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  1. formal basis of US Government
  2. tax calculated on the basis of the number of people
  3. constitution between 1781 and 1789
  4. masonic lodge founded by prince hall
  5. ordinance that provided for the federation of
  6. famous mutual aid society in 1787
  7. which provided southern slaveholders with legal weapons to capture slaves who had escaped to the free states.
  8. legal freeing of slaves
  9. freeing of enslaved african americans
  10. concept in which
  11. machine for the removal of seeds from cotton
  12. organization featuring nationalism and secrecy
  13. an advocate of the abolition of slavery
  14. immigration of white labors
  15. interstate trade of slaves
  16. societies formed under quakers to promote abolition
  17. emancipation followed by monetary gain
  18. societies that provided aid
  19. slaves only counted as 3/5 of a person
  20. armed uprising lead by farmers