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Acquired outer ear disorders would include which of the following?

external otitis
cauliflower ear

Microtia and anotia are more commonly

in the right ear and in males

A hearing loss resulting from a foreign object in the ear canal would fall into which of the following categories?

exogenous hearing loss

The purpose of the otoscopic exam during an audiological evaluation is

-to determine whether there is an ear canal obstruction that prevents the use of insert earphones
-to evaluate the outer ear and tympanic membrane for the appearance of obvious abnormalities

Narrowing of the external auditory canal is called


What type of tympanogram would be expected for an ear with sensorineural hearing loss?

Type A

Disorders that disrupt outer and/or middle ear functions related to hearing, without affecting inner ear or CANS function, are associated with

conductive hearing loss

A tympanogram with normal peak pressure and a peak admittance value of 0.2 ml indicates

reduced mobility of the middle ear system

Which of the following increases the risk for cerumen impaction?

use of q tips
use of hearing aids
stenosis of the external auditory canal

Whats true about tympanometry procedures

-The probe tip must completely seal the ear canal opening to conduct tympanometry.
-Conventional tympanometry has limited value when testing infants who are less than 7 months old.
-Tympanometry should not be conducted if liquid blood or drainage is present in the ear canal.
-The patient shouldnt be talking

The peak pressure value from a tympanogram is associated with

the air pressure where the highest amount of sound is admitted into the middle ear

According to your text in Chapter 5, the best way to manage collapsed ear canals is

the use of insert earphones during audiological testing

All auditory disorders present at birth are referred to as


If a client has impacted cerumen on one side, which of the following audiological results would you expect?

conductive loss and type B tympanometry with abnormally small ear canal volume on the affected side

Exogenous auditory disorders are

associated with non genetic etiologies

Which of the following disorders is most likely to cause hearing loss?

impacted cerumen

A Jerger type Ad tympanogram indicates

a hypermobile middle ear system

Congenital absence of the external auditory canal is called


Conventional tympanometry uses a probe tone of what frequency?

226 Hz

Chronic external otitis is treated by

-aeration of the ear canal
-antibiotic ear drops

Absence of the pinna is known as


A Type C tympanogram indicates

eustachian tube dysfunction

The Jerger type As tympanogram indicates

-peak admittance lower than 0.3 ml
-normal peak pressure
-a stiffened middle-ear system

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