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condition that occurs around time of birth

exogenous, non-genetic

auditory disorders cause by disease, noise, or trauma

site of lesion describes

classification of disorders as conductive, sensoritneural or mixed

% of congenital hearing disorders that are genetic


herpes zoster oticus

infection with symptoms of burning pain close to ear and vesicles erupting in ear canal

meniere's disease

disease with symptoms including fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus, episodic vertigo and nausea, aural pressure

most common virus known to cause hearing loss

cytomegalovirus CMV

acronum used to signify congenital infections associated with hearing loss


most common tumor of temporal bone

vestibular schwannoma, acoustic neuroma

disorder that is #1 reason for visit to the doctor in children under age of 6

acute otitis media

potential consequence of chronit otittis media is erosion of fallopian aqueduct, leading to

facial paralysis, facial nerve damage


non infected, clear fluid associated with otitis media

otitits media begins with this event

eustachian tube dysfunction/eustachian tube blockage


condition associated with crhonic otitis media that results in calcium deposits forming on tympanic membrane and sometimes ossicles

ototoxic drugs usually are damaging to what area of the cochlea first?

the base

class of antibiotics that have ototoxic effects


common, over the counter drugs that may cause mild to mederate


surgical repair of perforated tympanic membrane


most common medical treatment of otosclerosis

stapedectomy surgery

a middle ear growth composed of eipthelium and other cellular debris


an acquired pinna disorder that results form repeated injury is known

cauliflower ear

middle ear disroder that causes hearing loss due to reduction in areal ratio bw tympanic membrane and oval window

TM perforation

congenital absence of pinna is called


a disease that begins with buildup of spongy bone in area of oval window is known as


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