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  1. false
  2. The ability of the muscle to do the work specific to the task (ie high reps for high rep activity)
  3. Men>45, women>55
  4. 2-3 times per week
  5. Education
  6. an agreement between the client and the CPT
  7. 3500
  8. 2-3 times per week (10 minutes per session)
  9. 100
  10. You should work agonist and antagonist muscles equally (ie back extensors and trunk flexors)
  11. no
  12. "Include the costs of equipment and building or facility expense
  13. put them in a "locked cabinet"
  14. "Application of cognitive-behavioral or motivational principles"
  15. Asymptomatic with greater than 2 risk factors
  16. Needy Client
  17. no change
  18. 64%-70% and 94%
  19. "Preparation-Preparation is an individual who is planning for or irregularly exercising, whereas the stage of action represents a person who is currently exercising."
  20. No
  21. "Obesity, diabetes mellitus (DM), tobacco smoking, and sedentary lifestyle"
  22. PNF
  23. Current smoker, smoker who has quit in the past 6 months, exposure to smoke 2-hand.
  24. 3-5x/week
  25. Glucose greater than 100 but less than 125
  26. Symptomatic or with known CVD, Pulmonary, renal, or metabolic disease
  27. Height (in inches) x 0.0254
  28. "medicine ball 'put' for the upper body power assessment and the vertical jump test or standing long jump for the lower body muscular power assessment"
  29. 2-4
  30. 8-12 reps, on 2-3 times per week ranging from 1-2 sets (sometimes 3 for advance athletics)
  31. Strategic Plan
  32. 11
  33. "1-minute timed tests of curl-ups, push-ups to fatigue, or maximal amount of repetitions that can be performed at a given percentage of the 1RM load"
  34. "Stimulates appetite"
  35. no
  36. 3-6
  37. provide other services to facilities or businesses (health clubs)
  38. "An application of cognitive-behavioral principles"
  39. yes, you need medical exam clearance from a doctor for vigorous exercise but that is it.
  40. LDL greater than 130, or HDL less than 40 (or if on lipid lowering medication.
  41. "Body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, and flexibility"
  42. 60-80% of One rep max
  43. 8.9 or 9 lbs
  44. Moderate Risk
  45. yes for everything you do you need to have MD supervision, Exercise Rec. testing and a clearance medical exam prior to initiating exercise
  46. 40-60% and 89%
  47. CPR/AED, and liability insurance if not through the facility
  48. One person owns the buisness
  49. Weight (kg)/ height in M^2)
  50. "Vitamins B complex and C"
  51. Two or more people working together
  52. No
  53. BMI greater than 30 or waist girth greater than 102 (40in) for men and 88cm (35in) for women
  54. 5-10 minutes of low-moderate level exercise
  55. Not participating in at least 30 min of mod level exercise (40%-60% VO2R on at least 3 days of the week for 3 months.
  56. "No change"
  57. greater than 60 (subtract a risk factor
  58. kg=lbs/2.2
  59. Asymptomatic with less than 2 risk factors
  60. Systolic pressure greater than 140 or diastolic greater than 90 (taken on two measurements) or on anti-HTN medications
  61. "sole proprietorship, independent contractor, partnership, corporation, S corporation, and limited liability company (LLC)."
  62. Manager or director
  63. " the ability to change the position of the body in space with speed and accuracy"
  64. Cardiovascular compromise or death in father or first degree male relative before 55; or women under 65.
  65. 2-3 times per week,
  66. 100-500
  67. "Self-reevaluation"
  68. 10%