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  1. Definition of Jezebel and traits that went along with the stereotype
  2. Affirmative Action
  3. Politics
  4. Colony/ Colonialism
  5. Traits that go along with Brute/ Buck sterotype
  6. Collective resistance
  7. What is CPS ?
  8. Four steps to a non-violent campaign
  9. Anti-drug abuse act
  10. What are the two types of racism?
  11. Who is Ella Baker?
  12. Individual resistance
  13. Racism
  14. Traits that go along with Sambo stereotype
  15. Define homophobia
  16. what is black power?
  17. Carl B Stokes
  18. Myth of the black male rapist
  19. Definition of multicultural
  20. Define Heterosexism
  21. Barriers former inmates with a felony face after serving their time
  22. What are food deserts
  23. Socialism/ Revolutionary nationalism
  24. Three parts to slave religion/black church
  25. According to the media what type of poor people are deemed deserving?
  26. According to the media what type of poor people are deemed undeserving?
  27. TANF
  28. What is SCLC?
  29. White supremacy
  30. Hurricane Katrina
  31. What three things did Booker T Washington want blacks to give up, for what two things instead?
  32. Definition of mammy and some of the traits that went along with the stereotype.
  33. Conservative behaviorism
  34. Shirely Chisholm
  35. Democracy
  36. Marcus Garvey
  37. What is SNCC?
  38. Redlining
  39. Definition of cultural nationalism
  40. Nihilism
  41. Deindustrialization
  42. Charles Hamilton Huston
  43. Pan-africanism
  44. AFDC
  45. Definition of sapphire and some of the traits that went along with the stereotype
  46. Lawrence Douglas Wilder
  47. Minority
  48. Solutions to mass incarceration
  49. Liberal structuralism
  1. a The rejection of all religious and moral principles often in the belief that life is meaningless. Hopelessness
  2. b The recognition of all African descendants as one family divided by racist divided by racist imperialist and colonialist powers and imposed geographic borders.
  3. c animalistic, after white women
  4. d Economic system in which the means of production are controlled by workers, communities and countries.
    Power to the people. Struggle through militant black nationalism (Black power)
  5. e A racially, ethnically, phenotypically culture distinct group held internally within a nation or externally by a distinct but powerful mother country who's social cultural economic political worlds are controlled by that mother country.
  6. f 1. job discrimination
    2. Disfranchisement - not able to vote
    3. Denial of access to housing, food stamps, welfare, social security, college finical aid and generally any federal assistance
    4. Debt
  7. g Ceasing to advocate from a position of weakness.
  8. h Refusing to eat, self-mutilation, pregnancy (fake/real), working slow, faking sickness, sabotage (breaking equipment) suicide
  9. i A terror surrounding feelings for the same sex and thereby a hatred of those feelings in others.
  10. j Wanted blacks to give up higher education, civil rights and political power for industrial education and wealth.
  11. k Aid to Families with Dependent Children.This program grew from a minor part of the social security system to a significant system of welfare administered by the states with federal funding. However, it was criticized for offering incentives for women to have children, and for providing disincentives for women to join the workforce. In 1996, AFDC was replaced by the more restrictive TANF program.
  12. l Name for black women that worked as a nanny often for a white family nursing their children. Characteristics: Domestic, asexual, unattractive, large
  13. m Regents of University of California vs Bakke (1978) made quotas illegal, can have goals and perfections's but not quotas
  14. n That which determines and maintains power
  15. o Illegal immigrants, men, drug addicts, teen mothers, able-bodied adults, convicts/criminals
  16. p The elite white male
  17. q 1. Collection of facts
    2. Negotiation
    3. Self-purification
    4. Direct action
  18. r The idea that Black women were more sexually promiscuous and available evolved when Europeans first encountered women in Africa
    Traits: Loose/promiscuous, hypersexual, untrustworthy, special desire for white men
  19. s is a domineering female who consumes men and usurps their role.They were characterized as strong, masculine workhorses who labored with Black men in the fields or as aggressive women who drove their children and partners away with their overbearing natures. Traits: Loud, mean, sassy, angry
  20. t Big, strong, hypersexual, violent, aggressive, animalistic
  21. u A field secretary in the NAACP. The single most important person in the civil rights movement.
  22. v appreciating the contributions of other cultures
  23. w First black governer of VA, late 1980s
  24. x Ceasing to advocate from a position of weakness
    Re-entery programs/ reintegration of juvenile offenders
    Zero tolerance programs (restructure)
    Reforming drug policies
    Food stamps, finically aid, job discrimination
  25. y Places here healthy food places such as grocery stores and markets are absent, but many fast food chains are present. Typically low income communities. Affordable and nutritious food is hard to obtain.
  26. z 1. Pastor; politician, leader, orator, boss
    2. Music; sorrow songs
    3. Frenzy; madness with joy
  27. aa Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. Its a Block Grant given to states and The act provides temporary finical assistance mainly through employment. Only five years total to receive assistance. Required to find a job within two years or it will be cut off.
  28. ab Actually never hit New Orleans, damage was caused by man made error; levy breach, the blacks where treated like criminals and blamed for looting
  29. ac A congress woman from Brooklyn, first black woman to run for a Presidential Nomination (Democratic party)
  30. ad Insurrections, rebellions, running away
  31. ae established mandatory minimum
    sentencing law
  32. af A belief in the superiority of one form of loving above all others, and therefore the right to dominance.
  33. ag Cradle to Prison Superhighway. A network of legislation, policy, practice and structural racism that leads to Blacks being incarcerated in large numbers. How black children are pushed away from education and into jail.
  34. ah The political ideology that perpetuates and maintains the social political and historical dominance of whites.
  35. ai Southern Christian Leadership Conference, started out as MIA (Montgomery Improvement Association) which organized the bus boycott. Dr. King's organization.
  36. aj Is a process of social and economic change caused by the removal or reduction of industrial capacity or activity in a country or region, especially heavy industry or manufacturing industry
  37. ak No one owes you anything, so stop waiting for the white man to give you what you want. Begin building up black owned businesses, embrace frugality and work hard.
  38. al founded the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association) as well as the Black Star Ship line. Started the Negro World newspaper.
  39. am Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Started by Ella Baker (Stokely Carmichael was a leader in the group but not a founder.
  40. an not getting business loans or insurance in certain places. If an area was deemed to be "high risk" they are not going to give you a loan or insurance. Individual banks and insurance companies redline areas. Keeps communities desperate
  41. ao First Black Mayor of a major city (Cleveland, Ohio)
  42. ap The elderly, disabled individuals,veterans, refugees, working poor people and children
  43. aq blacks need more effective, stronger government programs
  44. ar Individual - acts against individual blacks (more often overt)
    Institutional - Acts and policies which are set up for the benefit of some and the detriment of others
  45. as A system of governments in which there exists an electoral system of majority rule. Commonly understood as 1 person 1 vote.
  46. at the idea that people of the African descent living in the United States are living outside of the context that "they were supposed to live in". Therefore in order to gain more power for themselves they need to reclaim their African culture. Examples include wearing african clothes, learning Kiswahili as a language, or changing their name to an African name.
  47. au Stupid, cowardly, childlike, lazy, untrusthworty, troublemaker
  48. av The predication of decisions of policies on considerations of race for the purpose of subordinating a racial group and maintaining control over that group.
  49. aw The man who killed Jim Crow by teaming up with NAACP lawyers who he taught at Howard University, who took the cases of civil suits by college students which culminated in the final case of Brown vs. Board