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Audiologists are involved with

-evaluations of hearing and balance
-intervention for people with hearind disorders: selection and evaluation of hearind aids
-prevention and identification of hearing disorders
-researn on normal/abnormal hearing

Factors that impacts prevalance

-how hearing loss was determined
-criterion used to define presence of hearing loss
-age of individual w/in the population sampled

_____Americans have hearing impairment

>35 million

______ damage is most common


prevalance _______ with ______ age

increases; increases

between____ and ____ of population over 65 years have hearing loss

25%; 40%

__ to __ of shcool population with significant loss

5%; 10%

____ people own hearing aids

12.5 million

_____ people who report hearing loss, but don't use hearing aids

24.1 million

impact of hearing loss in children

significant lag in educational program

impact of hearing loss in adults

reduced quality of daily living activity

hearing loss imposes significant ____ burden


early age of onset ____ costs


professional opportunities for audiologists

-community/university hospitals or clinics
-otolaryngeology practices
-private practice in audiology
-private clinics
-school systems/districts
-department of veterans affairs/medical centers/ other state and federal agencies

educational preparation for audiology

doctoral degrees
-clinical PhD
-professional doctorate, AuD
undergraduate majors

Certification for credentials for professional practice


professional licensure for audiology is modeled after _____ standards


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