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fitness professional who develops and implements safe and sound programs though an individualized approach to exercise leadership in healthy populations with those individuals with medical clearance to exercise




injury to ligament


injury to a muscle


inflammation of tendon


broken bone

plantar fasciities

chronic inflammatory condition that results in pain at the calcaneal insertion

pattelofemoral pain syndrome

common disorder in young athletes that produces anterior knee pain

Potential Risks with certain exercises

Potential Risks: correct body alignment and joint position are critical for maximum results and minimal risk of injury
Potentially harmful posture/exercises should be modified for safer joint positions

Sole Proprietorship

one person owned business

individual contractor

provides services for an individual or business


two or more people with a contract filed with local or state gov't


formal business entity subject to laws, regulations, and demands of stockholders

limited liability corporation

owners have limited liability for the debts and actions of the LLC.

S corp

alternative for small business that combines advantages of other business models


failing to do something that is reasonable, prudent person would have done under same or similar circumstance or doing something that a reasonable prudent person would not have done


gross, contributory, comparative, omission

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