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  1. external auditory canal is about ____ long
  2. ea structure increases sound pressure at resonant frequency by
  3. osseous portion of external auditory canal composes ____of total canal length
  4. isthmus
  5. sebum combines with secretions of ceruminous glans and keratin to produce
  6. function of cerumen
  7. pinna
  8. parts of outer ear
  9. two primary structures contributing to resonance of outer ear are
  10. another name for pinna
  11. parts of pinna
  12. cartilaginous portion of external auditory canal composes ____of total canal length
  13. external auditory canal's thick skin contains
  14. osseous portion of EAC lacks
  15. peripheral auditory system includes structures from ____ to ____
  16. house peripheral auditory system
  17. wax producing glands are only found in
  18. function of outer ear
  19. osseous portion of EAC is composed from _____ AND ____ portions of temporal bone
  20. two portions of external auditory canal
  21. 3 divisions of peripheral system
  22. cochlear nucleus is bounded at the other end by auditory centers of the ____
  23. ____ separates outer and middle ear
  24. epithelium and cerumem migrate from _____ of tympanic membrane to ___ ____
  25. hearing
  26. osseous is covered with _____ tissue
  27. cartilaginous external auditory canal is covered with
  28. central auditory ns begins at
  29. balance
  30. external auditory meautus leads to
  31. sebaceous glands secrete
  1. a ceruminous (hairs)
  2. b temporal bones
  3. c lateral cartilaginous portion of EAC
  4. d sebum
  5. e outer ear, middle ear, inner ear
  6. f detection of changes in spatial orientation
  7. g auricle
  8. h helix
    anti helix
    integral notch
  9. i most vissible portion of the ear that is composed of cartilage and skin
  10. j eardrum/tympanic membrane
  11. k narrowest point of canal at junction of cartilagenous and bony portions
  12. l lubricates ear canal
    protects from foreign objects
  13. m cortex
  14. n perception of sound
  15. o concha and ear canal
  16. p medial 2/3
  17. q cerumen
  18. r sebaceous glands
    ceruminous glands
  19. s cochlear nucleus
  20. t epithelial
  21. u umbo; canal entrance
  22. v pinna
    external auditory canal
  23. w 10-12 dB
  24. x -funnels sounds into auditory system
    -provides enhancement of mild to high frequencies
    -protects middle and inner ear against foreign obj
  25. y 28mm
  26. z squamous; tympanic
  27. aa tympanic membrane
  28. ab outer ear; auditory nerve
  29. ac 1/3
  30. ad thick skin
  31. ae cartilaginous