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peripheral auditory system includes structures from ____ to ____

outer ear; auditory nerve

central auditory ns begins at

cochlear nucleus

cochlear nucleus is bounded at the other end by auditory centers of the ____



perception of sound


detection of changes in spatial orientation

3 divisions of peripheral system

outer ear, middle ear, inner ear

house peripheral auditory system

temporal bones

parts of outer ear

external auditory canal


most vissible portion of the ear that is composed of cartilage and skin

external auditory meautus leads to

eardrum/tympanic membrane

another name for pinna


parts of pinna

anti helix
integral notch

external auditory canal is about ____ long


two portions of external auditory canal



narrowest point of canal at junction of cartilagenous and bony portions

cartilaginous portion of external auditory canal composes ____of total canal length


cartilaginous external auditory canal is covered with

thick skin

external auditory canal's thick skin contains

sebaceous glands
ceruminous glands

wax producing glands are only found in

lateral cartilaginous portion of EAC

sebaceous glands secrete


sebum combines with secretions of ceruminous glans and keratin to produce


function of cerumen

lubricates ear canal
protects from foreign objects

osseous portion of EAC is composed from _____ AND ____ portions of temporal bone

squamous; tympanic

osseous portion of external auditory canal composes ____of total canal length

medial 2/3

osseous is covered with _____ tissue


osseous portion of EAC lacks

ceruminous (hairs)

epithelium and cerumem migrate from _____ of tympanic membrane to ___ ____

umbo; canal entrance

external auditory canal ends at

tympanic membrane

____ separates outer and middle ear

tympanic membrane

function of outer ear

-funnels sounds into auditory system
-provides enhancement of mild to high frequencies
-protects middle and inner ear against foreign obj

ea structure increases sound pressure at resonant frequency by

10-12 dB

two primary structures contributing to resonance of outer ear are

concha and ear canal

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