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  1. printed David Walker's "The Appeal" and was shot
  2. Ghana, Mali, Songhai
  3. sent guns to Kansas Jayhawks
  4. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts made it illegal to return slaves.
  5. wrote "The Appeal"; First black nationalist
  6. joined John Brown to protect his wife from being sold down south; first of Brown's raiders to be killed
  7. first permanent British colony
  8. -believed it was immoral(even though they hated black people)
    -drove wages down (can't compete with someone who does free labor
  9. fought Native Americans; sided with America
  10. Zora Neale Hurston's term to describe the "Talented Tenth"
  11. stood for Women' rights and suffrage; abolitionists
  12. president during Mexican War and Annexation of Texas (would Texas become a free or slave state?)
  13. Mandinka Tribe
    Leaders: Sundiata(founder) and Mansa Musa (king)
  14. Massachusetts senator who was beat by Preston Brooks for insulting him and speaking against slavery
  15. actor who killed Abe Lincoln, watched John Brown be hanged
  16. an indentured servant who received slavery for life after trying to run away with other servants. the other servants did not receive the same punishments
  17. fugitive slave who returned to slavery; last slave to be returned by the government.
  18. organized massive slave revolt near Charleston in 1822, but failed because too many people knew about it and ratted him out in exchange for freedom
  19. 1859 Harper's Ferry Slave Revolt
  20. Emancipation Proclamation
  21. Spain
  22. she slit her daughter's throat instead of sending her back to slavery, but it was pointless since the both she and her family traveled in was capsized
  23. Mandinka
    Leaders: Sunni Ali and Askia M. Torre
  24. set up Port Royal experiment(set up schools in the low-country during and after Civil War)
  25. had a mentality for emigration, but decided to stay in America; long career with Civil and Revolutionary War
  26. beat Charles Sumner with a metal tip cane
  27. fined for pre-marital sex,; double the fine if it was miscegenation
  28. used fugitive slave law to get his slave from William Parker but failed.
  29. first black man to petition Congress; Founded AME church; rich Philadelphian
  30. commanded the 54th
  31. helped start AASS; convinced Dred Scott to sue; John Forten's son in law
  32. East African who helped Vesey's Rebellion
  33. 1800, Richmond Slave revolt, bit his owner's ear off
  34. Wrote the "Libyan Sybill" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin
  35. SC politician, from Beaufort SC, fought against the Klan, worked with Robert Elliot, brought maps for Abe Lincoln
  36. transcendentalists; created Civil Disobedience; has a firm belief in Non-Violence
  37. rice
  38. African Kingdoms who traded slaves
  39. 1st Democratic president
  40. Slave Revolt in Virginia
  41. black man who killed Edmund Gorsuch.
  42. traded slaves, was then captured and then continued to trade slaves
  43. declared natural rights
  44. Ellen could pass for white, so she pretended to be a white man while Willie was a slave and they rode along to freedom
  45. helped Douglas with ___________________, he was the only black CO in the army; one of the first black nationalists
  46. royal governor of VA who offered freedom to loyalist slaves
  47. First permanent colony
  48. African American soldier and slave killed during the Boston Massacre
  49. Soninke Tribe
    No Specific Founder or Leader
  50. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; rights we're born with
  51. People became property and lost their human rights; became slaves for the rest of their lives
  52. group organized to help southerners adjust to the urban north
  53. gold diggers in San Fran in 1849
  54. active member in Underground Railroad
  55. indentured servant who was freed and owned indentured servants himself; had a fair trial with a white woman
  56. wrote the first slave narrative
  57. required to work a certain amount of years before becoming free
  58. named after minstrel show
  59. First black woman speaker in the US
  60. racial mixing
  61. first published black poet