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  1. potential complications of otitits media
  2. genetic
  3. surgical repair of TM perforation
  4. exogenous
  5. inflammation of middle ear space
  6. thick, opaque, infected
  7. present at birth
  8. pinna incompletely formed
  9. use of earplugs, hearing aids, q-tips
  10. benign 'pseudo tumor' from skin cells trapped behind the TM
  11. outer/middle ear dysfunction
  12. one treatment for otitis media
  13. greatest in Aglo women
  14. separation of ossicular chain from trauma or disease
  15. inflammation of the external auditory canal
  16. calcium deposits on TM/ossicles
  17. inner ear, auditory nerve, CANS dysfunction
  18. autosomal dominant inheritance; typicaly conductive HL
  19. born without a pinna
  20. thin, clear, non-infected