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  1. Black nationalist advocate who was a big supporter of moving blacks back to Liberia
  2. Sumner (Massachusetts politician) gave speech in Congress about how SC was reason for slavery still existing. Preston Brooks (SC representation) was upset and offended, so he beat Sumner with a cane until he was almost unconscious
  3. The most famous black unit of Northern free volunteers in the Civil War
    Led the attack on the Battery Wagner
  4. One of the earliest supporters of Polygenism in America. attacked the position that environment was the cause of racial differences and argued instead that four races, Caucasian, Mongolian, American Indian, and African, were four different species, created separately by God
  5. Former slave who worked as a servant at the Confederate White House in Richmond. She relayed information on Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy to Union agents
  6. Shows where white people performed in black face
  7. Time when Butler Island slaves were auctioned off
    Biggest singles slave sale ever
  8. Saved earnings to buy freedom for herself and loved ones
    1810: bought her own freedom
    1820s: bought the freedom of her sister, sister's childrens, and sister's five grandchildren
    1830s: bought freedom of seven more slaves
  9. Cincinnati's white abolitionist newspaper
    Mobs attacked newspaper and then blacks in 1836 and 1841
  10. Violent abolitionist who planned to overthrow slavery in the south
    Although he failed and was executed, he propelled the south toward secession from the union
  11. Riot in which Irish immigrants attacked draft offices and black men because they were convinced the war was a crusade to benefit black people
  12. The secret passage for escaping slaves to make it north to freedom
    Due to fugitive slave laws, Canada West was the popular place for escaping slaves
  13. Led by James Cornish in which meat, vegetables, cotton, and sugar produced by free labor was marketed
    Form of boycotting slave labor
  14. Black abolitionist who was the principal founder of the national black convention movement, which served as a forum for black abolitionists
    Called for abolition of slavery and improving conditions for northern blacks
  15. An English born actress who believed in abolition and wanted to publish something while married to Pierce Butler
    White woman abolitionist who kept a diary about her life on Georgia plantation, which was circulated among abolitionists prior to the civil war and published once war broke out
  16. Maryland state song. Seems to suggest that Maryland had more in common with the South than North. More for the Confederacy
  17. During the Civil War, southern states and the confederate government required slave owners to provide slaves to work on such public projects as fortifications, roads, and wharves
  18. Founder of the African American Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in 1816. He resented the segregation at his previous Methodist church, so he decided to start his own
    First bishop of the AME church
  19. Mulatto born into slavery who gained freedom and owned 60+ slaves by the end of his life
    He related more to white ancestry than black
  20. Was born free (son of free black mother and enslaved father) and practiced medicine in Pittsburgh after having been expelled from Harvard Medical School at the insistence of two white classmates
  21. Black slave who sailed the Confederate ship to freedom, liberating him and 15 other slaves
    Born a slave but became a successful pilot, ship captain, and voted to the HoR
  22. Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed Kansas to vote on slavery. Despite Missouri Compromise, the settlers would choose whether was a free or slave state
    Civil War erupted in Kansas between proslavery and antislavery forces
  23. Center of free black society; church Richard Allen started
  24. Illustrator who depicted blacks as ridiculous, which dehumanized the entire black population and made a mocker of them
  25. Abolitionist newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison
  26. The forced relocation of many Native American tribes and people from their land (Indian Territory) in the southeast region of the US
    Followed the Indian Removal Act of 1830
  27. William Watkins, Jacob Greener, and Hezekiah Grice -> all black abolitionist opponents of the ACS who were also all associates in Baltimore of Benjamin Lundy
    Benjamin Lundy - white Quaker abolitionist who published an antislavery newspaper
  28. Black abolitionist became a member of the board of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society
  29. First black institution of higher learning in the US which was founded to prepare black missionaries who would go to Africa
  30. Inventor of the cotton gin in 1793
  31. A black fellowship society which only admitted black men with light skin
    Believed in superiority on the basis of skin color
  32. Leader of the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion in Virginia which resulted in 60 white deaths and 100 black deaths. He believed that the rebellion was his mission from God and would spike similar rebellions that would soon end slavery. He was executed for his actions, skinned, and made into trinkets that people could buy and court
  33. People from Missouri who invaded Kansas to fight antislavery supporters and illegally vote in Kansas elections
  34. Led a slave revolt to destroy slavery since it denied natural human rights to its victims
  35. An order threatening retaliation for the mistreatment of black soldiers by confederate forces
    Lincoln issued an order to execute southern troops or confine them to hard labor
  36. African American slave best known for his account as a fugitive slave: The Life and Adventures of Charles Ball
  37. Argued on the floor of the senate that slavery was positive and needed in the south
  38. NC Senator who opposed any attempt to enlist slaves and free them
    Proposed abolition and wanted to preserve the southern nature
  39. A slave in Virginia who went to war as a body servant of Captain William Nolcomb
    Survived war and received a pension for his service
  40. Black intellectual movement, which emphasized reason
    Shaped careers of America's first black intellectuals
  41. Societies which started in 1828 in New York City by black women - distributed used clothing to poor (especially poor schoolkids)
  42. Participated in John Brown's raid, because he was determined to save his wife and six children from being sold
    Died with wife's love letter in pocket
  43. Published by William Wells Brown in 1853 (Brown had escaped slavery and became first black novelist)
    Used affair between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings (slave) to debate slavery
  44. The first black to earn a medical degree who graduated from the University of Glasgow in Scotland
  45. Spanish slave ship on which Joseph Cinque led a successful salve revolt in 1839
    Supreme Court granted slaves their freedom since they were taken illegally
  46. An enslaved African from Virginia ran away to Boston but was arrested under the Fugitive Slave Act
  47. Born a free black but kidnapped into slavery for 12 years until rescued with evidence that he was a free man
    Spent much of is life in slavery even though he was born free
    Wrote narrative "12 years a slave"
  48. Black slave who went to war as a personal servant
    Example of a black southerner who suffered economically from the confederate's defeat
    Went to war for the confederates as a personal servant and acquired a large sum of confederate currency - wasn't worth anything since they lost
  49. Chief advocate of black migration to Canada West and only advocate of migration who also supported racial integration
  50. Arose when the South Carolina legislature declared the US tariff "null and void" within state's borders
    President Andrew Jackson threatened to use military force to uphold national supremacy
  51. A young black leader outspoken against the government and constitution following the Dred Scott decision
    Enlisted in the all-white 95th Illinois infantry due to his fair complexion
  52. Free states for free white men -> believed slavery should be kept out of the western territories
    Wanted America to be white country and west especially should be white as possible
  53. Founder of Freedom Journals, which was the first black owned and operated newspaper
  54. Best known professional black singer of the period, who was known for her social range and named "Black Swan"
    Born a slave in Mississippi and raised by Quakers in Philadelphia
  55. Prominent black attorney who gained admission to the Maine Bar in 1844
  56. ...
  57. Book written by Thomas Jefferson which stated that blacks had a disagreeable odor, sexually preferred whites, and were biologically inferior
  58. Idea from John Blassingame in book "The Slave Community" which suggests that blacks used creative faculties to survive slavery
    Debunks Jezebel, Mammy, and Sambo theories
  59. Umbrella organization for immediate abolitionists during the 1830s and the main Garrisonan organization after 1840
    Pledged to the peaceful immediate abolition of slavery without colonization of former slaves and without compensation to slaveholders
  60. Black abolitionist who was a major advocate of migration to Africa
    Son of former slaves who got fortune through whaling, shipping, and trading with Caribbean and Europe
    Wanted to get voting rights for blacks and emigrate them back to West Africa
  61. ...
  62. Fugitive slave that become the most active worker on the underground railroad
  63. Network of church-related organizations designed to fight sin and rescue souls
    Launched antebellum/Jacksonian reform
  64. First book written by a black woman, Harriet Wilson
    Autobiographical slave narrative, which compared black north work to southern states
  65. One of the largest slaveholders in the US
    Defended slavery for both political and personal reasons
    Introduced the Fugitive Slave Clause to the US Constitution as well as the 3/5 Compromise
    Married Fanny Kemble
  66. Part of the Compromise of 1850 which required law enforcement officials as well as civilians to assist in capturing runaway fugitive slaves
    No black person was safe
  67. File of slaves chained together that was typical of the domestic slave trade
  68. Organization founded in DC by slaveholders who encouraged the ultimate abolition of slavery by sending free blacks to Liberia in West Africa
    Felt there were no place for blacks in the US
  69. Method used by abolitionists to try and appeal to the Christian values of Americans during the Second Great Awakening. This method wasn't always related to pro-black rights, but more to the fear of eternal damnation of the slaveholders. Appealed to pro-black views using slave narratives and black speakers with first-hand accounts of slavery
  70. Recommended enlisting slaves and promising their freedom for their loyal to the confederacy
  71. Runaway slave from NC who lived in a hut for 7 years rather than face slavery
    Master's daughter came north to catch her
  72. Author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," which exposed the brutality and cruelty of slavery
  73. First African American newspaper published by Samuel Cornish in New York City in 1827
    Reflected values of antebellum reform, encouraged black self improvement, education, civil rights, and sympathy for states
  74. A machine that processed cotton, a job that was previously done by hand. It made processing cotton a lot easier in the South and helped boost the cotton economy. It contributed to the growth of slavery and was a factor in the outbreak of the Civil War
  75. Began working as agent to the underground railroad after black and white abolitionists bought her freedom
    Bought an enslaved infant from Washington through Philadelphia to New York
  76. 1/4 black
  77. N.C. slave who became a Union soldier during the Civil War. Leader of the 1st N.C. Colored volunteers and was wounded at Olustee
  78. Black masonic order formed in Boston under Prince Hall
    Father of black masonry in the US
  79. Made possible by the cotton gin and the belief in Manifest Destiny
    Created problems of where slavery could and couldn't exist
  80. Battle in Civil War where three black regiments fought for union in Florida
  81. A Missouri slave who had been taken to work in free territory for a few years. Upon returning, he sued for his freedom, saying that since he lived in free territory, he was thus a free man
    Ruling; Scott couldn't sue in court because blacks weren't citizens, and the 5th amendment protected slaveholders from being deprived of their property
  82. Ultimate destination for many blacks on the underground railroad
    Was controlled by British - guaranteed safety because slavery was illegal in British empire
  83. Stereotype of black women as round, matronly, homely, and docile. It was created by Southern whites to redeem the relationship between black women and whites. It showed that Mammy loved white children more than anyone else, even her own
  84. Helped fund Mother Bethel
    Dr who thought blacks couldn't get yellow fever
  85. A racist poem describing how some in the North would rather see the blacks die than themselves
    Specifically the Irish, because they were being drafted before blacks
  86. Domestic slave trade
  87. Was 3/4 white but chose to identify with his African American ancestry. He used his wealth that he inherited from his English father and high education to help support the abolitionist movement and the American Anti-Slavery Society
  88. An 1810 painting painted on the backside of another, which depicted white masters sexually exploiting slave women and physically abusing slave men
    Used as a political satire against the institution of slavery
  89. Weren't actually volunteers
    General David Hunter organized 500 black men, but they received no funding from the Union and were sent away without compensation
  90. Enacted in 1865 and designed to keep control over blacks with the loss of slavery
    Any black who didn't have a job and was a permanent resident was considered vagrant
    Vagrant - could be arrested and fined/forced to work if they couldn't pay
  91. Dangerfield's wife
  92. Stereotype of black woman as one with insatiable sexual appetite. Showed that black women were naturally promiscuous, governed by her sexual desire, and loved having sex with her master. This depiction put the blame on slaves for why masters cheated on their wives