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  1. hurt people, hurt people
  2. 1st Africans arrive in colony as SERVANTS, not slaves
  3. exiting home country
  4. gets its start in 1634; started for religious freedom; Maryland rule: status = of the father; TOBACCO
  5. federal offense to not help someone who was looking for their slave
  6. Canada, Britain, Sierra Leone (blood diamond)
  7. operated Liberator
  8. 12 years a slave dude (captured into slavery) needed white person to vouch for him
  9. mental oppressive tendency to compare situations
  10. started the first black periodical called Freedom's Journal
  11. killed all the white people until they got independence
  12. established in 1664 as an English colony then a Dutch one; half freedom idea; slavery until 1820s
  13. stop fighting South with "soft white hand and unleash your iron black fist"
  14. no real plantation slavery here (fishing and whaling = economy)
  15. 1816- began deporting free black people to Aftica
  16. tax or duty can be imposed until this date
  17. playing the role of a family member but not actually one
  18. Tobacco and Quakers
  19. keeper of history for African tribes
  20. got super rich off making a ship part and only employed black people
  21. John Rolfe: 1611
  22. 5 people died on March 5, 1770 (Crispus Attucks)
  23. how to be a good slave
  24. born child of a slave and a white woman (free dude) and wrote Appeal to Colored Citizens of the World (no slavery or we can't move forward
  25. by Jefferson--> slavery needed bc of purity reasons
  26. excluding 3/5ths of all other persons
  27. old people taught the younger people how to get by and how to curb their natural inclinations to fight
  28. 1854: John Brown--> killing bunch of slave owners
  29. 1/4
  30. got tracts of land, enslaved natives, and some didn't fit in bc they didn't share a unified culture
  31. slavery in the North was basically over
  32. 20,000 some
  33. established in 1665; originally Swedish; Animal Husbandry and Slave breeding (10-12 people)
  34. Plymouth Rock
  35. we don't want to be shackled by England; call it a Massacre bc it incites solidarity of whiteness better
  36. certain beatitudes and slavery verses
  37. death, beating, harder labor, cutting off a limb, hurting people you love, separating them from their families
  38. founded African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1794 (empowered, safe space, and could organize
  39. In Caribbean, most were black Africans and it was extremely brutal. They operated off of a absentee landlord system. There were overseers, but largely Europeans didn't want to be there because of malaria and disease. They would work for 18 hours a day and there was an extremely high death rate because of infancy deaths, disobedience, and disease.
    In US, the weather was more temperate, there were different crops there were one on one interactions, and the Native American population was present.
  40. act a certain way to survive
  41. England sends guns, alcohol, religion to Africa; Africa gives enslaved people to England
    England brings enslaved people to Caribbean; Caribbean gives sugar cane and rice to England
    Caribbean bring enslaved people to Northern colonies; Northern colonies give timber and wheat to Caribbean and England
  42. 1831- killed 60 white owning family members bc God told him to do so
  43. residents decide what they want
  44. revolt in Dominican Republic lead by Haitans (1793 got freedom)
  45. singlehandedly brought 300 people to freedom; brought everyone to Canada
  46. 9,566,100
  47. owned people, but helped the Haitian revolt
  48. Uncle Tom's Cabin (described the horrors of slavery --> moral susasion
  49. Brown took over the federal arsenal on October 16,1859
  50. no slave trade in DC
  51. Go Down Moses (Nat Turner let my people go song), Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (alerting people how to gain freedom), Kum by ya
  52. 1826= escape; escaped to find freedom and give talks on abolitionism and right to vote
  53. try to escape, can be returned
  54. Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia
  55. dem biracial kats
  56. only counted 3/5ths of enslaved population (for House)
  57. war, economy, and Constitution
  58. stockholder, station, conductors, Southern goods/Ebony Cargo
  59. sucked bc no federal govt
  60. started in 1861
  61. seasoning, killings, new names
  62. established in 1733, but didn't have slaves at first bc it is a slave colony. 20 years later all the indentured servants were free, but they needed labor, so slavery
  63. just freeing slaves
  64. things tightened up, felt threatened so bought more land --> Louisiana Purchase
  65. sun up to dark
  66. American black solider who fought at Bunker Hill and Lexington/Concord and killed a British major in battle
  67. non-Muslims
  68. 4 million with 75% working in fields
  69. established 1665 and split from NY
  70. wasn't successful, but 30 white people were killed and as a result 40 black were
  71. cotton and slaves
  72. 1789 one of first slave narratives to talk about life in the Middle Passage
  73. an oppressor oppresses, but only bc a group of people agree to be oppressed
  74. African view of experiences
  75. 9,000 on behalf of America + 3,000 on behalf of British (promise freedom)
  76. Roger Williams started the colony in 1635, key slave trading post
  77. ways to police enslaved populations (curfews, can't gather, must carry papers, etc.)
  78. African American History Month
  79. established in 1682, super high import tax; black people weren't allowed to join militia
  80. date of importation of enslaved Africans had to cease
  81. Dred Scott (March 6, 1857) sued for his freedom from his owner. Chief Justice was a giant dick and said black man had no rights that the white man had
  82. military unit lead by Lewis and Clark between 1804-1806; Sacagewea and York (black body servant); York = 1st to vote
  83. 1607-1612; first colony; needed workers bc English didn't know how to do it
  84. serve for 7 years in exchange for room and board and a plot of land
  85. was started in 1670 as colony of Barbados; INDIGO; could maintain culture, but were beaten terribly; outnumbered 3:1 by black people; Stono Slave Revolt
  86. child rearing
  87. White Man's Burden
  88. 230,000
  89. flux, dysentery, smallpox were all commonplace. 1 and 3 made it to America, so that means 66% of those that made it on a slaver, never made it to America. 10-12 inches of breathing space was normal, and so were extremely brutality. There were high suicide rates on the ships as well. 25% of the crew died before getting to America.
  90. super rich black dude that spent his money buying people's freedom
  91. miscegenation was outlawed, strict slave codes, and by the 1700s, the black population was like 40%
  92. in 1758, natives and enslaved people had rebellion; need pass laws
  93. resistant to disease, no promise of land, don't speak the same language, not Christian
  94. pigeon language; banana, voodoo, samba, banjo, goober, nitty-gritty
  95. give part of wage to owner and pocket the rest
  96. Haitians got their freedom
  97. slave ship (1:2 ratio based on tonnage)
  98. 2-3
  99. western views about the world
  100. Eli Whitney in 1793: separates cotton from seeds so no need to kill your hands
  101. 1676 in Virginia: appealed to indentured servants and led an attack on land owned by Native Americans; needed a workforce after this--> Africans