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  1. impact of hearing loss in adults
  2. educational preparation for audiology
  3. Audiologists are involved with
  4. __ to __ of shcool population with significant loss
  5. ____ people own hearing aids
  6. early age of onset ____ costs
  7. Factors that impacts prevalance
  8. between____ and ____ of population over 65 years have hearing loss
  9. impact of hearing loss in children
  10. _____Americans have hearing impairment
  11. professional opportunities for audiologists
  12. professional licensure for audiology is modeled after _____ standards
  13. hearing loss imposes significant ____ burden
  14. ______ damage is most common
  15. _____ people who report hearing loss, but don't use hearing aids
  16. prevalance _______ with ______ age
  1. a -evaluations of hearing and balance
    -intervention for people with hearind disorders: selection and evaluation of hearind aids
    -prevention and identification of hearing disorders
    -researn on normal/abnormal hearing
  2. b ASHA
  3. c reduced quality of daily living activity
  4. d -how hearing loss was determined
    -criterion used to define presence of hearing loss
    -age of individual w/in the population sampled
  5. e sensorineural
  6. f -community/university hospitals or clinics
    -otolaryngeology practices
    -private practice in audiology
    -private clinics
    -school systems/districts
    -department of veterans affairs/medical centers/ other state and federal agencies
  7. g increases
  8. h 12.5 million
  9. i 25%; 40%
  10. j 5%; 10%
  11. k >35 million
  12. l increases; increases
  13. m significant lag in educational program
  14. n doctoral degrees
    -clinical PhD
    -professional doctorate, AuD
    undergraduate majors
  15. o 24.1 million
  16. p economic