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  1. flushing canal w/ water or surgical removal by physician
  2. aeration of ear canal, antibiotic ear drops, or oral anitbiotics, clearing debirs
  3. swimmer's ears; bacterila infection related to excessive water exposure
    -symptom: itching, swelling, discharge, pain
  4. associated with pathology of the outer and/or middle ear disfunction
  5. atresia, impacted cerumen, foreign objects, external otitits
  6. close to timing of birth, during or soon after birth
  7. prelingual, postlingual, in adulthood; contrasted w/ congenital;
  8. congenital, perinatal, or acquired
  9. inflammation of skin of external auditory canal
  10. result of bacterial or fungal infection, skind condition, allergy, chronic drainage from middle ear infection; may last longer bc it's resistant
  11. consistent use of earplugs, hearing aids, q-tips, presence of congenital stenosis or foreign object
  12. etiology, onset, site of lession
  13. cerumen completely blocks ear canal
  14. prence of any object that's not naturally in the ear canal
  15. atresia
  16. itresia, impacted cerumen, foreign objects, external otitis
  17. ear canal isn't fully developed, and it's very narrow
  18. associated with pathology of inner ear, auditory nerve, and/or CANS
  19. genetic
  20. abnormally small pinna, absence of landmarks
  21. unitalteral; often occuring on right side of face and in males
  22. genetic or non genetic
  23. complete or partial absence or closure of external auditory canal; partial blockage somewhere; has conductive component
  24. deformed pinna due to repeated injury
  25. anotia, microtia, cauliflower ear
  26. no ear; absence of pinna; not likely to have hearing loss if only pinna is absent
  27. associated with pathology or pathologies that affect conductive and sensorineural mechanisms
  28. present at brith; timing
  29. anotia, and microtia
  30. non genetic
  31. impacted cerumen, foreign objects, external otitis
  32. cauliflower ear
  33. conductive, sensorineural, mixed