with gradual emancipation?
  45. what was the NW ordinance of 1787?
  46. nat turner's revolt
  47. evangelical abolitionism in the 19th century was heavily inspired by ______
  48. why is civil war started?
  49. what was umbrella organization over others?
  50. what did ideas about liberty and tyranny do for blacks?
  51. what was second middle passage?
  52. what was the first to abolish slavery?
  53. what did african americans believe the language of the dec of independence entail?
  54. frederick douglass's north star
  55. black church
  56. what were problems with liberia?
  57. who became president of pa society for promoting abolition of slavery?
  58. what was the dred scott decision?
  59. were blacks wanted in continental army?
  60. why was the republican party founded?
  61. what sides did blacks fight on in american revolution?
  62. denmark vesey
  63. who founded the episcopal church?
  64. toussaint louverture
  65. sold down river
  66. what was the african religion retained in the us?
  67. what is wilmot proviso?
  68. how did william and ellen craft escape slavery?
  69. who was elizabeth freeman?
  70. how long was the trans atl secured for?
  71. fugitive slave law of 1793
  72. stanley elkins
  73. who founded mother bethel?
  74. free black slave owners
  75. what did increased european immigration in north lead to?
  76. trans-ATL slave trade in the declaration of independence
  77. what were majority of free populations in deep south?
  78. what is a manumission?
  79. george washington
  80. what did the fugitive slave act of 1850 do?
  81. what did george washington do?
  82. scientific racism and great chain of being
  83. alethia tanner
  84. what was organized for the purpose of violently and physically resisting slave owners coming into the north to get slaves?
  85. term slavery
  86. what was sierra leone founded as?
  87. celia
  88. why was immediate emancipation feared?
  89. phillis wheatley
  90. prince hall masons?
  91. gabriel's revolt in VA
  92. what is gradual emancipation?
  93. what was the free soil party founded on?
  94. ringshout
  95. ub phillips
  96. who was anthony benzet?
  97. samuel cornish
  98. what influenced increase in manumissions?
  1. a very passionate anti-slavery spokesperson
  2. b largest slave revolt in american history. 180-200 people involved. they will be massacred and those left alive will tortured and then executed
  3. c no. would disrupt social hierarchy
  4. d first anti slavery political party
  5. e for every 5 slaves, 3 get counted as people and 3/5 of slaves would be taxed
  6. f formal emancipation from slavery
  7. g garrison's radicalism and because he was a feminist
  8. h "if you work for me for 5 more years, i'll give you my freedom"
  9. i a part of ethiopian regiment. captures rebel militia captain. is known for guerilla tactics. promoted over 24 black soldiers
  10. j concept that slavery should be illegal in this territory
  11. k to contain slavery to where it already existed
  12. l both
  13. m passage denouncing it deleted by congress. only passage about slavery will accuse brits of provoking slaves to revolt.
  14. n slave owners were reimbursed for their "loss of property"
  15. o african americans not biologically inferior but were made inferior by conditions of plantations
  16. p free labor state
  17. q afraid slave owners would neglect elderly slaves
  18. r pioneering historian on slavery. he thought slavery was benign, paternalism and christian inducing thing
  19. s meeting houses
  20. t washington d.c. purchased her freedom and then went on to purchase many others'
  21. u black george washington
  22. v emancipated slaves at his death
  23. w will have abolitionist newspaper. forced to leave st. louis and throw his presses in MS river and mob killed him
  24. x constitution
  25. y most important black owned, black ran newspaper
  26. z in philly. basically a frat organization
  27. aa expanded US territory. slavery prohibited here
  28. ab slave ship picks up people up in Sierra Leone but as making their way into USA the slaves will rise up and kill everyone on ship except for two people who were supposed to steer them back to africa. brought them back to africa but eventually won their freedom
  29. ac decreased need for slave labor
  30. ad believed if they fought they would be granted freedom
  31. ae abolition of slavery
  32. af use of religious language to persuade people to abandon slavery
  33. ag god created hierarchy. blacks more closely related to apes than whites
  34. ah venue built by abolitionists but riots will destroy it
  35. ai no good soil, people already living there, no similarities between natives and americans
  36. aj 20 years
  37. ak created out of desire to preserve identity
  38. al destined for sail to deep south. slaves took control of ship and sailed for bahamas. because of british law once they reached shores of bahamas they were free
  39. am literate slave in Va. plotted to seize Richmond and capture the governor. two enslaved people alerted authorities and participants are are hunted down. gabriel executed
  40. an most important venue for blacks to speak out against slavery
  41. ao philadelphia female anti-slavery society
  42. ap blacks weren't actually allowed in them. anti slavery did not always mean pro black
  43. aq sold rebellious slaves further south for punishment. 400,000 slaves will be moved from the old south to the deep south
  44. ar internal slave trade. focused on bring slaves from old east and old south to the deep south
  45. as emancipated his slaves at his death
  46. at question of slavery in newly acquired territories really pushes the US toward the civil war
  47. au first black slave in MA to file freedom suit and win
  48. av move feet and body in circle to symbolize connection between past, present, and future
  49. aw ambushed, sold into slavery, sent word to john quincy adams to get his release. henry clay secures his freedom. slave owner lets him go free only if he returns to africa
  50. ax robert newsom would rape her. eventually entered relationship. bf told her to stop relations. celia kill robert. chops him up and burns him
  51. ay the second awakening
  52. az escaped slavery and came to boston but was captured by slave catchers. ban of african americans stormed jail and broke him out. went to canada
  53. ba wanted to take territory in LA purchase and make it a state (Nebraska) but bc of MO compromise, slavery would be illegal. revised bill to make two states: kansas and nebraska
  54. bb sent to illinois for four years and his master died. inherited by master's widow. sues for freedom based on fact that he was brought into state where slavery was illegal. ruled in scott's favor
  55. bc dressed ellen as sickly white man and cast william as her servant. got on train and went all the way to boston
  56. bd first guy to die in Boston Massacre. was african american, was used as a symbol to rally African Americans to the army
  57. be creator of first african american newspaper
  58. bf free labor
  59. bg radicalized by baltimore alliance. most important abolitionist of 19th century
  60. bh ignored federal law and made it illegal for state law enforcement to help with capturing fugitive slaves
  61. bi revolution rhetoric
  62. bj forced marshals and even citizens to help capture suspected runaways
  63. bk spread ideas about anti slavery
  64. bl benjamin franklin
  65. bm born in Gambia. purchased as servant by John Wheatley. very intelligent, wrote poetry. was sent to London to get education
  66. bn the american colonization society
  67. bo richard allen
  68. bp didn't necessarily like blacks but didn't want them in labor field
  69. bq country to resettle people who had been slaves in american colonies
  70. br established by prince hall, free slave living in boston. rejected by americans, instead initiated by irish lodge
  71. bs led revolts that were not very objective. killed 57 whites. revered by abolitionists
  72. bt augustine school in philadelphia
  73. bu eli whitney's cotton gin
  74. bv voodoo
  75. bw if slaves escaped from SC and went to place like MA, slave owner could come to MA and retrieve them even though slavery was illegal there
  76. bx sally hemmings
  77. by american convention for promoting the abolition of slavery and improving the condition of the african race
  78. bz established first integrated school in MA and helped establish friendly society of Sierra Leone
  79. ca last english governor of VA offered to liberate blacks if they joined ethiopian regiment
  80. cb coming together for blacks to have dialogue about issues plaguing african american community
  81. cc people being freed after long number of years
  82. cd 1) admits CA as a free state 2) outlaws slave trade in DC 3) created stronger fugitive slave act
  83. ce directed first anti-slavery organization, Pennsylvania society for promoting the abolition of slavery
  84. cf newspaper founded by garrison
  85. cg wanted to lead revolt against harper's ferry, steal weapons, give weapons out and lead a slave revolt. VA militia is called in by robert e lee. revolt is put down and brown is executed
  86. ch african americans suing on technicalities to obtain freedom
  87. ci NE states
  88. cj augustan
  89. ck encouraged them to protest and escape
  90. cl illegitimate children
  91. cm increased rates of slaves being brought into US. 40,000 will enter charleston.
  92. cn William Still and PA vigilance association
  93. co banned their citizens from participating although slavery itself was not illegal
  94. cp absalom jones
  95. cq led massive revolt. affiliated with ame church. gulla jack. 100 arrested and vesey and jack executed. ame disbanded
  96. cr not to abolish slavery but to bring the south back into national fold
  97. cs no
  98. ct born free. first person to build large clock in US. first african american govt employee. publishes almanac. dialogue with thomas jefferson on slavery