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  1. America is viewed as fundamentally racist. Segregation is seen not as a goal, but as a stage which must be tactically planned for in the very long struggle for racial equality. This ideological position is often unstable
  2. equalized military pay
  3. creativity
  4. cooperative economics
  5. Supports African American autonomy and various degrees of cultural, social, economic, and political separation from White America. America is seen as fundamentally racist
  6. suffrage for male citizens could not be restricted due to race, color or previous condition of servitude
  7. Very religious Black man that led the largest slave revolt ever
  8. integrationist/assimilationist philosophy, famous Black orator, militant
  9. enslaved black who moved to a free state and was entitled to freedom, then sued his owner and the court said that blacks couldn't bring suit in the courts
  10. helped with underground railroad freeing over 20,000 slaves
  11. black people wanted the same rights in the states as they received in the war (war on two fronts)
  12. white man that led the attack on Harper's Ferry and used militant/violent acts against white establishments
  13. separate but equal case
  14. Their struggle is more holistic and universal with a greater emphasis on concern for the entire community, and a tendency to see the intersection of gender with race and class as multiple forms of oppression
  15. writer of the Liberator
  16. collective work/responsibility
  17. reported to have made several antislavery statements and opposed the expansion of slavery, however, did not make any move to end it so the South wouldn't secede
  18. Traits include reliance on self help, an attack on the state as institutions that slow down societal progress and black progress in particular
  19. Black slave that decided to gain freedom by any means necessary
  20. Helped Gabe Prosser in his revolt
  21. Wyoming's 19th century Black legislator
  22. abolished slavery
  23. Free Black slave that led a revolt
  24. states cannot discriminate but the individual can
  25. teach from black and white perspective and want to conserve traditional black values *authentists rejected them
  26. faith
  27. Impassioned appeal for America to live up to the best of its values, and support for a multiracial democratic society
  28. allows slave owners to presume and claim slaves with out due process
  29. planned a rebellion and made weapons for slaves and he was one
  30. purpose
  31. unity
  32. wrote book "forged in battle" and talked about how black soldiers were treated poorly
  33. gave citizenship to all people born in the united states
  34. abolished slavery in the Northwest territories
  35. woman orator who was born a slave then freed. also active in underground railroad and antislavery movement
  36. allowed blacks to participate as war laborers
  37. asserts that Africans in the diaspora are estranged from their natural or positive values, Thus cultural and social reconstruction
  38. Proposes united front tactics which would ally progressive classes and individuals of the Black community to fight against racism and the capitalist system
  39. allowed black people the right to vote
  40. self determination
  41. wanted to be a slave trade, but wanted equality between slave and free states, so they admitted Maine as a free state
  42. to take the law in to one's own hands and to kill someone in punishment for real or presumed crime (infliction of any minor punishment/death)
  43. Views and interprets universal phenomena from African historical and cultural perspectives
  44. subjugation of a group by another to perform work without pay or compensation