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  1. "We the people"
  2. Racial Etiquette
  3. WEB Dubois
  4. Colonialism
  5. Samuel Morton
  6. Narrow Nationalism Groups
  7. Reconstruction
  8. Narrow Nationalism
  9. Peter Camper
  10. The Alamo
  11. Brutality
  12. Marx says capitalism created
  13. Jared Diamond
  14. 13th Amendment
  15. Robert Williams
  16. Black colleges
  17. Black Panther Party
  18. Kansas Missouri War
  19. The Amistad
  20. Sabotaged Amendments
  21. 15th Amendment
  22. Free Dixy Radio
  23. Revolutionary Nationalism
  24. Taught in old black schools
  25. Communist party
  26. Vagrancy Laws
  27. Dred Scott decision
  28. Plessy vs. Ferguson decison 1896
  29. Booker T Washington
  30. Marxism argued
  31. Emmit Till
  32. Socratic Method
  33. John Brown
  34. 14th Amendment
  35. Groups slavery was tried on
  36. Redeemerment
  37. Vincente Guerro
  38. Difference between Washington and Dubois
  39. Revolutionary Nationalism Groups
  1. a -Settlers that practice the destruction of another group religion, culture, and replaces ethnic self-identification with a Eurocentric mode of thought.
  2. b Argued the class is central to oppression of black people
  3. c Meant whites with money and land
  4. d Was not for "freedom" but was a slave-owner rebellion against Mexico which abolished slavery.
  5. e Scientific racist, said he could measure the volume of the brain and tell who is white and who isn't.
  6. f 1. Cooking
    2. Sewing
    3. Washing and fixing clothes
    4. Shinning Shoes
    5. Playing sports, singing, dancing
    6. Any training that serviced the needs of whites.
  7. g Black Panther Party (original), African Blood Brotherhood (ABB) 1917-1919
  8. h -Reconstruction was overthrown by the "Southern Redeemers" who wanted their voting rights back.
    -The "Southern Redeemer Movement" tried to sabotage the Civil War amendments through educational ideas that were vocational only for blacks.
  9. i Wanted the white curriculum
  10. j -Using the Socratic Method is important in the study of political science. It involves critical thinking which in part includes looking at questions across disciplines, understand that questions fall into three types; One System Questions, No System Questions, and Conflicting Systems Questions.
  11. k -Worlds best expert on birds, microbiologist.
    -Says, "Why you white men have so much cargo, and we blacks have none?"
    -Attended conferences that would discuss why Europe is highly developed while Africa is not?
    -He looked into, why is Europe so developed? Why did Europe conquer Africa, and not the other way around?
    -Wrote a book called Guns, Germs, and Steel.
    >Guns (which Europe had because they had steel) > arrows (Africa had).
    >Europe also had weapons of steel.
    >Europe has germs from 13 animals that can be domesticated.
    >Europe goes by Latitude, Africa goes by Longitude (North South) Hot dry some places, cool/wet others.
    >Europe grows a lot of crops.
  12. l Gives African Americans the right to vote
  13. m -Revolutionary Nationalism
    -Black pride but not against any other ethnic group
  14. n -W.E.B. Dubois wanted the white curriculum (Booker T. Washington supported black curriculum)
  15. o -Ex-Marine (Black)
    -Wrote "Negroes with Guns" 1955
    -Member NAACP
    -Believes in militant self-defense -> B.P.P. - M.S.D. - 1966
    -Chec Guevara and Fidel Castro were his friends.
  16. p - The whole intent of Jim Crow etiquette boiled down to one simple rule: blacks must demonstrate their inferiority to whites by actions, words, and manners. Laws supported this racist code of behavior whenever racial customs started to weaken or breakdown in practice -- as they did during the Reconstruction era. When the laws were weakly or slowly applied, whites resorted to violence against blacks to reinforce the customs and standards of behavior. Indeed, whites commonly justified lynchings and the horrible murders of blacks during the Jim Crow era as defensive actions taken in response to black violations of the color line and rules of racial etiquette.
  17. q 1. Racism through the slave trade.
    2. A justification for slavery by developing racist theories
    3. The modern system of racism
  18. r Native Americans, Poor Whites, African Americans
  19. s -The Africans took control of the ship.
    -The case, United States v. The Amistad (1841) was finally decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in favor of the Mende, restoring their freedom. It became a symbol in the movement to abolish slavery.
  20. t -Homer Plessy who was "1/8th black" went to US Supreme Court where the court ruled that:
    1. Segregation was legal
    2. "Separate but equal" was established
    3. The "one drop rule"
  21. u -Ethnic pride that says blacks are superior
  22. v Abolish slavery
  23. w -Black pride but not against any other ethnic group
  24. x 1. Whipping
    2. Burning
    3. Kidnapping
    4. Dismemberment
    5. Drawn and quartered
    6. When blacks died they sometimes fed bodies to hogs or buried them in graves.
  25. y -A short window of civil rights for African Americans lasted from about 1866-1877
  26. z -Decision by US Supreme Court which said African Americans were not US citizens but property.
    -Decision led to Kansas-Missouri War which involved the pro-slavery state of Missouri against anti-slavery Kansas
    -Pro-slavery men in Missouri were called "Buckwhakers" and anti-slavery men in were called "Jayhawkers".
  27. aa -Dred Scott Decision led to Kansas-Missouri War which involved the pro-slavery state of Missouri against anti-slavery Kansas
    -Pro-slavery men in Missouri were called "Buckwhakers" and anti-slavery men in were called "Jayhawkers".
  28. ab The murder of a 14-year old black boy by Mississippi racists in 1955 sparked the modern civil rights movement by placing the ugly face and history of racism before the public.
  29. ac Due process and equal
  30. ad -White man, had a guerilla movement calling his fighters Jayhawkers.
    -Kanas-Missouri War (Knocked on the door to kill pro-slavery men)
    -21 Men goes to Harpers Ferry, Virginia, attacked _______ to free slaves.
    -Asked Fredrick Douglas to join him in his raid to Harpers Ferry.
    -Arguably started the Civil War.
  31. ae Facial angles that said it was scientific that blacks were more related to monkeys
  32. af Supported black curriculum
  33. ag -Mexico's president
    -Created the 1836 War because many Texas settlers wanted to establish a slave state, and seek revenge for whites being killed at the Alamo.
  34. ah Don't work = go to jail, get off by $10 fine, pay off debt by working on a plantation.
  35. ai Started by Robert Williams
  36. aj -Was one of 2 major groups that fought segregation - defended blacks.
  37. ak Marcus Garvey, Black Muslims (older group)
  38. al -The Civil War Amendments were sabotaged by the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws which permitted local law enforcement officials to fine blacks for vagrancy, hire out to the former slave plantations some blacks so they could pay their fines for vagrancy, and arrest unemployed blacks. Blacks were often falsely arrested for vagrancy crimes and then forced to work on a plantation for free to pay a fine.
    -The 13th Amendment (slavery abolished) was sabotaged by vagrancy laws, the 14th Amendment (equal protection under the law and due process) was sabotaged by all white juries and lynching, and the 15th Amendment (the right to vote) was sabotaged by poll taxes, violence, grandfather clauses, and literacy tests. All of the southern states passed such laws to deny African American rights gained during Reconstruction.
  39. am -Created during reconstruction so that blacks would not compete with whites.
    -Curriculum; Major subjects included cooking, sowing dance, sports.
    -Verses white schools who's major subjects were for doctors, lawyers, and engineers
    -W.E.B. Dubois wanted the white curriculum (Booker T. Washington supported black curriculum)